Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Busting - 186 yrds!

Yup, my totals are growing in the stash department!!
I have added about 8 yrds to it with my purchase this week. But, I like the gold and am not mad at myself at all!!
The gold is a Robert Kaufman - 'Fusions'. I have about 4 yrds of it now.... but is sure is pretty!!
Yes, I have been sewing daily - 20 minutes a day at least, even it that 'sewing' time is cutting, it sure makes a difference when I do get down the actual sewing part.
And I have gotten the call to come pick up my big machine from the repair shop. I guess I didn't kill it after all!! That is a good thing, really thought I had. And, the repair is under a $100 - so I didn't do anything to awful after all. I was sure it was going to be an expensive fix.
So, this is this weeks report!! It's been a great week and tomorrow is the start to another great week. I am at my new job and I like it. Alot quieter than my last job!! And even though some nights I will be there till 11, it's only a 5 minute drive to home, so it's really nice.
And the Olymics are over - almost, we have a hockey game to win tonight - then 'normal' TV will be back on and, funny, but I really haven't missed any of the shows....... hmmmmm. Really enjoyed the Olympics this year though. First time I really watched them too - could it because they were held in Cananada that made the differnce??? I don't know!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am off to work today!!

Yup, they asked me to come in today at 1 o'clock, to check out the store and learn some stuff!! We don't open till Friday, and I got the news last night, (why she didn't tell me earlier I don't know, - oh, right, she wasn't talkin' to me!!) - My daughter is working there too!! She found out the day of the interview, so, over a week ago. I am glad for her. She is at the end of her high school carreer, and she is so done with everything right now. I hope she keeps her head and just finishes her school days and then, moves onto a higher education.....

Went to the dentist yesterday. I get to go back in June!! I am so excited!!! And she wants me to see a real dentist for a check up, x-rays and everything!! oh, I can't stand it!!! And, then we might talk about getting a crown for my tooth!!! A crown!!! I wounder if it will have diamonds on it??? If it's kind of pointy, it might help break up the food as I chew, but brushing might be a pain......... We will see what happens I guess!

And, I hit the quilt shop - oh boy.... I should have just kept going to the grocery store instead!! Yup, I bought more fabric - but it's so pretty!! And I found a blue that will make a nice border for my guild challenge. Unless I change my mind......
Here are my newest additons to Brenda's stash!!
Here is my fabrics - I took the rest of the bolt on the gold and the blue one.
the rest are FQ's
I think this gold is sooooo pretty!!! I was looking through some patterns the other night, and saw one that had gold in it, and I don't have any more gold. So, now I do. And I am breaking the habit of only buying FQ's!! I am now, if I like it, going to buy lager pieces. Makes it a good thing for borders and backing!!
Here is a close up of the FQ's. I have a lighter version of the border - I picked it up first before I saw the darker bolt and thought, hmmmm. And I love the brighter blue one!!! The top one is Christmas fabric, love it!! So, I took two of the FQ's on that fabric!!
And here is the last of my FQ's. A lighter gold, and a batik. This batik makes me think of a circus!! I think it will be great in my project(s). It has tons of colour in it, so I can use it anywhere!! The gold I bought can be used on Christmas projects or just where I think it will look good.
So this was my shopping yesterday. $100 worth.
Funny how fast that adds up isn't it.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Design Wall Monday!!

It's Monday again, and I am off to the dentist this morning!! Oh what fun, uh, yeah, okay then..... but I thought I would at least show you my wall before I left today.

Here is what I am up to - Here I have made 4 more block for the Peace and Goodwill quilt a few of us are doing from Shannon's Christmas blog.

I think I like 'em!!

I have also made more pieces for these blks and I am not as 'done' as thought the other day!! When I counted the middle green/red squares, I am 9 short!! I have a few more pieces to make before I can really be done at least one part of this project!!

And here are some of my bits and pieces waiting to be the next choosen for the next block!!!

