Sunday, December 13, 2015


Well, it took me all day with all my lack of computer knowledge and now, I think I am actually creating my first blog post in MONTHS!  I just wanted to come on to say I am well, enough, and that I want you and yours to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  I have been sewing - sort of - and like last year around this time, I had plans for the new year.  Same goes now, I want to basically finish what I wanted done last year, so not much has changed there.

One thing not on my list is taking a course for dummies on how to get your lap top to let you on the sites you used to be able to log onto without a problem and then, how to take and post pics on it too!!!  Oh life is an adventure and I want to let you see what I am doing instead of just telling you, like this post - picture-less.....

What am I working on right now?  Well, Fair and Square.  Bonnie Hunters pattern but I told my guild that I want it done by the end of January.  And I mean it.  I also want my Jamestown - another of Bonnie's quilts that I have spoken about before.  This one I want off my shelf by the end of February.
My next big project on the 'get it done' list is my Star Splitter.  A Victoria Findlay Wolfe patten where you make your own fabric and then make that into a big quilt full of stars and fun!!
Those three projects are going to keep me busy enough, but me being me, has kits I want done to and a few things that need to be bound.  They are done except for this last step, so they are waiting too.......

And of course, I have little blocks and other things to distract me.  BUT - and hold me to this if you have read this far - those three project, the big one, please hold me to it and make me tow the line and get then DONE.  And this does include the binding.  It is not done till this part is done.

And with this picture-less post, I am off.  But my total frustration at NOT being able to get on here all day, is now over and I can come and visit with ease.  But not if I don't sew too!!!!  I will get it together.  If I don't, who will??    Talk soon!  Brenda!!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


I have not sew in two months.  I have though created a list of 'things to do'.  Here they are:

1. - Nancy's table runner (a friend made one and gave me pieces to make my own - now to do it!!)
2. -Weekend Fun kit!!  From Connecting Threads - got it plus backing to make ASAP  (famous last words)
3. - 1 1/4" 4 patches - for the 4 patch challenge that magazine is doing (American Quilter?? I think so) Yeah, I picked the smallest one to do.  I am thinking it will not be a very big project but I do want to keep working on the pieces.....
4. -Borders:  Jan's UFO Christmas Quilt & Feb Triangle quilt, mitered borders: these need be done and taken to the quilters
5. -Rag Quilt UFO  - Aprils.......
6. - UFO BOM that uses Nancy's (my friends!) rulers - get it done and get these tools back to their owner!!!!
7. - Little letters quilt on design wall.  Yup, still there - not impressed with myself on this one.........
8. - Bonnie Hunters latest mystery.  This is started but now in a bag and no longer living on my cutting table.  I want it done.  I bought all the fabrics for it, I did not have much to pull from my stash, so this is a commitment and I want it now out of it's bag and DONE.
9. -Quiltmakers new mystery. Yup. Bought this fabric and it and the magazine(s) for it are waiting to be started.......
10. -Bonnie Hunter:  two of her quilts from different books are started and waiting to be worked on.
Jamestown  is one.   Fair & Square is the other.   Both close to the finish line but still need some work.  wow.  Nope, not done with this list yet but close.......
11. -Baby Quilt - not sure which one but I want one done a month.
12. -Victoria Finely's Crumb Quilt.  I can not think of the name right now but it is on the cover of her book and on the cover of a magazine she was in.  It literally uses up crumbs of fabric in your sewing room  and I have made the 12" blocks for it, now I just need to get busy on the smaller ones.......
13.-The kit that I bought when I bought the fabric for the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery.

There could be more - I have found more things - but I think this is enough.

Hope this helps get and keep me on track..... now to just get back in there and making it all come together.  When I was working I seemed to get more done - funny how that works.  When you have all day it takes that and more - at least for me it seems to be that way.

Monday, February 16, 2015

February Finish!

I have finally got my baby quilt to the finish line and as I write, it being taken to it's new home!!
Wanna see??  (lets see if I can figure this out......!!!)

Well, look at that!!!   This is my version of the quilt I found in

This book has a whole lot of baby quilts in it and I like a few (more then a few actually....) that I would like to make.  This book was written by That Patchwork Place (so many people contributed to this book!!) and the pattern I used is found on page 257. Yes, I used the colours they used in it, but my fabrics are a combination of flannel and minky!!  Texture and softness abound it this quilt and I really like how it turned out!!  Here is the back because I like a back with  flare!!!
 See how I created an off center 4 patch with left-overs from the front to break it up!!   I love it!!  And ohh so soft, it is wonderful!!
Now below, you see a chaos of things:  The big red pieces and the black and whites  are for a now - future heart-Valentine quilt.  Not like I do not have enough to do to keep me busy, but this quilt has been on my mind for a long time and.... now it still is!!!  But now, I have parts cut out for it and it will, one day, be done.  Just not today! Or any time soon for that matter!!!
 To the left of the red pieces is another -  block.  This  always gets me into trouble because when I see something iI find interesting I have to check it out.  What you do is not go to this site and think, hmm, that looks easy!!!!   Because it is and then you end up with more little blocks!!!!   I do want to make baby quilts, so this is what they will be - eventually......  I could have gone bigger but I didn`t!!!

