Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's here - 2010.
Feel any different yet??

I have been spending some time making a list - just a note to self on what I want to do this year. As I was putting things on it, I was thinking I should go for a long list, then, I got to #30, and thought, hey, this is enough. For now anyway. I do not want to make a long list of ideas and dreams that I will not do. I want to make a 'real' list, for me, to actually do. Things that I honestly want to accomplish, to achieve, to do. #28 is 'eat veggies everyday'. Do-able?? Yes. But, I wrote it down because I realized since I've been working, veggies have not been a regular thing for me. That is crazy!!! I love my veggies - so I now have it as a priority!!

Yes, I have 'sew 20 min a day' on my list again. I have not been doing that, but I want to. It's a list of things for me to do, things I want. #10 is 'Find the job you LOVE'. And I will.

My new years eve was spent at home. Quiet. Nice. And I have great feelings about the New Year!! This year, well, it was a hard year. Just in alot of ways - and I am glad to see it end. Now, with this "new" year - it just feels good.

We are in a cold snap right now. And it's cold!!! I wear gloves in the car, almost the whole way home!!! That steering wheel stays cold for along time!!! And I have head cold, I guess. I am loosing my voice and that runny nose - some fun huh Bambi!!

Okay, it's the fireworks on TV!! Happy New Year my friends!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I did not go in....

Yup, I stayed home
I phoned in, and when they asked if it was a sick day, I just said 'yes'.
Enough said.
And then hubby and I went to pick up our daughter from the city, where she has been house sitting for my neice over the Christmas break, and the roads were ICEY!! At least in town and part of the hwy.But we got her home safe and sound and on the way back the roads seemed to be alot better. We didn't see anyone in the ditch either, so that is always good.

I just wanted to share with you a blog that I like the idea of:

Shannon, like me, has a hard time with the Christmas season. It seems to come to soon (like we don't know it's coming!!) and it just is not Norman Rockwell feeling we want, so it's not 'perfect'. And this year, for me anyway, I spent all my time working - and Christmas day, when you hang out and enjoy the day over snacks and sweets, well, my house didn't have ANY!!!
I didn't bake, neither did anyone else. I did buy nuts, but they were gone before Christmas day and were not replaced.........
So, I want to, like I wanted to last year, make the Christmas season something I think about more than in July, Sept, some in Oct and then November........ When you don't have the time to do what you would love to do!!!!! " Wouldn't that be great to have at Christmas time??? Well, it's to late now, I'll put it on a list for next year......"

I have bought myself a subscription to a new magazine: Christmas 365 by Create&Decorate. I bought the premier copy on Christmas eve, just to have something Christmassy to look at that I hadn't seen before. It has things to make, ways to display, and this one has an interview with Jim Shore in it. He makes the 'Heartcrafted' figurines. It will be on display until 1/12/2010. The web site for them is if your interested.
I figure it's a perfect way, better than me remembering on my own!!, to keep the idea of Christmas coming to me through the year. It's a 4 mag. subscrition. And, an add on the back of it, for beads and making earrings..... I have already printed off the how-to's!!! They are Christmas trees, and would be fun to wear during Dec. And if you make them out of clear beads, all through winter.......Today, with my 'day off' I think I will head into the lonely sewing room and get borders on my Christmas Lights quilt top. And make turkey a'la king for supper and just be home........ And, I am finding a new job. I am also applying at the nursery just out of town - uhm plant greenhouse would be a better way to say that!! And there is a new store coming into town and I keep feeling like I am going to be working there.... that is a great feeling because I felt this way before Costco hired me too!

So, here is to a fantastic Tuesday!!!

And I am being motivated to work on my favorite designer, Judy Martin, by joining a blog in her honour, where we can all get our Judy quilts made and show them off!!! Thank-you for this!!!!

Dec. 29

I have to get ready to get to work. I didn't realize yesterday, but today putting my hours on the calander here at home - next week, I am working till 10 at night, and leaving here by 2:30 ish. Meaning, I will not see my kids. I leave before they get home from school, and am home at 11 at night.
Not happy. Not happy at all. During Christmas rush, okay, but not now. Not now. I am just a cog in the machine and - I am frustrated. Very frustrated. Every one there, who realizes how far I drive to get there, tells me I'm crazy!! They think their 15 minute comute is long!!
I actually have been enjoying the drive. I listen to audio books and it's nice. BUT, I do not like drivng at night, and now that it's January, real winter weather will be here soon - and I should not complain. Reality is, I need the job right now. I want to phone in sick today - I am just tired. Really tired. And part of me is going "NO!! Do not do it!!!!!" The other part, the evil part is egging me on.......... "Who's gonna care?? They won't even miss you. You are just a number" Well, it's true. Crap!

