Monday, April 27, 2009

Must be Monday....

"By Doing Just a Little Everyday, I Can Gradually Let the Task Completely Overwhelm Me!!"

Love that!! I found it on a magnet on my sister fridge!! And it's so true....

Well, it's now almost 8 at night, and that saying just suits today!!! I have been working all day in my little room, thinking I am being so productive, till the near the end.....oh, no!! Check it out!!

See the picture?? lol! Well, this is the latest step for the goose blks that I have been doing, and I really like the gold I used, till I saw it that blends right into the background!!! So, I cut out some of the other 'gold' I've used in these blks and tomorrow, I am going to be redoing this step!!! No, the blks are not finished, I just put up the pieces to see what it will look like. It is going to be so much better with the brighter gold as the flowers!!

I really like the background fabric that I am using for this project. It's just fun with all the words, maps and subtle colours it has on it. I am a little dissapointed in my gold colour choice though!! Well, live and learn!! I am just laughing at myself!!

On a better note, I also worked on some of the 49 small star blks for my planet patchwork "Twilight" quilt I am doing. I think they will look really good once I get them all done. So here is what I am happy with today!! I am enjoying making these blks - and I am close to the end......yeah!!

So, here is to a better finish tomorrow!! I have also been looking through my pattern books, and I really shouldn't do that!! But it also keeps me working on my stuff, so I can one day, just start something new!! Here is to a great week with lots of sunshine and warm days!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stash Busting Week 17

Well, hello.

I have very little change in my report for the past couple weeks. The shopping I thought I would do, I didn't - but I do have to add 4 FQ's to my new stuff!! Batik's, love 'em.
These are the start to my Orion Star quilt. I need 28 FQ's all together, but I am also going to use up my batik 'scraps' for this quilt. It is going to be beautiful. And I am itching to start it.... but I can't let myself!!! I have to get my PhD's from the 'half done' stage to finished.... But I can still dream and plan.......

So here's my report:

Stash - 171 1/2 yrds

Fab. Added - 1 yrd. (4 FQ's!! for Orion Star project!!)
Fab. Added YTD - 16 5/8 yrds

Fab used - 0
Fab used YTD - 9 yrds (I really need to change this number!!!)
Stash Count - 172 1/2 yrds
Now to see how everyone else's week has been!! I really have to get my used fabric numbers moving... I am working on things, but it's all in pieces and I have to get them worked on and done so I can add the numbers to this list. Till next week!! Carry on like you know what you are doing!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's the Weekend!! cold and snowy.....

Instead of asking "What's the meaning of my life?" ask, "What would make my life more meaningful?"

So, how is your week going?? It snowed this moring!! Okay, it's not staying but that is not the point!!!! It snowed on April 23rd!! Oh, common!! Let us keep that warm sunshine and really nice days we've had - it was so nice to sit out there and just enjoy the warmth. And now, it's back to cold and cold breezes - chilly ears!! lol!! But guess what I did today!! A friend I used to work with, asked me if I wanted to go to a Muffin/Tea Event at the Community hall this morning where they were having a talk about container planting. Well sure, I'd go!!

I have not done things like this very often, going to events at our hall, and planting is something I enjoy, so we went. We put our names in the door prize and listened to the talk. This greenhouse is fairly new and it's just down the street from me!! (Okay, down the highway, and on the other side, but not far!!). When the door prizes were being called, I looked at my friend and said "I'm winning a tomato." and guess who's names was called next and guess who brought home a tomato plant!! There were only two of them, and I laughed when I actually won one!! It's a Lemon Boy, and when I get some soil, I will be replanting it, and get it ready for the outdoors..... but not this weekend!! Brrrrrr!! I am enjoying having it sitting by my front window, and just beeing green.

So, I guess I really am going to be planting this year. I was seriously thinking I would not plant anything, but being in Kelowna, where they have all their plants out, I couldn't resist, and bought my sister a hanging conatiner of flowers and a pot of pansies!! It gave me something pretty to look and I just like the flowers........ especially when it feels like this winter is not going to end. At least there, I could pretend it was over..........

And I have finished step 5 of Double Delight!! I like it!!! I wasn't sure, but when it was all put together, it just seemed to work and look like I had planned it!! My daughter thinks it would make a great cabin quilt..... I just think it's nice.

And I have been working on the Planet Patchwork blks for my "Twilight" quilt. Yesterday I made two sets. Each instuction sheet makes 2 blks so, here they are.

I like them.

And here is my 'PhD' that I pulled out of the closet the other day, and now am woundering how to finish it off. It's sitting on my wall, and I am thinking..... I still like it, even though I started it a few years ago. My Thongs!

