Thursday, December 30, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Welcome 2011!!!

Well, here it is, Thursday, and I have a cold!!! ahhhhh!!!! yucky! It has been keeping me awake at night, and the cough comes at unexpeted times, and that is not fun either!! I will get over it and it will go away. I am just glad I didn't have to work these past couple days, but tomorrow, I am on, so I will be better!!

I have put my challenge projects on . This is my 4 projects that I want out of my hair!! And on my couch to warm a body this winter!! That is 10 quilts for me to get done!!! Barbara has 6 right now, and when I get these 4 done, I will be feeling like I am accomplishing something!! YES!! That is a nice thought!

I am really looking forward to having my room where I can breathe in it!! I have so many boxes filled with things that just are in the way. And I don't want to open them - but this year I have decided to de-clutter my house. That will be a chore and a half...... I know I am not were I want to be when the ornaments for my tree, which I found in August, got put in a 'safe' place and I still don't know where they are!!!!! This is enough. Time to clean it up and clean it out!

That is my 2011 game plan. Make some real changes and have them stick!! It will be so nice to sit to sew and have the room to put things down and not loose them!!!! But the very best part?? To start a project and be using it next week!!! oh yeah!!! I am planning on being the me who I want to be!!

That is the only 'resolution' I have. Make changes that will stick. And this isn't a 'new year' thing. I knew I was working on it when I took the 6 quilts in to be quilted!! (still can't believe I actually did that!!!!!)
Here is another project I want done this year.

This has been put away. I took it down with the intention to have it done as a wall hanging for the next year........ I do not know where it is right now......... So, I need to find it and make it for next Christmas! July is going to be my month to work on Christmas projects - if I have not got it done by then, I have to be working on it in July. Call me on it, if you don't see me doing this okay??
This is another project I was having fun sewing together, and I want it done!! I have fabric for the border - so I will do it - another one I have to figure out where I put it...... not funny. this is such a bad habit of mine, and it has got to stop!!!

And this is my One Block Wounder!! One thing I have to do is see if I can find this material anywhere.... I did not buy the border material at the time of buying it for the blks. Kinda dumb, huh??? So these blks have to be made into a top, borders on and then finished.

With the ones on Myra's challenge, plus these - I am back to sewing my 20 minutes a day this year!! I have already marked my calender with my little '20' on the bottom of every day, that when I have done it, I can just go mark it off!!! I got alot done doing the 20 minutes in 2009, so why not do it again??? Focus. It's fun. And, it will keep me on track!!

Again, my rules for my 20 min sewing a day is - I can not go forward. Meaning if I sew for an hour today, it does not count toward the 20 minutes for tomorrow. BUT, if I missed a few days, I can sew an hour today to help me get caught back up!!!! When I do that, I mark off today, to show I sewed today, then I go back to the days I missed and sew till I have marked off all the 20's!! That way, if I get to behind, I know that I have been sewing and it's a way to encourage me to keep going!!

Happy New Year!!! I work tomorrow and the next day, so I don't think I will back on this year! It has been great getting to know you and may next year be even better than this one!!! ((hugs)) ~Brenda!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This has been a wounderful day!! Very nice. And I love it!

I hope that you have had a day that you want to remember for years to come and that you have many more days like that in your near future. Merry Christmas Everyone, and may you all be blessed today.

No, may you all be blessed everyday, not just today!

Here is to family and friends, and to know that you are loved. Go give someone a hug and share the joy!!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, a month later and I finally come back to post!!

Hello. How has your day been?? I was having a nice day till, well, I phoned another store and asked if they were looking for help.

Have you ever been told by your boss - or whatever he is - that he has wanted to fire you 3 times???? Uh, then big man, why didn't you??? Yup, I am angry - working at not letting myself go down that path....

Wow. For people who - nope, don't go there...... I love my job. I really enjoy being in the store - as busy as it is not - and for as quiet as it can be, I enjoy being there. Sometimes I do not want to go there (like tomorrow for instance - I want to suddenly come down with a case of ain't going to show up, but that is so not me, that I can't even seriously contemplate it!!!) But once I am there, working, moving things around, having people come in, I enjoy it!!

And after this 'incident', I was upset, and I had a woman come in and I greeted her like I usually do, with a big 'hi' and how are you??? Well, she asked me how I was?? (that is what we do right?? lol!) but I asked her, "Should I tell the truth or give you a regular answer???" she kinda laughed and asked me what I ment?! So, I gave a very brief description of what had (literally) just happened. She looked at me, kinda funny, and told me that she only comes to this store because of me! (I had just told my huby on the phone that some people come to the store because I am there - I have had a couple actually tell me that, and here was a woman, I didn't realize felt that way to! That was a nice surprise, and confirmation that I am a good person and don't need to be treated the way this boss had just treated me.) And what is even better is that she lives in another town, and made her hubby stop at my store so she could pick up things instead of her store in her town!

I will give you a brief update on the incident - today is stock day. When I do stock, since we work alone in the store, I take the boxes and fill the shelves. And I take one item and put it by the computer to add to the inventory later - I do the stock day in stages - empty boxes, keep back room clean/organized. And deal with customers. Then add inventory to the computer. And deal with customers. Keep store organzied, tidy, stocked and running smoothly. (on a side note: I also go the bank on my own time, and make sure the store has change and small bills. I do this by using my own money to buy the change that I 'sell' to the store. We are not near the bank and we work alone. If you run out of the small stuff, you are out!! So I do this for my own sanity, but also to keep the other staff members tills running smoothly.)............ I do this because no one else does... not the owners, or anyone else. And the beauty of it all is - no is in charge. The owners are rarely in the store, and they will leave town without letting a person know! If something happens, you have to deal with it......... okay, enough. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job........*heavy sigh*

Anyways, when boss man walks in, he asks if we had gotten in a product. We hadn't. Then he asks me if it's been busy (I wan't finished with the stock yet) I honestly told him it wasn't that busy, I had a customer who just needed to talk (it happens!!!). Then he's wondering about all the stuff on the counter - the stuff to be entered into the computer. I told him. (I should just keep my mouth shut). Well, this isn't how it is supposed to be done (What????!!!??? I was taught doing it this way, granted there were other people doing the stock at the same time, it was not a one person deal like it is now, but yes, this is how it was done, and how I was taught!!!!) And then he goes off on his rant. I just stood there, wishing I could just walk out, knowing I won't. BUT, I will not be spoken to like this. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And then he tells me that when he knows I am working, he doesn't come in. Hmmm, was that supposed to hurt me somehow?? I was thinking - Good!!!! Should I send you the schedual every week if something changes??? lol! Then why are you here today??