I am using a wide variety of the reds and greens and neutrals for this project. It's fun to see how far your miscellaneous pieces can go!!

I also am working on my guild challange. These blks are not as fun as I thought they would be, but I do like them - and am looking forward to seeing them all put together.

So, this is the next 4 of the 63 blocks I need for this project - 48 6.5" ones, two different kinds, centers are 2.5" & 3.5". The ones I worked on today, are the 3.5" centers. Only 17 more of this

size to go then!!! And I will get them done. This is the first challange that I am going to have finished on time. It has to be done by June, so I thought I would get it done way sooner than that - and yes, completly done!!! Have a super day and enjoy yourself! Keep sewing!!

Stash Busting - moved up 178 1/4 yrds!!

I didn't report last week, that I had bought fabrics, but I did 6 yrds as a matter of fact!! Picture of them are in a past post.

I just feel like buying fabric - not a good thing!! But I feel okay about it because I just have not been feeling very creative lately, and that little urge to go and check out a store to see what's out there, lets me know the fire may not be burning, but it is smoldering and will come back!!
I am going to spend today sewing, making more pieces for the "Peace and Goodwill" quilt. And make a block or two today!! I am also making more of my guild challenge blocks - this is my number one priority for this month!!
And, here is some exciting news - I have bought these CD's to help me learn to quilt!!! On my machine at home, so I can make something and get it finished, without waiting for my long arm quilter to do it. They are on the way to me now, and I am going to lean this skill and be a master of my machine..... and speaking of machines, I have not heard back yet from the store where I took my big machine in to get fixed............. Did I kill it??? How much is the damage???? Is it time for a new machine???? I hope not. Much as I pretend I would like it, I just do not want to have that in my finacial view right now!! I want to put my money somewhere else, and a new machine can wait!! It would be fun though wouldn't it?? lol!! Okay, off to sew the day away!!!! After I have come and seen what you've been up to, of course!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nice Day Off

I have spent the day - sewing!! It has been fun. Listening to music, Queen started off my day and I worked on my guild challenge.

I have a few more to make, uh, quit a few, but I think they will be fun when done. I probably didn't need to buy more fabric, but it's all good. I love scraps, and I love blue, and I have a new book that shows me new ways to use up my 'leftovers'!!

I really enjoyed going through Bonnies "Leaders and Enders book yesterday!! Found a couple quilts that I liked and I also found a border or two that I could use on this project....... or not!!! I will see. I am not sure if I should do a peiced border or just a plain one, it would all have to be blue no matter what I decide so......

I also did a little piecing on my Piece and Goodwill quilt. I have two blocks done, and alot of pieces sewn together. So, today I realized I have enough red/green pieces to do the center 4 patch on the blocks, and sewed a few of them together. Mindless sewing, with peices coming together, but not a block done yet. I have had a very nice day.

Here are the 4 patches!!

Close up of the green pieces:

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I just got the shock of my life!!
I have been waiting for Bonnie Hunters new book "Leader and Enders" and I found it on my kitchen table this morning - one of my beautiful daughters got the mail the other day, but left it in a bag and left it on the messy table and I didn't see it - till just about 20 minutes ago!! Well, I pulled it out of the envelope it came in and started reading - yes, reading - I always start at the begining and read it, tips, things that she thought we should know about, then I will get to the patterns!! Well, on page 15 she has a page that says " What Quilters are saying about Bonnie Hunter's Leaders & Enders method" - I am quoted on this page!!!!!!!!!! Bottom left hand side, that me!!!! I was shocked!!!!!!!!! Still am!!!!! Oh, way to cool!!! I am in a book!! Bonnie's book!!! How fantastic is that!! Love it!! How much fun is this, I am quoted in a book people are going to read. I am just smiling here. this is way to much fun!!!! Thanks Bonnie for using my words. I am honored. Thank-you.

