Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines day and PhD on wall.......

Well, I am thinking Valentines today, and Martha Stewart sent me some info on making stuff for it today!!! Cards!! Lots of different cards - and that just might be fun to do!!!

And, I pulled off the D9P from my design wall, and pulled out a PhD today - one that is not on my list, but one that I want to do. I was in a swap a few years ago now, and I have the blks on there, roughly, and am deciding what I want to do with them. So far, I am thinking of a sashing between them - but the fabric I have that I liked as the break up fabric, well, I do not have very much of it.... Looks like I need to do a little shopping here!!!

It feels good to be working on something, other than the bit's and pieces I have been doing. My leader/enders have turned into my 20 min sewing projects, which defeats the whole purpose it them!!!!! So, I thought to myself "self - get out a UFO and get to work on it!! You told yourself that you wanted to get through 2 a month - AND - you joined Myra's PhD challenge and here you are piddling around with nothing to show for it!!!!", so I listened to me, and I have a project up to be worked on.........

With tons more waiting to be shown the light of day.............

And I possibly have tomorrow off so......... besides doing something with the hamburger I bought yesterday, I will be sewing.
This is not a great picture of the fabric, but what I like about it is, it's got a dark background with gold through it - I am thinking the blackness of it will calm the blks down. I was thinking of putting them into sets of 4, with sashing all around them and a gold cornerstone in each corner....... Am I getting my quilty terms right!?!?! I love when I call what I think is the right word for it, and it's just so not what I am talking about! ah well. I am off to work now - enough with my creative thinking and contemplating for today. Back to packing groceries into boxes for people and just have some fun..... yeah!! Hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to work I go..........

Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! - Jan 25

Well, nothing has changed on my wall - except I have a couple more of my blue box bocks on it - but I have not updated my picture.

This is still what it looks like today. I have been cutting and doing a little sewing, which I still need to get to today. I have stayed home from work the last two days, and don't want to go in today, but I will......... Saterday on my way in, I decided instead to spend a bit of time stuck in the ditch in a snowbank instead!!! So, I didn't go in that day!! I was having fun stuck there!! I was shocked when I realized my car was doing all kinds of funky things on the road - very unexpectedly, and no, I was not driving real fast!!! I did make one big mistake and as soon as I did it, I knew I was in trouble!!! Do not put your foot on the brake!!! I hope I remember that, if I ever get in that situation again!!! lol!! But I was fine. Lots of people drive down that road, I was surprised - so I met alot of really nice people!! And I had already phoned for help to come, so I was not there long. I could have made it to work, would have been a little late, but, eh, I went home instead. And yesterday, I just wanted to be home with my kids. So, I stayed here..... This is not who I am at all. When I have a job, I am there - but even my gut is telling me not to go.... Did I tell you about the dream I had (felt like all night long????) right before the new year?? This little guy, I don't know who he was, told me "Do not to go in tomorrow, or Thursday, and he wanted me to take Saterday off too. " Of course, Friday was New Years Day, and the store was closed. Well, I woke up, laughed at the this crazy dream and went to work. Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday though, I had a sore throat, which kept feeling worse as the day wore on. I spent New Years Day, sick on the couch, and had no choice but not go in on Saterday, was to sick. So, even my dreams are trying to keep me home!!!!

Yesterday, I got to eat with my kids!!!!! Yeah!!! I made spinach maincotti and veggies - it was good!!! Tonight, I have a Spinach Lasagne in the fridge ready for them to pop in the oven and cook for tonights meal, and I have plans for tomorrows dinner too. If I can't be here, at least I can cook for them. I really am missing being home. So much that I am even cleaning things, just so I can feel good about not going in to work. Can not think of a reason to stay home today....... so I am going in. Funny, but I don't mind the drive to work. It's just - I want a job that fills my soul with joy. And this is not it.

Have a great Monday. Oh, and yes, a job can fill you up with happiness. I have had that type of situation twice now, and I know it will come again. today would be nice.........lol!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stashbusting!! Still at 160 yrds!

Here are some of my project half done - that I do not have writtin on my PHD challange list!!
Oh - yes I do, this one with the flowers!! This is "G's Quilt" and it 's on there. The others, not on there, but need to be done. I was told a blog should have photo's.... so here these are at the 1/2 done stage!!!! And no, I have not been working on them, but they have been on my mind.......

I have been sewing, did not buy anthing this week, but have no changes to report.