Okay, enough of this - Are you ready for Saturday?? I am not sure if I am!?!! But, I will be. I have to wrap presents, something I do like to do. And I will have fun doing that. I just have not been out shopping like I usually find the time to do, and this year, I am actually going to go Boxing Day shopping!!! I love that!! And have not done it for years!!!!!

Merry Christmas my friends. I will probably post this and then take it down. Who needs to remember days like this one??? Not me, that for sure. I am going to find me a place that wants me, and treats me well.
OH- have you heard of Mona*vie?? If you haven't and are intersted in learning about a Mutli-Level Marketing company, I have re-joined this one. I really like this product and I love the way this company does it's thing!! Check it out!!

Talk sooner than a month from now, and I had better have done some serious sewing!!
sorry for such a crappy post, but this is my life today.. OH! And on the complaints department, I have made it over 10 days, but now, I am back at day one!! I will get to 21 complant free days - oh yes I will!!! ((hugs))

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sundays Must be my 'new' day to Post!

Have I managed to do the 21 days of not complaining yet?? No, not yet, but I have done 2 in a row!!! Today, I am on Day 1 again.... let me get to day 2 again!! And beyond.......

This is an older picutre, I will update it when I get back - but these blks are my leader/enders right now. It takes 30 to make a throw, and I have 30+ made... was thinking I would do 2 throws for my girls for Christmas this year. But yesterday in my room, I thought, make a twin size or bigger quilt...... hmmmmmmmm. Plus pillowcases to match!! Or stick with the 2 throws and make them pillowcaes to match. This is how I get myself to start new projects while in the middle of one!!

Speaking of that - Bonnie Hunter has a new mystery "Roll Roll Cotton Ball" that I was not to sure what I would do. I like her mysterys. Well, fact is, I like her patterns!! And so I told myself I could download the project how-to's but not work on it! What did I find myself doing yesterday?? Looking through my scraps, FQ's and fabrics for pinks and greens!!! The ones I found, I bundled up in a messy pile and shoved into a spot to keep them out of my line of sight!!!!

Right now, I am working on my Chrismas throws and my Halloween spider wall hanging. Period. I am ignoring the fact that suddenly a rope bowl looks like an interesting thing to try (WHAT!!!) and all the mug rugs patterns that I keep seeing would be a quick thing to do.. (for me!?! Quick???! Uh, not so much!!!!) And then I have already bought the Gemini pattern I had seen in the Keepsake magazine. I really like it, and when I went into my LQS and saw it there, I took it home with me! Now, as I sew, I keep seeing the different ways I could make it - Christmas fabrics, how bought Halloween fabrics??, what colours should I use? Bali's?? bright colours like they have on the pattern??? Would flowers work??? Flowers and a solid as it's twin??? I really need to stop thinking of future projects and focus on getting my on the go projects DONE!!! Wow, do I ever have alot of things I have started......... And so many more that I have ready to go. This is something I have to work on. Uh, not starting things, not doing the Projects waiting in the wings!!!!
This is my next project to go to my long arm quilter for quilting!!This is one of the projects that was on my bed before I made myself stop. I have to sew the backing for it anyway, so as I pick up a project, I am planning on having something ready to give her to do..... Get 'em done!!

And I made a comment on my going somewhere earlier in the post. Yes, I am going back to Kelowna. My little sis is going in for an operation and I am going to look after her house and kidlets for her. Granted, she only has the one that needs me, and her older daughter could have done it, if she hadn't had to go in for an emergency operation herself!!!!

So, I am leaving for a week - going tomorrow and doing what I can to help out. The only thing I am not liking much is, Tracey is in Vancouver for the operation, and won't even be home till a couple days before I come home again. And having to do this in Vancouver, away from home and family and friends... I am worried about her. But that is how it stands. Her operation? Removing a kidney. She had major back pain a couple weeks ago - actually had to call her daugher to come and get her, she couldn't drive anymore. Took her to the hospital, and they told her it was kidney stones, go home. She said no, it's not stones. Another Dr. came in, took a looked at her and said, "I am keeping you for tests".

They found a growth in her kindney. Only in her kidney, and 98% of the time it's cancer. The won't check it while inside, that has made the cancer spread, so removale is the only thing they will do and check it when it's outside the body. Why Vancouver for the removale? Faster heal time, no scar and they do it all through the belly button.

This is my fitness freak little sister, healthy from the get go, doesn't smoke or do things like that and is always working out.
And as she is finding out this stuff for herself, that is when her daugher had to go in and have an emergency apendix taken out!!! With complications after!!!! Not funny, but man, It will be nice when everyone is out of the woods health wise in that family. So, I don't know what I will do there, but I will make myself useful and keep things up and running while Tracey is away.
I was planning on going to day - flights didn't work out. Tracey is under the knife tomorrow and I will be at her house tomorrow just after lunch. Flying is fast. Now to rent a car for a week......

So, this is my lates update. Maybe I will get to day 3 of no compaints while away! I will see if I can check in on eveyone while I'm gone. Am not sure about the computer use down there - I heard that hers crashed!!! When it rains...... I do know that they don't have TV, only movies and DVD things. This is a cost relatated reason. I am going on an adventure!! Talk soon!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Sunday!!

I got a phone call today, asking if I would come into work - or, go to work I should say, since I opened the store!! So much for a day off!!! I went in and did my 4 hrs, and now I am home, to have the rest of my day - off!!

I have been busy. And it's good. Has anyone read the book "A Complaint Free World" by Will Bowen???

It has changed my life! I am taking the 21 day challange - it is to be complaint free for 21 days in a row. They have purple braclets that will help you with this challange. Every time you make a complaint out loud, you have to switch wrists - so if you were wearing your braclet on the right arm and complained about the weather, or anything!!!!, you have to take the braclet off and move it the the left arm. And start over right from there!!!! My purple braclet is still coming here, it's in the mail right now so I am using a rubber band right now and I have not had one complaint free day yet!!! Today, is still hopeful though!!! Today is day 12 of working on not complaining and since I have not uttered one compaint today I might have ,my first day...... it would be nice - with 20 m0re to go!!!! The days have to be consecutive, so even if I make 20 days, one complaint and I am back to zero!!!! It is a fun challange! And it sure makes you hear what you are saying, and how...... sometimes I have made myself switch arms just because I did not like the tone I used..... Tone of voice says alot of how you are feeling and if you are angry, frustrated, tone will let everyone know it!!!! When I first started wearing the rubber band, I was moving it almost every hour!!!! Wow!!! Now I get asked if I have had to move my band, and I love it when I can say 'No'!! (then i utter something and braclet gets moved!!!!)