BOM blk

I did my very easy Block of the Month last night. It took about 20 minutes to sew together - I had it cut out the night before, and it's a nice easy blk. Sometimes simple is nice. And these blks I am liking. I just might do something with these blks!!!! No, I will do something with them - no maybe about it. Changing habits is what it is all about for me this year, and finishing is a huge habit that I will create.

Here is my blk!!!

See, simple!! The owner of the store fought breast cancer a couple years ago, and wants to go back to the basics. And not have a hard blk to create for herself and for us!! It's nice - no applique and fussy stuff, blks I really don't like. These, some of the patterns I could see making a quilt from!! And, I like the easy, quick, part!! I can get it done in the sewing time I have alloted to myself.

And, all my bought fabrics have been washed - so nothing to stop me now from making my guild challange blks!!

See Myra!! Picture!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got the Job!!!

I phoned them, today, about the job - I was supposed to hear from them yesterday, either way. Before I left for work, I had not heard anything. I didn't know what to think. I told myself not to stress about it, and I tried not to, but I certainly was not my usual self. And, it was shocking slow at work!!! Nobody could believe how empty the store was!!! NOTE TO ANYONE WHO SHOPS COSTCO: Go on Family Day!!! Especially after 5 o'clock!! We figure most people thought we would be closed, it was not a normal busy day - and when they realized we were open, that we would have Sunday/holiday hours. Nope. Open our normal store hours. And with door counts of 27, then 17 people around the 6- 7 hours, you know how slow it was!!! So, we got out of there early, and with everything done, and done well!!!

So, today, I got up woundering if somehow I had missed thier call. Sometimes I don't get messages..... but I was not sure. And then I was not sure if I should call - but I have to leave here by 10:30 today to get to work on time and so, I phoned them. And, she was busy, but glad I called and said she was going to phone me later - and that if I was still interested, they would like to hire me. And when I said yes, I was still interested, she said she would let me know the schedual later. So, we hung up and I have a new job. In town. Walking distance. I am not sure exactly how I am feeling!! I have made friends at Costco, people that I enjoy being around, and I am going to miss them. I am not going to miss the job. And I am not going to miss the crazy hours - never knowing week to week what hours I am being booked for. But I am so grateful for them hiring me when they did - they helped me through a tight time, and for that, I so happy to have been a Costco employee. I wounder what this job is going to be like???

Here is what I am up to right now - although, I gave myself a talking to last night, after I had unsewn most of these pieces!! GET TO WORK ON THE GUILD CHALLANGE!!!! So, that is what I will be doing this week instead of this one:
This is another one of Carols challenges!! From Years ago!!! It is a challenge to make a quilt out of the same size rectangle - the whole quilt out of this one shape and the due date is long gone past!!! But, I was going to do it!! And I did - then didn't like what I was creating, so yesterday, I pulled this mess out of the pile I have and layed them out on the design wall, and then spent the rest of the time in my room unsewing them.........
So, now that I am back to basic pieces, I really don't want to have to unsew anymore, I wil figure out what I am going to do with what I have already created. I am working to get my projects FINISHED!!!! And I am tired of all bits and pieces I have. Once I have some $$ together, I will shock my quilter with a huge pile of things she can do when she can, no rush!!! And I will be so happy to have my beautiful projects DONE!!!!
Okay, I have to go get myself ready for work now!!! Oh happy day!!!!!!!!! ((hugs))))

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I bought fabric!!!! I took my big machine in to be fixed - finally - and looked around the store...... I just needed some relaxed time and to explore and see if anything grabs my attention. Well, I wandered the whole store and I found a 1/2 meter batik that I kinda liked..... held it for a minute then put it back, oh look!! A nice orange wool fabric for the snowmens noses!! A PhD wll hanging that has been in hiding for a very long time....... so I held onto that fabric........ and then I finally got to the bin of FQ's. BINGO!!! And I did go back and grab the other 1/2 meter piece and we came home!!