And below is my alphabet!!!  These little letters are quick to make and put together using scraps but  
will admit to buying some fabric for it.   These are found here so you can go make your own.  Mine are not made into the quilt yet, but will be soon.   I think it is cute and  I like the grey background for it.  

I am still working on  Bonnie Hunters quilt - FAIR & SQUARE - found in her Scraps and Shirttails ll book.  It is on the bottom left on the cover and top left on the back  cover of the quilt book - and it has the instructions on page 23 in the book.  This project uses up a whole lot of  scraps, so it is not a quick project by any means, but I am loving how it is coming together and am looking forward to getting it done!!
On my challenge quilts - not so much progress there.  I have borders to put on January's still, and  have not even looked at February's yet....

What else have I started you ask.  Well, how did you know  that I would do that???

Well, who else is working on 4 patches for a quilt from the American Patchwork and Quilting magazine - the April 2015 issue.  The one that got my attention is the one on page 52 - yup, it uses small squares for the 4 patches and this will also use up a whole lot of scraps - which I have in ample supply because my friend collect them for me (thinking it is funny)  and gives them to me in a big black garbage bag.

Which is the reason I have invested in the Baby Go machine and am going to be using to to create the strips for my new project.

I  bought the Go to help cut these scraps but I also only have bought the dies that I would normally be cutting by hand to use for my scrap using system.  Saves me time, I get to make use  of and use up my gift from my friend(s) and to me it is a win win for all of us.  
Lets go make some magic in our sewing rooms!!   I have a camera and I  now know how to use it!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January - New Year = New Goals!!

Time to make a few changes in my world!!!

Hello!!!    Long time since I have written anything down because I did NOT get anything done!!!
I am still working on Jamestown & Fair and Square, both Bonnie Hunter pattern's, plus her latest mystery has been started although I am still on step 2 of this one.  Yes, I do plan on finishing it even though so many people seem to not like it.

Under my needle right now is a UFO - I am in a 6 month challenge to get a UFO done  month. You number 6 UFO's you want to commit to for the challenge time and the host will pull a number at the beginning of the month and you are committed to get it DONE by the end of the month!!!  This is going to be good for me because I can already see how this is going to help me with my other goals this year.
My #2 UFO is now ready for borders,  I will phone my quilter to see if she will do this for me in the  - well, if she can get it back to me ASAP,   And then I will bind it and I will have a finished product here instead of a project in a box like I do now.  

And I have  A WHOLE LOT of projects in a box here.........

I have not leaned my camera yet.   I do not know why I am avoiding this - but I am.   I want to share pics, I love to see yours, and they do inspired me!! Sometimes a little to much but they are nice to look at.

I just got the book "The Little Spark - 30 ways to ignite your creativity" by Carrie Bloomston and yesterday she talks about how a class can get you excited and motivated and get those juices going and rev you up!  (my words, not hers!!!)  So, as I wrote that I have not learned my camera yet, I just got the nudge that maybe, just maybe, I should take a class on how to use this camera I got that is STILL IN THE BOX!!!  (yes, red face here......)

So, projects on the go:
- #2 UFO challenge    This HAS to be done ASAP
- Jamestown
- Fair & Square

I have baby quilts on my design board to.  Many ideas in my head, but I also want to do a baby quilt a month this year just to have them on hand.
Speaking of that, my quilter is doing a baby quilt for me as we speak.  My daughters friend had her son the end of December so her quilt is almost done.  I want to be ready for the next baby!!

I have more then the above on the go:  I still have to border the 'quick' summer one I started and the Victoria Finley one that uses tiny bits of fabric (well, mine does) that I did get the 12" blks done for then put it away (where?? I wonder.......)
And I am still wanting to just start 'something' - like really Brenda?????!!!!!  I want to have things for Valentines day hanging around, like wall hangings or something that is not so big as a quilt - even a throw quilt is big.....

Here is where I am now.   Hmmmmm.   Goal for myself - class/lesson to take: use my camera!!!!

Okay - Here is to a FANTASTIC New Year and to making your life the life you want to live!!!!
Hugs to you all and talk to you soon!!!!