I shouldn't say I've been 'sewing' - I have actually been cutting and that takes alot of time!!! I am creating a kit of pieces for my guild challange - so I now have 3 bags with 3 bags each of the pieces needed for the 3 different blks that the quilt is asking for. And, since I have changed the last row to be 1/4" wider to help with the squaring up of blks (which I am not not enjoying doing!!!) the one thing I didn't think of is: I need to make the last row 1/4" longer!!!!! So the last two pieces that I need to cut for each blk, has to have 1/4" added to it's lenghth. Then, they will all fit together nicely!!! I respect and admire any designers who can make the pieces for a quilt go together smoothly!!! I bow down to you!!!! And I thank-you all from the bottom of my heart!!! There are a few designers that I don't even have to think when I use their instuctions, and after just doing a slight 1/4 change on this pattern, what a difference that little change makes to the whole outcome!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! - Jan 18

Well, not very exciting stuff on my 'wall' of indecision, but I have up there a "PhD" - my D9P. It is not what I want it to be.... I do not want a square throw!!! Has to be rectangular - but my stuggle is, how to make it so....... I have some ideas, but I am not sure yet what I'll do. I also have my guild challange square blks up there, just 'cause.

I am working on them, in the sense that I am cutting out fabrics for it, but not sewing right now. I have made on change to my pattern - the last row of every blk is now being cut an extra 1/4" so I have some room for squaring them up the right size when a blk is sewn. My first two are just squeaking by, and I want some wiggle room!!
So, I am doing great at keeping up with my 20 minutes of sewing a day - and am getting caught up with the days I've missed too!!! Still working on last year, but I am into Dec. now!!! I am working and still keeping up with things I want to do too!!! Except movies...... I want to go to the movies, but work is interfering with that!!!!! lol!!
Daughter graduates this year. We have bought the 'dress' - and now, right now I mean, I have her talking behind me about buying a car....oh my!!! Constant chatter back there behind me, and it's funny to listen to. Trying to figure out what kind she wants, what's good on gas, she likes yellow (my least favorite colour!! Especially in a car!!!!), and she would rather buy it from a dealership, a 'good' dealership!!!
But I do agree, she needs a car. With me gone all the time working, and we share my car..... she is stuck here unless someone else can give her a ride to where she wants to go so..... I do understand her desire for a car. I just can't help her with it. This will be her bill, and it's not like she's got the money either. Then insurance for her. Another reason for wanting to have a job closer to town. Save us both some money.
Job wise - this is interesting: I have put my name in the hat to work in the Costco greenhouse. And I have my name at the greenhouse close to town. I would really enjoy working with plants and be outside for the summer months!!! I love it outside, so I am really hoping this will pan out for me.
I have my resume in my vehicle now, at all times, so if I come across a place that interests me and I think I might want to work there, I am ready to apply!!!
I am going to find a job I love. Where work in play, and the hours are never long. And since I have had jobs like this before, I know I will find another one!!!
See you next Monday!!! Stay sewing and lets get this done!!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stash Busting - 160 yrds!

I have made changes!!

I used about 14 yrds to make Christmas lights, and then I went and bought 4 FQ's!

So, my stash is now standing at about 160 yrds.........

I will work on more projects and get my numbers down - it will be interesting to see how much space I can create this year in my little room. How many projects will come out of hiding and start haning around, either as quilts or wall haninging. OH, fabric bowls too!! I like them!!

See you next sunday!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Wall!

I finished the border on my Christmas Lights!!

It looks really good - so off to the quilter it will go!!

On my wall today is my guild challange: A one colour quilt, your choice of size and pattern. Me, I want a throw - and out of blue. So this is the start of it. It is due in June - completly finished. I have a challange in front of me, and I have taken it!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash Busting - still 173 yrds

I have not changed my numbers, but I have sewn!! Everyday! So, I am making dents in my stash, still using up scraps. I love my scraps.

I started my guild challenge of a one colour quilt last night. It will be more labour intensive than I first thought........ But so worth it!!!! I have only done two blocks - but I like them.

I will do my border today, finally, on Christmas Lights and show my blue blocks tomorrow!!

(my daughter wants to go to the city - so that is where I am off to today........ this cuts into my sewing time big time!!!!)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Night

I woke up this morning with the list I had created last night of things I wanted done on my day off. One was getting all the info on my blog about the PhD challenge. Took a bit of time, but I did it!!! Along with my short list of things on the go - and I was quite pleased that my morning had been productive. I was having my late breakfast, ready to go into my sewing room and work on my last border, when the phone rang.....

Yup, I got a call asking if I wanted to come in to work....... Uh 'no thank-you' but..... I went.
5 hr shift, which is 7 hrs for me - and now that I am home, I am tired. I've been home almost 2 hrs. Had supper. Came on here to see if anything is new, and now, I need to get the energy to go and sew. If not sew, iron the red material. That is half the battle. This was written in my day timer a week or so ago, that today would be the day the borders were done on this quilt. I do not want to dissapoint myself. I also do not want to be making mistakes. I work tomorrow and Saturday. My next day off is Sunday. I do not want to wait that long. Sunday, I want to be working on something else..... but which one to pick first....... hmmmm

Have you head about Judy L's 'Quiltathon'?? It's next weekend, Jan 16 - 17th, and I get to work it!! But, I thought - "Hey, this would be a great way to make a dent in the PhD challenge!!!"