I am finding myself a place to be that pays me well, to do things I enjoy and work with people who matter to me and I matter to them. And lets me have time with my family - that has been missing too. I have not had a real meal with them since I started this job in Oct. When I am home on a day off, I am tired. Tired! I am so tired of being tired. It makes me emotional, frustrated, angry and I cry at the drop of a hat. Oh, how mature is that????

Like one day, I went in to work, and found myself early, and that was enought to make me cry. You can't start till your start time, so I wandered around the store for a few minutes, feeling - stupid, useless, just all those bad feelings. If I had been there on time, I would have just got busy working - but no, I had to be early. Went to the washroom and burst into tears. I could not stop crying!!! I walked out, didn't even try to hide the tears, how could I??? They wouldn't stop, and asked if I could just go home?? She said yes, so I left. And went to a green house and walked around it for an hour. No real plants, christmas stuff yes, and large trees but I finally, after the hour, didn't have tears coming down my face.

I am phoning in. I am spending the day with my family.

And I am looking for another job.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, how is your evening going?? So why are you here?? kidding!! We didn't do the hot chocolate recipe tonight, one daughter wants it for breakfast instead, so that is what we will do. And we did our yearly tour around town to see the lights.... there were not very many. Some streets had a few but most homes were lightless. Dissapointing, but there was time when I didn't do lights either, so.......

But, I do have the picture I promised!! When I took it, I didn't think it worked. It did!! yeah!! Here is what my hubby did while I was at work the other day!!
Do you see Santa on the roof??? Well, he is up there and screwed into the roof to keep him there!! Horrors!!!! What happens in the spring???? but it's funny too!!! We have santa and his reindeer on the roof at our house!! lol!! And here's the snowmen, a little closer....
And what the house looks like from the road.....

Now it's not the best picture, but can you see the snowman in the window?? Behind the tree???

And my daughter made me open a present tonight. She was so excited and made me sit down to open it, and kept telling me it was fragile.... it is.... This is my hummingbird. And I love the woman who made it - she is one of the woman I see at the Butterdome that I love to go to at Christmas. Were I really know her from in the mall in Sherwood Park - last year, I bought alot of the icicles that she makes. All out of glass, and beautiful!! Oh, they just sparkle on the tree - and when I find them, I will put them up!! I am not impressed with myself tonight. I kept them safe all year, and now I don't know where they are!! I just saw them, not that long ago........ I am sure I didn't move them, but they are not were I thought they were...... but here is my beautiful little bird.

I love it.

So, Merry Christmas my friends. May tomorrow bring you great memories and lots of happy thoughts. I have a huge bird, potatoes, and the stuffing (stove top!!) plus things for the other things we have at Christmas, or any other holiday that comes around. And even a friend is coming over, so it will be a great day here!! All the best!!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!

Well, hello!! Merry Christmas!!! The tree is up, the cat is playing with the ornamnets and batting one present around when he can. He also hides under it, on presents... cats!! Scrappy, when he wags his tail, hits the poor tree, so I hope all the ornaments survive this year!!

How do you like your tree??? One or two colours?? Star or angel on the top??? Garland??

Me, I like a full tree!! Glass ball ornaments in the back of the tree, to refect the lights, with handmande or bought ornaments up front. Memories. I don't - except for the glass ball ones - have things on the tree that are 'just because'. I like a tree full of memories - a fully decorated, almost too much - not gaudy though!! And yes, I have been know to move things around. Not anymore, the jokes and the ribbing got to me, so I have learned to leave it alone. And you know what, I do not enjoy this time of year like I used to. Changing subjects!!! quickly!!!

Are you ready for tomorrow?? I have a huge bird!!! I love the leftovers!!!!! I like to make things for the freezer from them, but I really should have re-thought this idea yesterday when I bought this thing!! My next day off is New Years Day - I had better get my organization skills in check here so I can make these freezer meals before and after work this year. I have a lasagne recipe that is sooooo gooood!!!! I am going to have a couple of them in there for sure!!!