What else have I been doing??? Well, last Sunday night, me, myself and I had a little chat - and Monday moring I phoned Barbara, my long arm quilter and I went over to her house. She now has 6 of my projects in her possession!!! And the really scary part of this is, I had 4 more on my bed, that I choose not to take to her + more in my room I had not uncovered yet........

I love to sew little pieces of fabric together, but the reality is, all I have done is made a mess of my room, my brain and my projects! That is the conversation I had with me, myself and I!!! Something has to change. I can not live like this anymore. I need to clear out the clutter and since ALOT of my clutter is projects 1/2 done, I have to fix that! Me, just watches and shakes her head and myself, just tries to keep the peace!!! But we all agreed that something had to be done, so Barbara got the call!!!

This is my Alien top!! it's the 4 patch posie pattern, done 'my' way and I love it!!! Nice and bright and just fun!!! For the backing, I sewed an orange and green strips of fabric long enough to cover the back of the top together - the same material used for the stars and sashing - then I cut a chuck of it off - about 1/3 down the lengh just so it's not in half - then I flipped the fabric over and re-sewed them together: this created a backing that is like an off set 4 patch!!! Now I have a really cook looking backing for this quilt!! (If I knew where I got the idea from, I would make a link!! As it is, it's just a page I printed off of somewhere and I hope I explained it right! I will take a pic when I get my quilt top back, and no Myra, I didn't complete the outside edge stars........

This is the top that started this whole thing going!! Bonnie Hunters project that she had in Quiltmaker magazine - I know I have this magazine with the 3 part project, I just looked at it, but right now, have no idea what the dates are for this mystery so you can go make one yourself!! The backing will be flannel, which when I so happily sewed together the other day to get it back to Barbara, I sewed wrong sides together!!!! Did you know it takes no time at all to sew a backing but it does take alot of time to 'fix' it!!! I am (very) happy to say, backing is ready to go and once I get the other two sewn (right this time!! lesson learned!!) They will all be where they should be!! And I will work on making binding for them!
Look!!! I have this at the quilter already and it's only been a few months!!! Uh, since I want to call this January Stars, now you know how long it's been!! But it's there and it is for me to use when watching movies!! And I love it!! So, only 3 more to go......

I am buying backing from Barbara for this one. And I am going to find the pattern for her too. She liked it, so I thought I would show her what I did!!

This was a fun top to do!!! STRIP TWIST - by Bonnie Hunter!!!
Love this pattern!! Was looking through the Keepsake cataloge after I gave this to be quilted and found some jelly rolls that I thought would be good for this!! Then shut the book and told myself -"NO!!!" ;-)
(But it would be nice!!! yes, it's been circled in the book, but not right now!! lol!)
I can not find the pic of the last quilt top I have taken in!!! It's the Goose top, I was working on. I have no idea where they are - I know I took more than one picutue!! But, there is the link to some of the blks I made for the now finished quilt top - soon to be quilted!! And, Wow, I was going through my blog to find pictures, and my morning star, I made that in 2008??! WHAT????? Oh my, I really don't have a clue about what I am doing do I??? It is almost funny, but I thought I was working on it this past January..... not a year ago January. But when I think about it, Last year - 2009 - is the year I sewed 20 minutes every day. This year, even though I started out sewing my 20 min. a day, in May, I stopped, so how could I have been working on the star quilt this year!!
Time sure flys! So this is what I am doing right now - November 2010!! (note to self - pay attention!!! lol!!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Lazy Sunday and I am lovin' It!

I was tired last nigt - have been for days, so when I got off work, I was so glad to be done for a couple days! What I didn't expect was to basically sleep till 10 this morning!!! I do not do that!!! My kids were even amazed! (they weren't up yet either though, so them making noise didn't wake me!!! That would have!)
I just felt sorry for the dogs who are fed at 8 in the morning after already have been outside! oops!!

Anyways, I am really enjoying this lazy day, but it only feels like it's about noon - not the 3:30 that it really is - so I am hoping that is not going to be a problem for going to sleep tonight!!

Anyways, I just wanted to show you how much got done on my 'new' project this week!! (If I knew where my stabilizer was for my applique - I might have that done already too, but.......)

So, here is my fun project!! I am using up halloween fabrics plus ones that make me think fall and warmth - eh, I am just having fun!! My 'trick or treat' letters are in purple!! I am hoping I have enough of that orange for the binding, but we will see....... I don't have any other orange that is not really dark (very muddy, yucky!!) or way to bright! hmmm, it's a work in progress, so I will just keep playing. Proof, that I have been in my room!! Next pic, had better be the finished product, or you migh not see me again.....;-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess Who's Back???

uh oh - I did something bad today (and yesterday - which is why I did it again today.....) I went on the computer and looked - I can't believe it, it's been so long..... at blogs. Yes, yes I did. I went and checked out some 'new to me bloggers' and - You won't believe what happened!!!

I found the project that got me into my sewing room!!! It's a Halloween project and I love Hallowen projects!! And this one is a very quick and easy one (which means - BRENDA GET IT DONE!!!!!!!) and I have already been working on it!!!
I will show you something:

It still likes me!!! And it still works!!
All my play things were more than ready to come and play with me when I finally entered the 'no zone' area today!!!
I felt so loved!!
And I had such a good time!!!
Yes, even though I got my big machine fixed I have not used it yet (how can you, when as soon as you get it home - you go on a 'no sewing frame of mind'???)
But I am in my room again, and lovin' it!!!
Do I feel bad for not doing more? No. I don't. I had other things to keep me company. I've started to read again. Which I do not let myself do enough of. Factual book, yes, but fiction??? No. I don't read 'for fun' very often. But I have been!!! I, the kid in me, the one who loves to go places, have adventures and some excitment, has been hidden away for to long. She is showing herself though!!!

This spring, a friend wanted hubby and me to stop at an RV place so he could look at trailers. Well, for the first time ever - I went into a beautiful motor home (I love motor homes!!!) and actually sat in the drivers seat........ Now, I want it!!! And I have been haveing fantasy's about where me and the motor home would go - or should I say, where wouldn't we go???!!
Anyways back to todays project!!!

This is where I went through a scraps pile to look for suitable fabrics for my new project!!

I Found alot of things that will work, and I am glad!! I want it to be fun, and colourful - But, I also want it to look good when it's done!! Some of my fabrics will not be used, but it was nice to look throught them.....