And today I am working on the little stars for the "Twilight" quilt, it wants 49 of them... so, I am going through my scraps and finding little pieces of batiks, and they will all be done. And I realized last night that I only have 5 more blks patterns to make!!! I am almost done the blks for this top!!! That feels good!!! See, working a little on something - even if it's not everyday, can really get things done!! This is something I am trying to do, be consistant in my goals. That is the only way to get things done, keep working on them. This quilt has been on the backburner of my mind for awhile, well, since I found the pattern, and now, finally, it's being worked on and almost done!!! I am not celebrating yet - I need to keep at it. I have projects that I have left around this stage, and I want that very bad habit to change. Consistancy is the key.

Okay, weekend is here. Movie night tonight - yes, I started this blog post yesterday, went to take photos of my work and the batteries were dead!!! So, now everything is working and you can see what I am talking about!!
And hubby is sick with a wicked cold - he had better not share!!! But he seems better today than yesterday, so that is a good sign!!
I am thinking I want to see the movie "Doubt" tonight. I have made myself a list of ones I want to see and most of the movies on my list are one word titles!!! "Knowing" "Milk" "Doubt" "Taken"......... You can have fun with these - "I doubt anyone knowing better would have taken the milk -okay!?" So, go have a fun the weekend, enjoy a greenhouse or two, and treat yourself well!!
Here is a question I got from the millionare book I read - and am still trying to answer: 'What kind of person do I want to be?'

And with that thought, I am outta here!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm back home!!

I am so glad to be home!! I had a good time, my sister told me to stay longer, I just couldn't. I felt out of place there, she has so much going on in her life, she rushes everywhere, tries to do it all, and has so much stuff going on....... I just felt like I was in the way. I did help though, I know that. When she couldn't do something, like drive the kids somewhere or pick them up, I could, so I know I helped. I just was not sure how to help.... that does sound funny, I know, it's just that she can be very - I just did not want to add to her frustration and stress, so I just did what I could do, and tried to stay out of the way. I am glad to be home.

My friend, Carol, gave me a gift for my sister when I told her I needed her to open the school for me because I wouldn't be at the meeting and told her why. Here is the quilt she gave me to give to my little sister:

When I gave her this, she cried. Why would she give this to me? she asks. I told her that peopls she doesn't even know care about her. I really hope she uses this. I think it's beautiful - Carol does beautiful work and she is the woman who can match colours without even having them in her hand!! She is amazing!!
And my car rental!! Easy!! And fun!!! It was a luxury vehicle - a Chrysler 300 (which means nothing to me!!! It's a big 4 door car, leather seats, sun roof, and rides and drives like a dream!!!!) When I got in it, I was nervous that I would damage it pulling it out of the parking lot!! ;-) But, I did not harm it at all - and I really enjoyed driving it. Didn't want to give it back!!! And my flight home was delayed an hour and a half..... since I went to the airport early, that made for a long wait. I had not been on a plane in close to 20 yrs - flying is easy and fun!!! 1 hr there , 1 hr back - instead of the 12 long drive. Oh yeah, flying is the way to go!!!
I did not get to the beach, but I did walk down a mountian trail with my other sister and sat reading a book when my little sis went snowboarding. I have not skied in forever, and so I sat and read a book - and not a good book either..... it was "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. I didn't always understand the words, or really the atmosphere of the book - I could follow the story line and read it to the end, and I guess because I have never lived in the type of situation where I - or any woman - can be beaten just because of her sex..... I did have my eyes opened to how this does happen. The idea of that being real, and it is, did not make it an enjoyable read for me.
The other obok I read when I was gone was: "The Top 10 Distincions between Millionaires and Middle Class" by Keith Cameron Smith. It's a small book with little life tips, for example "Be Generous"...... And he has empowering questions for you to answer at the back to help you figure out what you want.... and I will work on those quesionions now that I am home!!
I also bought myself a few books when I was gone. So, my libray and my reading are just going to keep on getting better and better!!! I LOVE books. I love to learn. So when I climb into a fiction book, I want it to take me away, not give me more of the reality type thing I usually read.... I am looking forward to picking up the next 'Friday Night Knitters Club' book... I saw it in a store and thought "Hey!!" but left if there!!!
I am glad I am home and now I have to read and get caught on my blogs!! And no, I never made it into a quilt shop when I was gone!!! Maybe that is for the best..... but I really wanted to get some batiks for my orion star.... oh well, there is always tomorrow. And, I have to get back on my Double Delight project. I am working on it, had it all set up my design wall before I left.... sewing it together, tripped on the wall, and most of the pieces fell of....... so, I uncermously picked up the pieces and threw them onto my work table and left on my journey!!! I was frustrated!!! But, it's all good now!!! I am rested and ready to give it another go - tomorrow!!
Glad to be back!!!! (((hugs))))

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Well, hello. I have my Goose blks done!! yeah!! I really like this pattern, and I am loving these blks!! These are the next blks - I think they are almost done!! She said it's a 6 month project, so it's near then end!! Month 5 is this month, then the finishing steps!! I also made corner blks this month, so they are the 2nd picuture. Well, they are not really corner blks, they work with these ones to create a circle in the quilt... you know what I mean!!
I have not worked on Double Delight, so still have to get step 6 done, but it won't be this week.