I am still collecting lights and darks of this fabric for a future project - and I know I don't have any oranges or colors like this, I aim to go for the dark's and that is so true because the first ones came in a group setting, and the ones I choose are the dark ones at the end.... the 1/2 meter is the one just before the last orange one.....

Now I will show you the blues I picked up the other day at my BOM class. These are for my guild challange. I like them. I am also on the lookout for a nice border for this project - but I do not have to have it right now.

I stuggle to put pictures on here, I end up loosing them!! It drives me nuts!!! but here I go again......

4 more batiks, that I liked and thought I could add to my collection. Walking into my sewing room a few minutes ago, I should not be adding ato my collection at all!!! I should be doing the many projects I have bought kits for!!!! But they are so pretty!!!!

I am now going to show you the top I have done with the blks I showed you in a earlier post - I have sewn them together, as is and used a dark border to finish it off. I have informed Myra, the PhD leader - that I consider this a 'finish' for the challange. Reason is, I am working to get all my projets to the top stage - get them out of boxes and put together - once as a top, I can take them in to be quilter, since I do not do that myself, yet. So, here is the second Christmas Quilt I have done this year!!! With alot of help from my friends!! These blks came from a swap I did on the HGTV web site with my friend Sandie, and here is the outcome of a swap I actually sewed together!!! (yes, I do have others that are sitting in a box.....)
Ignore the bottom left hand side!!! I didn't realize that was in the picture till I got looked at it, It is fabric I am planning on using in my Piece and Goodwill quilt that I am making with Sandie and Shannon for Shannon's Christmas Blog!! It is from the Nov/Dec issue of Quiltmaker magazine!!

I am using up scraps, and it's a good thing becaue you don't realize how many you have till you find a place to put them!! And I like it - each blk will be different, but I know it will work when it's done. And I already like it - even though I am only 2 blk in and it wants me to make 30. And anything goes here, if it's the right colour, green or red or a nice soft neutral, I cut it up and it's in the pile!! The only thing I am doing is making the right hand side of the pointy green blks a darker green than the left one. And the tips of these blks I am trying to make them have gold in them. But if they don't, it's all good!!!!

Now onto my next fun thing!!! I do not drink alot of things where I have to use a styrofoam cup, but when I do, those things are hot to hold!!! Well, a long time ago, I thought to myself "Self, make one out of fabric and that silver lined batting you use for pot holder!! Keep this sleeve and make yourself a pattern!!!" so, I didn't!!!! I did keep the sleeve though - and I am so glad I did because I found this woman who did exactly what I had planned!!! And these work up really fast and it's also the demo I did at my guild meeting the other night!!! Very quick, VERY easy and I love 'em!!!!!!

And here is one of the 'boxes' I told you about that holds my UFO projects!! I have made these reverable, and please DO NOT TRY TO SEW THROUGH STICKY VELCRO!!!!!!! Your machine will rebel and make your life miserable!!! And if I try it again, remind me that I knew that!!!!! I figure if, and when, the velcro comes off, I will, and can sew it on then, but not before!! I love this. Now, before I loose any more pictures - yup, just had to replace the first one - again!!! I am running away screaming and taking my beautiful daugher to the city for a day out with Mom and for shoes!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I made myself a promise this year, to blog more than I had been, and so , here I am again. I actually took picutes too!! I have them still in my camera, but I have them - missing one though, so I will get that one and then share them with you.

I am just sitting here, nervous. My interview for the job in town is in an hour...... Oh, how I want this job. It' s not even funny how much I want to be in town again. I don't mind the drive to my job now, I use the time to think and dream and just have some me time. What I do mind though, is coming home to a messy house where no one does anything - and if I was in town, that would stop - right now. No complaining alloweed here, so .......