My spiders are going to be black, but black prints!! Each one is different!! I have not decided on the eyes yet - that will be fun!! And I ended up piecing the corners!! Same fabric, but pieces where smaller than needed so..... Waste not want not!! And they dont' have to be 'perfect'!! It's HALLOWEEN for crying out loud!! I want 'fun' not serious!!!

And here are the pieced corners:

And I like how they look. All kinda crazy and such!!

And I really need to lean how to get this to work for me!! When I previewed this post, it was awful, but being here I can't get the pieces to fit together right, or the cursor to be where I want!! Guess I need to blog more - get my skill up. but here is the last picture:

So, along with my long neglected but not forgotten project, Piece & Goodwill, (I was actually working on it as 'leader and enders' as I pieced my corner blocks together!! yeah me!!!) this is the center for my Trick or Treat project!!! And 2 - 2.5" blks to start my sides and top!! Yup, I am going to have fun!! And thanks for being here to share my joy!! I am off for dinner and some House and Lie To Me, them - cutting I guess!!! (my TV has been taken from my sewing room!! didn't miss it till today!!! Wounder why??) lol!! Bye!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Month, New Plans, And it's October!!!!

I like October - I love halloween fabrics!! Why?? Have no idea, but I love 'em!!

And I just took a tour through my blog - wow, I have worked on alot of things........ finished any??? Uh, no. But I sure have alot started. And that is just what I have photo's of - there are more that I do not pictures of. And I have not sewn in almost 1/2 a year. Still have no desire.

I will go find my halloween pillow case and maybe that will get my creative spark back.
The store I work at has a new owner. Rumor has it that he takes over (the whole building?? Heard he bought the whole litte complex -strip mall. Wounder if that is true??) November 15th. And that he is keeping the staff. I heard the store sold through a customer. And it ended up that it is true. Wounder what the new boss will be like. I don't think I met him. Met alot of people who wanted or at least were looking at the store. It will be good.
Okay, coming on to say 'hi'. I don't know why I blog!! I am a private person, and nothing really excitng happens here. Have a great weekend. I am going to bake this weekend! Have a huge zucchini that I have to make into loaves and muffins and what ever else I can think of!! bye!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

What is new with you??

Me? Well, I went to my guild meeting last Thursday night, and I am no longer president!! Yeah!!! I love to look at books, see what is new, share ideas, but I just did not like being 'in charge' of a group of women who, in all honestly, could quilt tons of quilts around me!!!!!! So, in all honesty, I was not doing them any service by staying as prez, so it was a good feeling to be leaving my postition!! The woman who took over, was already asking when they want to do the next quilt show!!!!!!???!!! I didn't want to do the first one!! So, I have left it in very capable hands!!!

Hmmm, I was looking for a pic to post - and this one showed up. What is funny about that is I have been getting hugs lately!! So it's going to stay.

I have been doing alot of 'reading' lately, meaning, listening to books on audio!! Love that. I have even taken my player and little speakers to work with me, so I can listen to something other than the radio that plays the same songs over and over!! It's a nice way to spend the day, hearing something fun and getting to be at work at the same time!

I have read the 'real' book "The Help", by Kathryn Stockett. I liked it. I love to read a 'real' book. Part of me wounders how long they will make books that you have to turn the paper pages get to the next part of the story. I love to climb into a book and get lost for awhile. Audio is great if you are driving, at work, doing laundry, having a bath and sewing. But if you really want to dissappear - a good book that can take you away is the best thing to find!! I love a good book!!!

Have I sewn? Nope. Not since March - OH! May, I thought it was March.... Well, anyway, not since May 2nd. That is the last time my sewing machine has made a sound........... It's better than March - but still, it's telling me something. I still have my project, the Piece & Goodwill, that I was working on, on my design wall, waiting. Boy fabric is patient!!! I have enought blocks for one quilt made up, but I thought while I was at it, I should do two. So, I have all kinds of pieces waiting for me ( and these last few days, since my quilt meet, I have been peeking into my room!!) And the fact that it's getting colder outside ( already!!! Dang it!!!!) I might find myself in there soon. With no pressure. Because I told my guild I was done for awhile. So they are not expecitng me back - but told me to come anyway!!!! Funny, now that I don't have to be there, watch, I will always remember when the meeting are!!!

Do I miss sewing?? No, not really. Do I still want all my projects done?? Yes, I do. Not many do I not want to do. I am just hoping, taking some time away from these wounderful ladies, will keep my 'oh look!! I have to make one of those!!' gremlins at bay!! Eye candy is bad for me - I want to see if it really that easy and wounderful, and I end up with what I have now, a room full of 1/2 finished things, that just make me feel stressed.

Have I missed all of you?? Yes. When I stopped sewing, I also stopped visiting on the computer. So, I have missed alot.

I want to thank you all for all your support this year. Last November was not fun, and neither was this summers incident. But you listened and thank-you. this is partly why I stopped writng. I do not want to be a doom and gloom depressing person!!! That is so not me!!!! I can go there - oh yes I can but that is not who I want to be!! So when I feel that type of thing comign on, I stay away!!!! It's been awhile! Now it's time to re-group, re-focus and come out and play! September. A time for new beginnings. New plans, new horizons and a new age!! Yup, I got to become a year older this month, so here's to great things happening in the new age!!!

Take care of you and yours and Thanks for being my Friend!! Love ya!! ~Brenda!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just letting you know I am still here!!

Well, I didn't realize how long it has been since I have even come on to talk. I have been busy - at least that I what I am going to claim!!! The reality is, the days are just flying by with really nothing to show!!

Here Myra!! A picture!! this is my daughter at her Grad night!! this is her friend of many years, yes they have dated, but not anymore... so they say!! I have no idea - but he basically lived at my house for years, so they are very good friends! She was his grad date too when he graduated, so I was nice to see them together doing this again!! And she had to have an orange dress!! I was glad she found her favorite color in a dress that she loves!!

this morning, we have water in our basement caused by overflowing eavestroughs, from them being plugged -again- because of the neighbors pine tree!! They have already been cleaned out this spring, but I guess it should be done once a month or cut down the tree!!! Would that be wrong???? Anyways, that is not a nice way to wake up - but saying that - we have rain here!!!! And the ducks don't have to walk around the ponds that are no longer there anymore, woundering where the water went!?!?!

The ponds and slews and dug outs - they have water in 'em!!!! And DUCKS!!!! It looks so good to see them back - instead of cows walking where the water should be!!! It has been pouring all night - and has not stopped since early evening, and that is fantastic!!! little water in the basement, okay, as long as it's only a little. but this rain can just keep coming!! It's a good thing!