My sister needs me. So, I am flying to Kelowna tomorrow and giving her a surprise visit!! She phoned me yesterday, so upset, I got off the phone and made the travel arrangements. Actually, a friend helped. So I am flying out at noon. And I am renting a car!! I have not flown in close to 20 yrs and I have never rented a car before!! But I need a car. I just will not be there and not have my own wheels. I grew up there, and there are some things I want to see.
I miss the mountans. And I grew up by the lake.... well, close enough that going swimming was just a bike ride away. And we used to always boat!! Living in the praire's, well, I really needed a break from the flat never-ending flat view........ and this is just the ticket. Unexpected, but I am oh so thank-ful for it!!! I can't decide if I should let her know I am on my way........ Nope, not going to!!

So, I doubt I will be doing a stash report this week, but I have nothing to report anyway. When I get back, since I plan on visiting quilt shops while on my 'vacation'!! I will have some numbers to change. I am not sure if I will be sewing, but just being in the sunshine and walking the trails through the hills, and visiting both my sisters, I am going to be loving it. Will I want to come back????? hmmmm ;-)

And I have finished another book: 'Into Thin Air' by Jon Krakaur.
Have you ever wanted to climb Everest?? Well, I haven't but I have always been curious... now I know I do not want to climb it!! This book is about his experiance on the mountain. And it's his memories of the loss of most of his climbing group in 1996. Nope, I don't want to climb where you can hardly breathe. But I did find it interesing, just to read about somones experiance on this famous hill!!

So, here is my post. I am glad to have finally got my blks done. I was waiting till the blks were done before I wrote, I just didn't realize it would take this long!!
Have a great Easter weekend!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stash Busting Week 14

Can you believe it's week 14!? Wow. It does not feel like we should be on this week yet - I am now feeling like I am really falling behind!! Ah, I will either catch up or I won't... to early to say!!!

Okay - my numbers. They have not changed much from last weeks, I am still plugging away at projects, with no real 'used' numbers to put in. That will happen soon.... as long as I keep on working on these projects and not start something new again!!! I bought 2 FQ's the other day - batiks. I love that type of fabric!! And I am going to be making a "Orion Star Quilt" from Thangles. And when I bought these FQ's I didn't know what I would do with them.... last night I was looking through my box of future projects and came across the project pack for this Orion Star quilt and thought "yes!!". It wants 14 light and 14 dark FQ's - so that is what I will do, go through my stash of batiks and start putting a kit together. And if I don't have enough, well, I guess picking up a few here and there won't hurt..... ;-) After all, it's a future project!!
On the Thangles site they have a Linus project! I really like it!!

There are a few things on the Thangles site I might just have to check out!!! (no, don't do it!!)

I am working at getting my project box empty this year -it holds kits and projects I want to do sooner, rather than later and I will get to these things. I need to finish the ones I have on the go first. It is so tempting though to just take a kit and start anew..........!!!!

Stash - 171 yrds
Old Stash counted - 0 yrds

Fabric added - 1/2 yrd
Fab. added year to date - 15 5/8 yrd

Fabric used -0
Fabric used YTD - 9 yrds

Stash Count - 171 1/2 yrds

So there you have it. Nothing has really changed, and I was not in my room as much as I have been. I am still working on my last Goose Track blks, but they are coming along... I have gotten a couple steps done, and once I get rolling they will go quickly. I really like this project!!

This Weeks plans:
* Do my walks everyday!! And keep track of my steps - I bought myself a pedometer so I have no reason not to know how many steps I walk. Goal - at least 5000, so we will see!!
*Goose blks done!
*Step 6 of Double Delight.

Hmmm, I am going to stop there. I also would love to do some baking - I love muffins!! and I would really like to make my dogs some treats from a recipe book that I bought a couple years ago. Cleaning my house is also on my ajenda, but I won't write that down on my 'goals' list - I should just be doing it..... I would rather mow the lawn than vacum a house...... I think it's because housework was like a punishment as a kid and I still feel that way about it...... I have to change that perception. A clean house is a beautiful thing and it's so nice to have, so, that is another thing on my list...... (I just wrote but again!!) I am going to have to read through this post to see if I have written 'but' without realizing it!!! If I have, I am going to leave it. I am trying to not use that word.
(yup, I found that word!! lol! )

My short-term memory is not as sharp as it used to be.
Also, my short-term memory's not as sharp as it used to be.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday ramblings.........