I am nervous. More nervous than I thought I would be. Why??? ahhhhhh....... If I don't get it, it just means that something better is on the agenda, but, in all honesty, I do not want to go back to my 'old' job............ Oh, I don't like that thought. I am grateful for my job, I am glad I have it. I enjoy the people I work with and they like me too. I even went out for coffee after work the other night with a group of them (first time) and I had fun. So, I will keep that thought in my head as I get myself ready and out the door today. My next day off is Wednesday............. And I won't think about that either!!! lol!!

Okay, I am off for an interview for a job I really want to get. My tummy is so tight it's not funny. And I usually don't feel this way. When I first saw the sign about this job, months ago, I got this flood of emotion that said, "This in your job!!" And, it felt so true and right, that I just knew I had it. Now, today, is the day of reality. Will they like me?? Will I honestly have a new job after today???? And when will they let me know????????????? I am going to drive myself crazy here.
Gotta go. Just thought I'd share.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Sunday - Nothing to Report!!

Well, I have finished - gotten to the top stage, so for me, since I do not 'quilt' my projects yet myself, have finished for now, one of my UFO's or PhD's!! It is the blks I had done a swap with - oh boy, a couple years ago now?? Time is just flying by me it seems. Things I think I did about 6 months ago, uh, no, try 2 yrs ago............ But it's all good!!

No picture yet, - I will get one. I have been doing my 20 minutes of sewing a day - it does make a huge difference for me. It makes a dent in the things I want to do, and keeps my thinking and planning. And it's a great way to get myself energized. Either at night when I am tired and just want to go to bed, if I have not done my time, I go in there and sit to do something - cutting, sewing, something that is related to this craft, and I come out, sometimes way past the 20 minutes - but when I do come back out, I feel calmer, happier, and relaxed....... I love this feeling. I do enjoy the gift I have given myself, of sewing for the 20 minutes a day. Sometime, this is all the time I have to give myself, but it's my time and I totally enjoy the whole process!!

Yes, I am actively looking for another job. The other day, a woman came throught the till and we got talking. She was asking why we didn't carry large filter for coffee pots that business' use. I asked here where she worked. And innocent question - so she told me. Then I asked if they were looking for help... not such an innocent question, but it usually makes people laugh, and I like that!! Well, she actually said yes! And, it's at a fitness place - I am not so fit..... told her that! This was all still in fun, the conversation, but at the end of it, she gave me her card, and I told her if she got a resume' that said: presently working at Costco, it's probably mine - she said she would remember me!! lol!! So, yes, I am going to drop off a resume, and even if nothing else, she was fun to talk to and I just might have a place get fit in!!

I also have an interview this Friday for the liquor store. In town, easy to walk to, well, a good walk to keep me fit anyways!!! And I could still use it as my time to listen to motivational CD's on my walkman!! This is how I spend my 2 hour drive to work now, listening to people saying how great it can and will be - so might as well keep that up while I go to my new job!! Positive thinking here!! Yup, I will have a new job soon.

And I still have my resume in a the greenhouse. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do all three jobs??!! I think it would be crazy fun though!! Get my green thumb growing, work out, and have fun there, and then relax and joke with the people coming to get their fix.... hmmmmm

Okay, my stash report is - well, I did use up some for the borders on my top.... let's make it 3/4 of a yard. I used up two pieces to make this border and they were both small pieces.

So my new number for today is - can I have a drum roll please!! - 172 1/4 yards!!!

My goal, I guess is to use up what I have counted so next year, I can start from zero and go down from there!!! It is actually fun for me to use up what I have - especially since I only bought things that caught my eye, and mostly FQ's!! Not to many large pieces of fabric in my stash - mostly fun things, novelty prints. When it comes to borders and the like, backings - I realize that I need to rethink my buying habit, so I have started to buy larger pieces!

Okay, I need to get myself out the door for another 8 hr day a this job that I love, yeah, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job..... I am blessed to have this job. And that last one, I do mean. So, have a great Sunday, and Sew to your Hearts content!!!!