Here is to making our plans work and our dreams come true! One I wake up, I am all over it!!!

I have to go iron some fabric - I really want to see the red border on the top!!!!

Do you think I need to worry about that wrinkle in the corner there??? Or will the quilting 'iron' it out???

I didn't know which picture I liked better, so I used both of them. And the next one is the corner, up close and personal!!
I should just go grab a book and have a bath.
That would be nice. And then sleep....
It's almost done. I like it.

I am Commited to doing my PhD's!!!

So, here is my proof that I have publicly announce that - I am finishing projects that I have started. I said I would do '10'. And, last night after pulling out my list of things on the go, I took these projects off my list I made as I was heading into 2009. This means that these projecs are now a year older than they were last year when I wanted them done!!!!!

I honestly believe it is time to put these puppies to bed.

I will have them listed on my side bar.

This is only a few I picked from my list. Ones that I think I can get done in the 6month time frame with work and everything else as a consideration. But, I have the time - we all do - it's just using the time to our advantage. Some people blow me away with what they get done in a 24 hr. period. So, what's stopping me from doing the same????? Just me. Habits. With this challenge, I am going to be changing habits - for the better!!

One of my 'life changing habits" I am changing is: I finish everything I start. I do not leave it - for years!!!!!! It's amazing how long some of these things have been waiting for my attention again. And I wanted to do these - make them for my walls, and I start with high hopes, then, I stop..........

No more. I am on a roll. Today, I will have the red border on my Christmas lights. Binding will be cut now, so it's ready and waiting for it's time to be used. And I am going to contact my quilter and see if she can take this in, and I am on finishing streak!!!! Granted, I am still at the starting gate, but at least I am heading in the right direction!!!

Come join the challange. And if I did this all right - Thanks Myra!!! - you will get taken to our fearless leader's blog and let her know you want in!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PhD's - look out!!!

Well, Myra, I am in........

I have a very large colletion of PhD's - Projects half Done. Or the flying saucer things - UFO's but my UFO's are just hovering and not doing anything exciting, so, it's time (has been for a long time now!!) to get these DONE!! Finished. Complete. Make room for something else.

It's amazing to me how I can keep moving on from one project to another and not even think twice. These undone projects take up alot space in my room. And really helps with the mess I posted already this year. I am publicly commiting myself to getting these done.
On my list I started to create as '09 was ending of things I would like to see myself doing this year - 2 of these projects a month is #4 - Finish Phd's!!!! At least "2" a month.

Okay, I am going public with my goal! I am now accountable to others. I am going to be making my side bar list later on today, or tomorrow. And figuring out how to get the link to Myra's blog..... Right now, I have a border to put on my Christmas Lights, and make sure I am ready to go to work by 2.
I was woken up this morning earlier than I wanted to be, so that is not a good thing. I am ready for a nap, but don't have the time if I want to get my sewing done. And, since I wanted the border done by tomorrow, I have to get the 2nd one today, so tomorrow I can get on the third!! Yeah!!! And make the binding for this project and I am ready to move on to the next best thing - getting my projects that have been waiting a long time, done. PLUS - I have moncromatic quilt that I have to have done, complete, finished, by my guilds wind up meeting in June of this year!!!

so, I have definite plans and goals to work on this year!!! thanks Myra for the push!!!

(I will be working on this page later with what need to be included here!!)

Monday, January 4, 2010

first Design Wall post for 2010!!

Christmas Lights - is on my design wall. Still waiting for the next two borders....

My one daughter keeps looking at this quilt...... hmmmm, could this be her's????

Till next week, and a new picture!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - Jan 3 - 173 yrds

Well, it's been awhile since I've thought about this part of my 'hobby'. Stash Reports.

Last year, I was going to figure out how much fabric I have. I counted alot of it, but I also left a fair bit uncounted. It's going to stay that way. So, my numbers are going to work for me - I am starting 'fresh' with the number I had as my total last time I did this, and it will change as I finish things, so can count that fabric as used, and if I buy anything to add to the pile.....

My stash stands at: 173 yrds
nothing in and nothing out

And that is where I will start the year at. Here is to finishing everything I have started.

And yes, I started a new thing yesterday..... "Piece & Goodwill" from the Quiltmaker magazine #130. I was just going through my stash looking for the scraps I could use in this - reds, greens and neutrals. Then, I put them all into seperated bags... Then thought, why not cut some pieces, while you are not feeling good and are just watching TV anyway, so I did....... then I got up yesterday morning and found more little scraps I could cut from all three bags...... then, well, how hard is it to do that square piece on the green rectangle?? Do I have to mark every square so it lines up right on the rectange and will work like it's supposed to??? Had to check out my skill, so, now, I have actually started working on this project!! I am still going to be doing it as leader/enders, but I am having fun with it right now.