Well, I am going to go take myself off to work. Still liking it. And that is a good thing too!!

Everybody, DREAM BIG!!!! And may all your dreams come true!!! hey, fellow Canadains!! Got your Lotto Max Ticket yet???!!! Now that would be a big dream!!!! Good luck!!! ~Brenda!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A very quick note!!

I just found this site and it's wounderfully fun!!! I love to do things for my freezer, and this is just way to cute!!

How has everyone been?? I've been working and enjoying myself. I also have been trying new-to-me coolers!! Not always a good thing!!! I stopped drinking about 8 years ago, just because I didn't see the point and I have kids to raise and.... well, the reasons go on. But, I now work in a store that I can't say, "I've heard this is good" about everything!! Wine, yes, I can. Not a huge fan, but I am learning about it and it's a huge learing curve!!!!

Just wanted to share that site!! Enjoy!!!

(sorry no pic!! Myra with notice so I thought I would mention it!!! ;-) )

Monday, March 29, 2010


And I have reached one of my sewing goals this week. My BOM blk is done, and is the huge header for my blog right now - I could not get that picture to post right - and I kept trying.... this is the best I could get it to do.
And I did get 2 of my 3 Piece & Goodwill blks done. The third is layed out on my wall, but I have to make a couple more pieces for it. I am trying to not use the same fabric in a blk, so I need more pieces to choose from!!
Went to the home and Garden show for the first time ever this weekend. Bought myself a silk duvet. It is supposed to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so, this will be nice. Lately I go to bed and feel chilly - and I would prefer to be warm!! (I wake up in the middle of the night hot and all covers are off, but the trying to get to sleep when you feel cold, that is not fun!!!)
Okay, I am off to get ready for work. Stopped at Costco yesterday, and I was asked a few times where I had been....... They didn't realize I had quit, a month ago!!! That is how much staff turnover there is at that store!! Crazy!! But I got to see my friends, most of them anyway!! And one I didn't get a chance to say bye to when I left!! that was really nice. And she has changed jobs!!! Excellant!! And if you haven't seen The Blind Side yet, it's good. Finally watched it last night, and enjoyed it.
Have yourself a very nice Monday. Sew a stich or two and get out and enjoy the flowers!! I can say that because the other day, I have a tiny purple flower in my flower bed!!! The only one, but it's there!!! Spring is really here!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! March 22 '10

Today I have pics!! Batteries are re-charged and good to go, and they helped me take these two pictures of things to get done this week!!

The first is my BOM - yup, more browns!! I should of had this done as soon as I got it, but I didn't - so it's up to be done this week.

And the next is my Lone Star blk. It is going to
be done this week. Kinda thought by Thursday
would be nice, but I don't think it will happen. Simply because I won't have the time. By 'done', I mean, completed!!
I am thinking of making it into a wall hanging......

And I also have the border to put on my blue
blocks. They are all sewn together, now it's time
to have it bordered and out the door.
These are my three projects, plus, working on
my Christmas quilt blocks - Piece and Goodwill.

And I also have the backing for my Christmas Lights to get to my quilter.

And working. Don't forget working!!!

I should stop now, before more project ideas pop into my head!!! Goals are a good thing - and this week, I have a few that I want to see crossed off my list!!! Lovin' it!!! Have a great week!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stash 188 5/8 yrds!!!

Okay, I have finally made it on here to post today!!! Yeah me!! I have come on and read, but I just didn't feel like talking, so.....

Anyways, yes, I have shopped this week!! One was just therapy for me - I was not in a good mood, and I decided to go and pick up my big machine (the store was open late for leperchauns day) and I went. So, my machine did not die when it made that awful noise and not only scared me, but completly stopped working!!!! It is back in working order, although, I have not tried it myself yet, but it will be back where it belongs tomorrow.

While shopping, I bought fabric for yesterdays class - the Lone Start blk we were being taught. I realized, I sew s-l-o-w-l-y!!! Not backwards, but not as fast as the other women there!! But, I was also the one who took people to where the bathrooms were and ... well, I just am not a speedy sewer!!! But I do have fun!!!
Here is as far as I got on this blk!!

The side triangles are not sewn on yet, and the pieces are not sewn together yet, but this is what 1/4 of the block will look like!! I think it's pretty. And I am using a pink batik background.

Here is what it looks like as you are putting it together - kinda messy!!! And I would have had more pics for you, but the batteries on my camera died!!! I was just thinking the batteries were lasting a long time, set the camera down, and when I picked it up again for the next shot - dead!!! lol!!

And I bought myself a new toy yesterday. Did I need it??? Nope. But, I now own a take-along ironing and cutting surface when I have classes to go to. For the blk we did, you have fusible web that you work with, and you iron a litte bit on each piece so they don't move as you are sewing them together....
Before the ladies left who taught the class, I bought more fusible to do two more blks!! My girlfriend bought enough for a whole quilt!!!

And I got my blue blks sewn together today. Not happy about this, but the other day, my DD and hubby were playing - he was chasing her - and she went into my sewing room........ uh, hit the 'wall' - which is not stable at all, and ALL THE QUILT PIECES landed on the ground........ I am so glad I had sewn some together, in retrospect, I should have sewn them all, but who knew they would wreck my top???????? Even though I had pictures, I had also moved the pieces around, and made it the way I wanted it.... After this happened, I just, well, I tried to put it back the way it was, but I just couldn't seem to get it right. Today, I layed them out and sewed them - it's done.

And it's name is "Mishap". You know 'unfortunate accident'. It does not look the way I wanted it, but it's done. And done is better than another UFO - so all it needs is a border and backing and off to my quilter!!!! And for the first time I have done a guild challange!!!! And the best part, I am following my new 'rule' of finishing what I start!!!

Today, I also worked on my Piece and Goodwill blks!!! I have pieces ready to be made into blks and some need to be worked on some more!!!! but the beauty of it is, I am working on it and loving it!!!

Have a great week coming up. I plan on sewing everyday - getting things done. And enjoying every minute of it!!

OH! Stash Report!!! (almost forgot!!)
I bought 2 5/8 yrd this week. So, that makes my numbers bigger. I have to figure out what the blue blocks used, and then I will have a real report for next week. I am just not having a very good time this weekend. I keep escaping into my crafts just to be alone, and that is not me....... Tomorrow will be better. I will make sure of it!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here are the blks in a tentative setting

My blocks!! Well, they are all done!! And here they are!!!

Oh - this pic looks bad!! lol!!

