Saturday, April 10, 2010

A very quick note!!

I just found this site and it's wounderfully fun!!! I love to do things for my freezer, and this is just way to cute!!

How has everyone been?? I've been working and enjoying myself. I also have been trying new-to-me coolers!! Not always a good thing!!! I stopped drinking about 8 years ago, just because I didn't see the point and I have kids to raise and.... well, the reasons go on. But, I now work in a store that I can't say, "I've heard this is good" about everything!! Wine, yes, I can. Not a huge fan, but I am learning about it and it's a huge learing curve!!!!

Just wanted to share that site!! Enjoy!!!

(sorry no pic!! Myra with notice so I thought I would mention it!!! ;-) )