Yes, the Christmas Lights is still waiting for border #2, I have them cut and waiting. Border fabric #3 is still waiting to be ironed!

I love to sew little pieces of fabric together. I really enjoy that. Cutting out and working with large pieces of material.... not so much!! But borders have to be cut and sewn on too, so it will be done!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Janurary 1 - Great day for a year to start!!

I just got Ami Simms newsletter and this was found in it!! Do you have your New Years Resolution yet?? This will help: http://moninavelarde.com/newyears/ Have some fun!!

Well, I am a little frustrated with myself right now. Reading Shannon's blog the other day, the Christmas one, I realized, the block she shows, I have the pattern!!!! (this is not a good thing!!!!) So, yesterday I thought I would spend today, in my sewing room....

'Planning' and 'Doing' here are two seperate things. I am getting better at doing my plans, but it still needs some work. Anyway, I got into my room and - I am a junk collector!!!! Realization hit me today. I am a pack rat, a horder, a messy person!!!!! And people call me organized!! If they only knew.....
This is my 'organized closet. When you can see it, ahem, it's a nice system.....

This is the mess I walk by to get to my sewing table. It is between my table and the closet....... Most of this was out in the hall, but my daughter finally made a comment about it one day, it being outside of her door and all, that I brought in here..... where there was no room for it...... I am a pack rat!!!!! Because I still feel I need to keep it all!!!! This, the bins on the front is my cross stich stuff - and yes, I still do it. So, I don't think I should get rid of it, but I also don't think my family should have to be subjected to my hobbies either......

This is what is after the cross stich bins, it's another pile of 'things on the go' that, I honesly do not want .......ahhhhh!!!!!...... to have my room like this anymore - ever again, or even - how did I let it get to this point in the first place??????

And here is where I sew. When I got in here this morning, it was covered with papers, patterns, books, anything that I didn't have a spot to put it, so I put it on this table...... I couldn't put the books away because of the mess between the closet and the table....... Never again. NEVER. I will get my room to work for me. I will sew and create and make this room beautiful.

I just created a 'Goals' list on my side bar. Now, you can see what is on my mind and remind me if you see something on there to long. Sometimes I need a push. Or a shove. Or even my head in a toilet to see that I am not doing things right!!!!! No sense having a plan if you don't follow it! Then it's just another list of thing that I guess just don't matter... but they do!!!

I was looking for reds and greens for the blk. shown on Shannon's blog so I can make one along with her. Well, what I found was that I had more than one container that is holding scraps!!!!!! Tiny, itty bitty scraps to almost fat quarter size - in the same container!!! Not organzied by color, heaven's no!!! Just thrown in a pile...... This is the last time. No more. If I don't need it, it's gone. Like, hello!?! Toss it for crying out loud!!!!! I will not use it - I know I won't. So why is it still here?????? So, while I sorted through all my mis. boxes of scraps (they were everywhere!!) I have a very nice pile of reds, greens and neutral fabric - scraps!! that I will use to make this blk. All 30 of them!!! They are all in seperate bags, and cutting out scraps for this quilt is going to take some time....... but, I am making this top - and not having to purchase anything for it. It will be done. I am not in a hurry though. I am going to be making it while I work on my other projects. All the pieces for this Christmas quilt, can be made as leader/enders while I finish my other projects. Two quilts at once. I just have to do the tedious cutting of the small scraps to make this work. I will love to do it.
What I am going to love more though, is watching my mess turn into a quilt. Turn into a great place to be creative, and to watch me finish what I start. This is a great way to start a great year!!!!

I love leaders/enders. When I am doing a project, I will get my fabrics for it, and then, put the leftovers where I will then make leader/enders cuts out of it. And, big huge - AND - it will be sorted and stored and USED!!!!!!

Going through this mess, guess who found projects hidden under the mess?! I am so not happy with me right now!!! I didn't realize how bad I had let it go. Now I know, now I will do better.

Resulutions??? Yes. Clean up my act is one. Be the organized person I know I can be. It will make working on my projects so much nicer - easier too. I won't 'loose' the project I 'knew was right here'.

I am finishing PhD's this year. (Projects half Done) I have a ton. Goal: one a month minimum.

Get rid of things I won't do - like that mystery flannel quilt........ it's been hanging around for a long time now........ long time!!!! Surprised it hasn't grown legs yet and left on it's own!!!! (and that itty bitty voice is telling me "oh!! No!!! it's going to be great when you go camping though!!) Uh, little voice - when is the last time I went camping????? I am doing something with it, even take it to the guild and say 'who wants it??"
And I am going to my guild meeting again. Since I started work, i have missed them all. Not a good thing. Here is to a super fantastic new year!!! May all our dreams come true!!