Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Quilt Show!

Okay, here are the rest of the pics I took - oh so long ago!! I have been spending alot of time in the great outdoors, and have only come in when I've had too. I got an email from a friend asking if I'm okay??? So, I thought I would come and let you all know I am just being out in the sun as much as I can - and it's will be time soon where it will be to cold to be out there laying around or playing in the flowers, so don't worry 'bout me. I am just enjoying the season!!

Here is some insperation if, like me, you have not been sewing!!

This is a memory quilt -
I have the story below the quilt. what do with jerseys??
Here's an idea:

Love these humming birds - we might do a colorwash class this year in my guild. Beautiful!!
Above is the quilt, the next one shows the matching pillow!!

Like I said, I have not been in my sewing room - so Shannon, I have not moved much on the Mystery quilt we are both supposed to
be working on..... I will get at it if it keeps being cool outside, and after reading what you've done, I am way behind!!!! lol!!! Here is to beautiful days, ripe tomatoes!! I have alread eaten 3 ripe yellow tomaotoes off the plant I won this spring, oh it's sooooooo good to eat off the vine tomatoes!! I didn't even make 'em into a sandwich, I just cut them up and savored them!!!
Have a great week!! ~ I sure hope too!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Okay, what is on my wall. Well, the same as last week - I am working on my 49 friendship stars for the end of the Plantet Patchwork BOM that I have been working on this year, that I collected the pages for a couple years ago. This is the year for me to do this project and I've named it "Twilight". I am at the end of the blk making for this quilt - these stars are the last to be done. And, I am happy to say, they are almost finished!!!

Also on my wall is the start of Bonnie's mystery that you can find in the quiltmakers magazine, with two more steps to be coming out!! I have not gotten very far, so Shannon, you are probably way ahead of me!!! I want this out of Christmassy fabrics, and I just have not found my stash of them yet. Okay, I'll be honest, I have not gone looking for them yet!!!

I am going to be enjoying this project - I just want to get this top, Twilight, and the Goose blks one done first.

I am so tired of jumping from project to project - I am working really hard at staying consistant in working on one project at a time, even if that means doing the project in baby steps, like the "Twilight" quilt and the "Goose blks" one. there is nothing wrong with doing 4 or 5 projects at at time, as long as you stay focused and work on the projects - consistantly!! And I have been this year. And it works!!

These are the rest of the friendship stars - proof that I am working on them!!! And by this time next week, I am hoping "Twilight" will all be sewn together as a top, and you will see the Goose blks (with the Bonnie Hunter Quiltmaker mystery being my leaders/enders, so it will be getting worked on at the same time!!) on my design wall for next Monday - July 20th!!
So, Goal for this week:
- Twilight sewn together as a top.
- red border on Goose top + fabrics all washed and ready for step 6
- 2" strips/squares cut for Bonnie's mystery - leader/enders
- Great suppers & lunches planned and made so I have time to read and sew!!
- Enjoy the great outdoors!!!!! Oh yeah!! Sunshine!! Bring it on!!!!
And with that, I will let you go and explore what others have on their design walls. And I am coming to see yours!! ;-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stash Busting week 27

Report time!!
Stash - 179 1/2 yrds
Old Stash counted - (will I ever get back to counting it!!!) lol! - 0
Fabric added - 1 1/4 yrd (friend gave me halloween stuff she didn't want!)
F.A.Y.T.D. - 19 1/4 yrds
Fab. used. - still at zero. I will have some numbers to show really soon though...
(yeah, and free beer tomorrow at your favorite pub!!!)

and my new stash total is as of today!!! drum roll please!!! 180 3/4 yrds!!!!

And here is the Halloween fabric she gave me!! I think a pillow case would work - or even another fabric bowl!! the only bowl I made (and loved doing it!! is out of halloween stuff!!!

And here are the last two big "Twilight" blks!! this project is on it's last legs!! I could start to put it together now - I still have those little friendship stars to do, but I have enough to at least start..... but I will make more, then start to put it up on the wall!!! I am so bloody excited to be getting to the end of these projects I have bee doing in bits and peices!!! that 20 min a day sewing is HUGE!! for me!!! Even on the days that I can only get that much time to sew, it really helps - like these blks - it was 3 days to do it, but I did it and that is what counts!! Here they are:

I thought that I would like the blue/purple pink the best, but you know what, I like the green and pink a bit more!!! I think because the blue blends into the background, kinda fades a bit (but I do like that effect too - especially when everyone is up and together......) the pink just pops off the blk!!