My daughter just came out and asked me if I am keeping the blue quilt - she went and checked it out (without me asking her what she thought!! she went in there on her own!!) and told me she likes and wants it!! lol!!

I have moved a couple blks around. I like this setting right now, but before I do make it permanent, I will keep looking for a bit - probably a half hour!!! lol I want this done and off to the quilter!!!

I have done a challenge!!! yeah me!!!

I am in a very tight spot in my sewing room for my 'wall' and I am trying to show you all the quilt, so it has 3 pictures - some of the blks are the same, but it's confusing because the above photo was taken sideways......

But I am not sure how I feel about it - I just want it done - and it's not for anything special, it's just to do a challenge and finish my project. Maybe the frustration with the pattern and cutting it all out, makes me think - enough!!
Now, it needs to be sewn and made smaller!! It's funny how much smaller a project gets when all the seams are sewn together!! 1/4" does add up!
Have a super weekend and don't forget to move your clocks forward tonight, if you live in a place where the time changes tonight!!! I do, and I will remember!!!! Bye!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue Blocks Are DONE!!!

Yes, all my blue blocks are sew together, the 6 1/2" ones are the right size and I made an extra lrg. 15 1/2" one!! So, I have 16 of those instead of the 15 I needed!!

I am so glad they are done, especially at the end when I kept cutting one of my fabrics to small!!! It was suppose to be cut 8 1/2" long, so I cut it 8" twice instead!!! AARRGGHHHH!! But, I pulled out the fabric again and cut it, again!!!! Third times the charm!!

And, I listened to my music loud today, and just enjoyed myself!! And then, I got a phone call! Even though I had a phone in my room with me, my daughter had to come and give me her phone 'cause, ahem, I didn't hear mine ring!!! lol!! And it was my new boss - phoning to ask me a question about the schedual..... did I mind working 10-5 Monday to Fridays??? Uh, yeah!!! EXCELLANT!!! So, I definitly said YES!! And she will even work around my BOM day, and that is fantastic!! Like I told her, if she can't do it, it's fine, but she told me she would, so, I can still go to my BOM on the second Tuesday of the month!! I told her I get back into town at noon, so I could be to work then. I told Costco that I had a standing appointment on that day, and didn't tell them what it was (let them wounder.....) and so I always had it off so I could go to my BOM meeting!!!

My Blue Blocks are done!! Once I get the big blocks cut to size, this baby is being sewn together and off to the long arm quilter!! (I will go get that flannel I like first though!!!)
Oh yeah, this is good!!!

Beautiul Day!

Well, I had my quilt guild meeting last night. Before I left, I kinda didn't want to go, but since I have the keys, I had to!! When I got there, the door was open and people were already inside!!! That was fun! I liked that simply because it made me feel like I belonged there.... hmmm, strange way to feel. I liked that I didn't have people waiting for me to show up, that I guess I was late and didn't have that pressure that I hadn't done what I was supposed to, like be on time!!! And we had a backwards meeting!!!

We had a woman come and do a demo for us. This a rare event - AND - she is coming back on the the 20th to teach us a class!!! On a lone star blk!!! PRETTY BLK!!!!! I am so excited simply because, one, we are having a person come to teach and two, it's something I would love to learn to do!!!!!!! AND THE BEST THING IS - I DON'T WORK THAT DAY!!!!!

So, that is fantastic!! Now I need to figure out my fabrics for this blk. Which is why when I got home, I pulled out (finally found!) my batiks for me 'Orion Star' project I have planned. This ended up being my 20 min of sewing last night. Did I find any fabric I want to use, not really, but I do have enough fabric to start this quilt. No more buying batik FQ's!!! Now, I am woundering if having a quilt top made from only batiks would be ugly........

I hate second guessing myself, but I do not want a quilt that has beautiful fabrics in it, look like a disaster when done. Ah, I will just go ahead and make a couple blks and see what I think then...... but not until I get my blue blocks done and the BOM blk and get some of the Christmas blks done.... so, why am I on here when I should be sewing??????? :-)

Brenda - that is the ladies name who came to do the demo, showed us a ruler that I have been wanting for years!! I saw it years ago on Simply Quilts, and could not find it so figured it was a States thing, not avalible in Canada. It's called "Shape Cut Plus" and it's by June Tailor. It's a slotted ruler and I know I am going to love it!!!!!! It helps you to cut more acurate strips of fabric and many layers at a time!! So, all the cutting for my blue blocks would have been done in less time!!! BONUS!!! And once you cut the strips, pick up the ruler, lay it down again the other way, and make squares, or triagles , and even diamonds!! Although, dimonds are not something I use often, but I do use squares and strips!!! And I am so looking forward to doing this class with her. She owns a store that I have never been to before, so I guess 'road trip' is on my schedual!!!!
Here is the ruler, with a nice 'flash' mark in the middle, I shut that flash bulb off - I didn't realize it had done it on this one, but I 'fixed' the next picture!! So, this is how big this ruler is - It take up the whole mat!!!

And here is the name and little hints of what this new toy can do. Can you imagine cutting out your strips for your 'worms' or the jelly rolls in half the time!!

Brenda said, at the story, they use their big one to cut all the stores jelly rolls and layer cakes and charm squares and anything like that and they are all perfectly cut with this ruler!!!!

Hmmm, anyone have any stash they would like to break down into food groups???? lol!! Invite your friends over for tea and layer cakes! Jelly rolls!!! And sew the day away!!!

Yup, I think i am going to like this ruler....

Now, the other thing I was searching for last night is my ruler bag..... a bag the will hold anything you need to take to a class to a freind house to sew. It hold rulers , large mat, and any tools that you need. It is perfect and I was looking for such a bag for awhile, so when I saw the patten I grabbed it! I started it a long time ago, and hit a snag - for some reason I stopped working on it and put it away.... and now, I want it done. Like NOW!!!! And, with my mess of projects that I have stored in my room, I do not know where it is. I am so glad I 'oganized' my room........ I will find it, but in time to have it done for this class?????
And here is a close up of the ruler - see the slots that you put your rotary cutter into, and the line you follow to make your cut.... She didn't have her hand on the ruler at all, she just put the cutter in there and cut, then moved it to her next slot and cut again...... She said she cuts up to 8 layers at a time. That is alot of cutting!!!
And when she is doing funny cutting, or lots of it, she marks her ruler with glow tape or even masking tape, that way, you don't cut wrong!!
And yes, you can do 1/4" cuts with this - just follow the directions that are provide with the ruler!!
I bought myself a new toy!!! And the mess in my room, is not going to be making me crazy anymore!!!! I have no reason not to make my projects, so French Braid - I am a commin' for you!!!! (But, ahem, not this month.... lets make it a summer project - once I get this guild project gone and now the orion star - that has been waiting a long time to do, so lets get it done!!!!
Have a super fantastic weekend and enjoy evey minute of it!! I know that on Monday, I am going to the DVD store (almost said 'video') and renting "Planet 51"!! On Mondays, it's a 2 for 1 deal, and you get them for 2 days, so that is when I like to rent movies. And that Planet 51 looks funny!!! I am off to get my blks done!!!!! (was going to go to the store, but that can wait. I have lost projects waiting to be found and one calling my name and ones that need to be worked on before I do anything else!!! SEE!! I am creating good habits - and it's working for me!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I went shopping.....