Friday's. Movie night at my house, which also means snack foods and eating in front of the TV!!

Well, that used to be what it ment. Now we eat in front of the TV every night - and I really don't like that. I just wrote 'but'. I hate that word. No but's!!! No excuses, no reason's, no but's. Eating in front of the TV was supposed to be an event, and special time, a treat. Not an everyday occurance. When we were kids, did we eat in front of the TV??? No!! And you couldn't read at the table either (still don't get why???) but dinner was family time........ And I do try to bring that back, it does not last long.

This is not what I came on here to write about!! I have been wanting to write all week, and have not felt like I had anything worth while to say... I have been walking though! 1 mile a day, except for yesterday when her plan is to have a free day..... I was supposed to get 5000 steps in on my own...... I knew better!!! I should have pulled out a DVD but she said I didn't have to - so, I sewed instead!! Oh yeah, pushing that foot petal would make up the 5000 steps!! NOT!!! lol! So, I have just done my 1 mile with heavier weights that I have been using (by a pound) and it felt good!!! tomorrow is our first 2 mile walk!! I know I am ready, and I also know I am going to feel it!! I can see the changes I have been making, not only because of the walking, but it helps - alot. And it's easy. Honest!! If you are trying to loose weight, or get fit, this walking program is one of the best, no stress ways to go. I highly recommend it. And I will keep you updated on when I get into my jeans again!!! It has been over a year since they have fit comfortably and when I realize that, it kinda depressed me..... but the only way to go is down, so I am going to make it happen. I am thinking I will join a bike riding club this spring too. Around now is when you find out where/when it's held, so I will check that out and ride with others.

Quilting Notes:

Step 5 of Double Delight is done!!!
It looks like it has alot of holes in in, but that is just the white blks!! I had to lay them all together, just cause I wanted something to look at on my 'wall'. These were not fun!! I struggled to make them fit for some of the blks, but it's all okay. I am having fun with this project - and that is the most important part. I am learing when using small pieces, watch what you are doing, they are not as forgiving as bigger pieces!!
And I am working on the blks for the Goose Tracks. Started yesterday, and will have then done here really soon. I like the way this quilt looks and I like the colours I have choosen for it. One of my fabrics I bought this year spontanously, well, it's a gold... but my blk asked for a tan. I took out my new 'gold' put it beside the other goose fabrics and it doesn't 'read' as gold against it, so I thought 'hmmmmm'... then I took a closer look and you can see a faint pink in the background! Sold!!! This blk has red in it, and this will just look like it belongs!!! Perfect!!! I am so glad I bought that fabric now!! At the time I was woundering what I was doing???!! Oh, I knew! Secretly, I knew!! ;-)

I have also found a blk for breast cancer quilt. It is called "Soft Reminder Quilt" and it's a paper pieced blk. I found it on Jill's site and I just think it's a great blk. I am going to tell my guild about it at our next meeting. Even if it's just made into a pillow, or a throw.... or just a blk in a quilt of other such blks, it's a nice blk. And I don't paper piece without alot of "oh man!! not again" comments as I have sewn the fabric on wrong!! Someday, I have to do this again, as I have a pattern I love for an advent calander and it's all paper pieced!! And small!!!!! (See, I am a collector of projects and I frustrate myself!! I start them and then move on....... I am trying to break that habit, and so far, so good, I at least now take them to the 'top' stage. I want to get myself to go farther and get them to the 'Finished'!!!! stage!! that will come. But I look in my closet of - ahem, 'PhD's' and realize I am not doing very well on that front. I have blks hanging on skirt hangers, of projects on the go and it's a great way to store them, but I want them off the hangers and at least to the top stage.........

Fon's and Porter have quote on their calander (it's one that you can just keep using every year, it's just dated not with the day on it ) and this quote is a good one to remember:

"It takes forever to finish a quilt if you don't work on it!"

Well, that makes sense.... so I need to work on it.... and not start anything!!!!!

And with that I am going to go work on my goose blks. And pull out a project that has been on my mind for a few days. I have person who told me she would fit me into her schedual, if Iwanted, and I am thinking I will get my oldest daughter's blks - the "Flower Child" blks made into a top, and get it quilted...... yup, I should........ Okay, if I don't write more this week, I will be posting on Sunday!!! Make this weekend great and hey, go for a walk!! You never know, we just might be walking together!!!