Ahhh, they are done!!! YEAH!!!!

Next I am going to show you the start to the Bonnie Hunter mystery in the Quiltmakers magazine. With two of my work-as-you-go projects now amost done, I had to fill in the empty spaces.....lol!!

I have used up all my leader/enders just before this project came out!! And I do want it done in Christmas stuff - and looking at this bright/dull.... I have my doubts... but, I am not going to question it!! It's a mystery, and it will be just fine!!! And fun to do, so once I get more blks made up to sew together, it won't look so - weird I guess......

Onto the Quilt Show!!!

this is my friends quilt - she is a brand new quilter - and she is sewing up a storm!! Always asking us to do classes and loves the whole process. She actually quilted this one herself!!!! she is having a blast with her new 'hobby'!! Obsession is more like it, but it has helped her kick the smoking habit!! So hey, whatever it takes - go Girl!!!!

Bargello is on my list to do - and I will!!! I love 'em. A heart one though??? I am not sure. It sure is pretty though, and I do like it...... I just don't know. but I love 'em!!!!

This quilt just took my breath away, and I told the lady who made it, if she was ever going to consider getting rid of it, please think of me!! Beautiful!! And all made out of batik leader and enders!!! Absoulty gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

And this one hung on the back wall, center under a basketball hooo!!! It was a nice 'picture' to have hanging on the wall!!!

For a group of 15-20 people, and not everyone 'helped' - it was a very succeful show. Everyone has such a differnt eye, such diverse skills and such beauty. I didn't pick and choose my pics, I just walked down the line's and took a pic of each one as I passed, thinking I would be getting them all. Some of the ones I didn't get were stunning. And some just cute for the size of them!!! I loved being there all three days, and the people were so nice - from all over!!! Great time.

I have more pics for later!!! Stay tuned!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Quilt Show is Over!!

I have been missing I see!! I didn't realize it had been so long till I looked at the date and went "oh!"!! Well, it's been an eventful week. My guild has just finished our first quilt show!! This was something I was not really interested in doing, so I didn't do anything for it - but, I am not going to be such a spoiled sport next time - and if your group of people are doing something - get in there and help!!! ;-)!!

I am going to show you some pics of the show. This in only a few - we had almost 200 quilts and I only got about 35 pics - so some of the ones I really liked I thought I would get after the place emptied. I thought the clean up was tomorrow!! That's what happens when you are not helping!!!! So, as soon as it was over, the quilts started to come down!! My fault - so it's kinds funny, but here are some of the show and I will show some more tomorrow!!!

This is a Stacked Posie Quilt.

It was made out of roost fabric!! Here is
a close up of one of the blks!!! To much fun!!!

These are the "Fun and Done" pattern.

Same pattern, but they look so differnt!!

And this was made with a cross stich saying on the top. I like it. So, I did a close up of the saying!

And with that, I am off to do my 20 minute of sewing!! I am only 27 days behind, so I am trying to stay current and then do some catch up !! I figure - new month, get back in the habit of the 20 minutes of sewing!! Consistancy is key. When I look at all the tops I've got completed, I am amazed!!! WOW!! Really???? Get back in that room and sew girl!!! Next year is finisishing!!! I have a quilt show to prepare for!!!!!!

(and boy do I have project ideas for that!!!!! uh 0h!! I thought I started alot of things before!!! Wait till I see how many I finish!!!! yeeee haw!!!!!!! I am going to haveing some fun now!! - OH!!! I didn't tell you! ;-( I was doing my 20 minutes of sewing the other day - turned on my machine and put my foot on the pedal....... it made about 3 stiches, then this AWFUL grinding noise and - it shut itself off!!!!!!! I can not get it to turn back on, it's dead!!! I just sat there for a minute, collecting my thoughts and went 'hmmmm.....' It is going into the Dr. on Monday and I won't have it back for a couple of weeks I am told. The fixer-upper-guy thinks I just blew a fuse, but it was sure a shock!!!! So, I am working on my baby machine - Janome Gem - the one I take to classes till I get the ol' girl back.

So that been my weeks off!! lol!! I will post more pics tomorrow!! night!!