I took a long drive to a quilt store I have only been to once, and wasn't exactly sure where I was going!!! But when I got to the town, I thought to myself, either find it or go back home, so I drove around a bit, turned a corner and saw the store out of the corner of my eye!! I parked and went in. Did I find what I was looking for?? No. She had a quilt class on a book I want to check out, and thought she might have a copy of the book in the store, on sale....... Do I know the name of the book?? NO! That would be to easy!!! But I do know what it looks like, and there was none there. Did I leave empty handed?? Nope. Bought fabrics and a ruler!!

I have been looking for this ruler for awhile now. Isn't this the one Bonnie Hunter always talks about?? I am sure it is, and even though I don't need it, I am glad to have it - for the next time I do a Bonnie quilt!!

Am not sure exactly how to use it - have not even taken it out of the pkg yet!! This was the only size she had, I think there is one bigger, but I don't know for sure. It will go into my collection along with the other fabrics I bought!!

These are the browns I bought.

Brown is the first colour choice I had when I thought of making the box blks that I am doing now in the blue. I liked the way it looked in the book and thought, hmmm, why not??
Then the guild challenge came up, and my colour choice was changed. It's why I also bought the blues above, but I still like the idea of a brown quilt.... and not just brown!! This one, if and when I make it, can have other colours thrown in!!

And today was my BOM day. So, I have my new blk to make and I shopped......

This is my flannel backing for my Christmas Lights Quilt!!! It is in the dryer right now, and will be washed again before I take it to my quilter!! Still need to make the label.........

I like it that it's green trees on a black background with the gold stars shining and it's flannel!! Was going to use the cotton I have here, but flannel is so much cozier and warmer and it's a Christmas quilt!! I don't live in a warm climate, so warmth in the winter counts!!!

And I didn't stop here either.......
I am going to be making more Christmas type quilts, I know I am, and I saw the green in the middle and picked it up. When I told my friend what I was doing, she grabbed the other 'Christmassy type fabric with the gold going throught it' and handed it to me.... So I thought, eh, why not?? And then I grabbed two more of the reds I bought last time!! Now I have 4 FQ's of that fabric!! I just really like it!!!

And then I saw this pretty batik and I had to bring it home with me, and then I saw his friend!! They are both a really soft purple/green muted fabric, and just really pretty. The 'friend' is fish!!! And I like 'em.
Everybody is in the bath right now. (uh, washer!!) and will be able to play once they are all cleaned and de-stinkified!!!
Then ironed and cut and made into something!!
Well, at least the blues are headed in that direction today!! I am so close to having the small blocks for the guild challenge done, and I am getting excited!!! This sewing for 20 minutes a day, it makes a huge dent in my plans!! Even if I just cut, organzie, figure out what to do next, tidy a bit, it makes a huge difference. Huge. It's amazing what you can do in what you would consider not enough time. But, sewing on a couple rounds, or even just part of one round, at least when I come back - that is already done.............
And I have made myself a list of thing to get done this week. I think that is called "Goals" .......
One of the goals is to make muffins that I really like with sweet potato in them - but, before I can - or should do that - the oven desperatly needs cleaning, so guess what else I am doing?? Yup, oven is sprayed and I am waiting the 2 hours till I get to clean it!! OH, what fun!!!
-I have already done most of the laundry, sheets are next than, that is off the list.
-Have made the fish some fresh water - and have watered the plants with the water from the aqarium.
-My big goal this week - get the blue blocks all done!! Cut to size and have it ready to sew into a top - by Sunday, if not before!!
I am getting revved about this!!! Oh Yes I am!!!! I still have to get the backing for it - flannel, all blue, and I have seen two fabrics I like, so next paycheck, I am getting it!!
I think this idea of making a week long list is a good one. Not a daily one - it's to easy to feel bad if you don't make it to the finish line that day, but if you've got a couple days, you can fit it in.....
And I am off to keep working on my list and cut some fabrics!!! Blue blocks, you are almost done!!!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! March 8 - Box Block!

This is my wall right now - I am working on the 6 1/2" blks - there are two sets of them. If you notice the center blk - one is 3 1/2", and one is 2 1/2". 24 each, so 48 all together. I still have the large blks to make - it's center is 6 1/2" - only 15 of these, so that will go quick.

And yes, you stil can see the Piece & Goodwill blks that I am doing with friends.. It would be fun to do a Christmas quilt a month this year - and it is totally do-able considering I have some in the UFO pile that are so close to done, I should just make it so!!!
Plus a wall hanging that just needs binding! Binding for crying out loud!!!!!! Brenda! FINISH IT!!!!!!!!

I walked to work yesterday. I enjoyed it. No sidewalks down one road, but hey, it's the way to get there!! People don't walk much in this town. Some do. And I want to. It's a 1/2 hour walk, so it's nice. I put on my CD player - yes, CD. And headphones and just like driving to work, I listen to things that make me think, laugh, or I just enjoy a story! I plan on walking more than driving, so my daughter is happy - my car is accesible now and she can use it!!

Spring is working it's way here. Snow though is in the forcast, but we need it badly. Moisture, not necessarily snow, but we do need the ground to get some wetness to it. Farmers are already cashing in their insurace for failed crops - it's that bad. Here is to beautiful weather - gorgeous sunshine and calm winds. And dreams that come true!
Off to see your work on your walls!! And possible shopping today - do I go to the sale or stay home......... oh boy, I have not decided yet and I've been thinking about it since yesterday!!! bye!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Stash Busting Sunday - still at 186 yrds!!

I have not bought anything this week, but not for lack of thinking about it though!! I was going to go look for more blue the other day, but was with people who just wouldn't not have liked me going to a fabric store... so I didn't. Which is okay - I still have enough, for now anyway..... I have 1/2 of my little blue blks done now!! Over half actually, and will have more done tonight!!