But here is why I wanted to post today. I have found, a few years ago, a really good hot chocolate recipe that we use for tonight, when we go drive around and look at the lights around town. It is calorie free, at least for tonight. Tomorrow?? I am not so sure, but tonight, it's good to go!!
4 cups commercial Egg Nog
4 cups chocolate milk
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 tbsp instant coffee granules
2 tsp vanilla
whipping cream or marshmallows

In large saucepan, combine egg nog, chocolate milk, cream and coffee granules. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until coffee granules are dissolved and mixture is heated through. DO NOT BOIL. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into mugs!! Top with whipping cream and serve immedialtly!!! Enjoy!!
(serves 8)

I put this in a thermos and we drive around through the town. Uh, we do drink it!! We take our travel mugs!! I laughed when I read the first sentace. 'why would you put it in a thermos?? Why not drink it???' lol!!! And it's very easy to half the recipe - I don't, but you could.

Okay, I am off to wrap the couple presents I have left. I want to show you, later, what my hubby did with one of my yard ornaments this year!! so, once I get the picture, I will post and let you see what I came home to last week!!! And we have snow!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I have been Sewing!!

I have been working for a few hours on Bonnie Hunters "Christmas Lights" today. And, the top is put together!!! The center anyway, with borders picked out!!

So, what do you think of my version of this great project???

I like it - and I was happy to find some fabrics that will go with my quilt top for the borders.
Bonnie has a black as the first border - I have choosen the same green that the star blocks use. Then I thought of a gold fabric, then the last border being a red with gold through it. The green fabric also has gold in it. For the binding, I am going to use the rest of the black candy cane hearts I used in the red square blks, plus, since I won't have enough, I will use up some of my other blk candy cane fabric that I have and it will work out great!!

I think it will look alright. The green border is only 2" wide, I think I would like it 2 1/2" - but since I only have what the pattern asks for I am not sure I should mess around with the measurements!!

I like that all my fabrics have a touch of gold in them. The cream one is gold snowflakes!! And the red is gold threads... I think using the black for the binding will just pull it all together.

One thing that I am thinking of is doing a bias binding......... I have not done this before, cut a bias binding!! But, my quilt shop lady told me, and I have since read (gotta check this out you know) that bias binding works really well on quilts that are going to be used. Throws, and quilts; wall hangings don't need the movement that bias allows, so 'normal' binding is fine. I just might be learing something new with this project. AND, I am going to make sure to make the time to work on it!!

So, what do you think of my choice?? Yup, I think I like it!!! If you have different idea, let me know - please!!!

Okay, on to news about my job. I was put on the till the other day! After two months of putting the items into the cart and running for what ever is needed, I was put on the till - where, you can not leave till your breaks!!! That means, if you have to use the bathroom, hold it!!! And I, of course, felt like I had to cough the other day, and there is not a kleenex to be found!! Or a cough candy, or - there was nothing!!! lol!!! So, I am not sure how much I am going to like being 'trapped' at the till, when for the last two months, I had the freedom to move around!!!

I am woundering if I should have applied for the full time cashiers job when it was posted awhile ago!!!

Kidding!! It is just a new position and I will get used to it, just like I got used to packing the carts!!!

Today was a day off, and I spent it in my sewing room, sewing up a christmas project. Yes, I have been doing some Christmas shopping. I can not believe how many people around here had their lights up in November. I think without the snow, and how warm it's been - we have flies coming into our house!!!! It's annoying, and it's probably happening when we let the dogs out!! - that people are trying to get into the Christmas mood by using the only 'Chrismas'y' thing around - lighting up the night with cheerful light displays!! And blow up yard ornaments. My favorite is the snowmen!! I had mine blown up in the house one year!! He was by the window and you would see people looking and pointing!!!

I am a little behind in my 20 min a day sewing goal I have going on, but I am half way through Oct. thanks to todays working, and I am planning on being all caught up before the year ends.

Have a very nice day tomorrow, get some Christmas cheer going and I will make sure I keep you posted on the progress of this little quitl!! Is anyone doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery?? I have printed off the steps so far, but I think it will go into my 'projects' binder for now. I have some past projects that I want to see done, and a couple of them are Christmas projects, so I should pick them to do first!!! Talk soon!