And I have made a list of goals - yes, this is an old picture - but these are the blks that I have finished the 24 of - then 24 more, and 15 big, and I am done the blocks!! And that was my goal. To have all the guild challenge blocks done by the end of March - no, to have the blks done this week and it all sewn together by the end of March - and into the quilters it will go!!!

I am finishing my projects!! All of 'em!! and I will be busting my stash - and then getting myself a new one!!!!

So, this week, nothin in, nothing out and I am still working on the guild quilt, the christmas quilt, and, thankfully, I have not started anything new!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

In Like a Lamb!!

It is March!! Wow. It doesn't feel like it should be March yet, but it's here..... And it's Design Wall Monday to boot!!
Not much very exciting on my wall - basically the same as last week, but with a few more blue blocks. If I had more of the last row cut, there would have been more to show, but I ran out of the strips, so here is what I have done this week:

No more blocks for the Piece & Goodwill quilt to show, but I have sewn a few leader/ender pieces for it. I have done more cutting for my blue blks last night - and I think they will look great when all done. So, this is it. Next week, I want to be done the smaller blks, and be working on the large ones........... That will be nice. But, first, I want to have these all cut to their proper sizes before I move on to the next step. I do not want to leave it to the end to size them all up - that would make me crazy!!! Just do it as they are done, and that is one step less to worry about!!

I am off to work today. This week is 10-5 Monday to Friday! Next week, some days I work late, but hey, it's all good!! It's quiet, and not a whole lot to do besides dusting!! Constuction dust!! That will be around awhile..... It gives me something to do when there are not alot of people coming in. The store itself is very nicely done. Rich looking, nice colours. It's a very classy store. And it's fun to see people come in for the first time. They did a great job at making a liquer store look expensive, but they are keeping their prices low!!

Okay time for me to go get ready for work!! Have a great day and enjoy this very first day of March and make it the best you can!! Better if you sew a bit and get these projects done that have been hanging around, trying to get our attention!!!

It's a new month, and new week, so lets set some goals and make it happen!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Busting - 186 yrds!

Yup, my totals are growing in the stash department!!
I have added about 8 yrds to it with my purchase this week. But, I like the gold and am not mad at myself at all!!
The gold is a Robert Kaufman - 'Fusions'. I have about 4 yrds of it now.... but is sure is pretty!!
Yes, I have been sewing daily - 20 minutes a day at least, even it that 'sewing' time is cutting, it sure makes a difference when I do get down the actual sewing part.
And I have gotten the call to come pick up my big machine from the repair shop. I guess I didn't kill it after all!! That is a good thing, really thought I had. And, the repair is under a $100 - so I didn't do anything to awful after all. I was sure it was going to be an expensive fix.
So, this is this weeks report!! It's been a great week and tomorrow is the start to another great week. I am at my new job and I like it. Alot quieter than my last job!! And even though some nights I will be there till 11, it's only a 5 minute drive to home, so it's really nice.
And the Olymics are over - almost, we have a hockey game to win tonight - then 'normal' TV will be back on and, funny, but I really haven't missed any of the shows....... hmmmmm. Really enjoyed the Olympics this year though. First time I really watched them too - could it because they were held in Cananada that made the differnce??? I don't know!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am off to work today!!

Yup, they asked me to come in today at 1 o'clock, to check out the store and learn some stuff!! We don't open till Friday, and I got the news last night, (why she didn't tell me earlier I don't know, - oh, right, she wasn't talkin' to me!!) - My daughter is working there too!! She found out the day of the interview, so, over a week ago. I am glad for her. She is at the end of her high school carreer, and she is so done with everything right now. I hope she keeps her head and just finishes her school days and then, moves onto a higher education.....

Went to the dentist yesterday. I get to go back in June!! I am so excited!!! And she wants me to see a real dentist for a check up, x-rays and everything!! oh, I can't stand it!!! And, then we might talk about getting a crown for my tooth!!! A crown!!! I wounder if it will have diamonds on it??? If it's kind of pointy, it might help break up the food as I chew, but brushing might be a pain......... We will see what happens I guess!

And, I hit the quilt shop - oh boy.... I should have just kept going to the grocery store instead!! Yup, I bought more fabric - but it's so pretty!! And I found a blue that will make a nice border for my guild challenge. Unless I change my mind......
Here are my newest additons to Brenda's stash!!
Here is my fabrics - I took the rest of the bolt on the gold and the blue one.
the rest are FQ's
I think this gold is sooooo pretty!!! I was looking through some patterns the other night, and saw one that had gold in it, and I don't have any more gold. So, now I do. And I am breaking the habit of only buying FQ's!! I am now, if I like it, going to buy lager pieces. Makes it a good thing for borders and backing!!
Here is a close up of the FQ's. I have a lighter version of the border - I picked it up first before I saw the darker bolt and thought, hmmmm. And I love the brighter blue one!!! The top one is Christmas fabric, love it!! So, I took two of the FQ's on that fabric!!
And here is the last of my FQ's. A lighter gold, and a batik. This batik makes me think of a circus!! I think it will be great in my project(s). It has tons of colour in it, so I can use it anywhere!! The gold I bought can be used on Christmas projects or just where I think it will look good.
So this was my shopping yesterday. $100 worth.
Funny how fast that adds up isn't it.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design Wall Monday!!

It's Monday again, and I am off to the dentist this morning!! Oh what fun, uh, yeah, okay then..... but I thought I would at least show you my wall before I left today.

Here is what I am up to - Here I have made 4 more block for the Peace and Goodwill quilt a few of us are doing from Shannon's Christmas blog.

I think I like 'em!!

I have also made more pieces for these blks and I am not as 'done' as thought the other day!! When I counted the middle green/red squares, I am 9 short!! I have a few more pieces to make before I can really be done at least one part of this project!!

And here are some of my bits and pieces waiting to be the next choosen for the next block!!!

I am using a wide variety of the reds and greens and neutrals for this project. It's fun to see how far your miscellaneous pieces can go!!

I also am working on my guild challange. These blks are not as fun as I thought they would be, but I do like them - and am looking forward to seeing them all put together.

So, this is the next 4 of the 63 blocks I need for this project - 48 6.5" ones, two different kinds, centers are 2.5" & 3.5". The ones I worked on today, are the 3.5" centers. Only 17 more of this

size to go then!!! And I will get them done. This is the first challange that I am going to have finished on time. It has to be done by June, so I thought I would get it done way sooner than that - and yes, completly done!!! Have a super day and enjoy yourself! Keep sewing!!