Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stash Report week 5

Okay - time to pay the piper!! (if I ever get this math figured out...... it will come - it has to!!)

Stash - 74 1/2 yrds
Old Stash now counted - 10 5/6 yrd

Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Added Year to Date - 7 1/2 yrd

Fabric Used this week - 4 yrd
Fabric Used so far this year - 10 3/4 yrds

Total Stash Count - 81 1/3 yrds

And here is my version of 'Strip Twist'.

This is with the black moon border - it's a 5" border. The purple stars is 3"

Here it is without the black border added to is:

Two quilt tops done in Janary. That is good for me!! this 20 min a day is a great thing!!!
(Especially when other people make dinner!!!) Okay - Happy Stash Busing for Feb!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Wounderful Day of Sewing!!

This has been a great day of learning!! (I hope!)

I asked my DD to help me figure out this blog stuff - and even though she grumbled about it, she did help!! One of the things that frustrated me was trying to put pic. on here - only being able to put one on and then it would only stay at the top!! NOT what I wanted!! So, lets see if I really did learn something......

I am working on the Strip Twist from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!! Here is what I have done so far: This is how I thought you put the blks together...

Well, it' s not!! I liked it, but it's not quite what the pattern says to do!! So, I layed out my blks again:And this is how they are supposed to go together!!

So, once I got the blks layed out right, I got to sewing and this is how they will look when done!

The blks are all done, but supper called and I have to finish ironing them, then I have to sew everything together and then two borders - which I have the material for already!! I have almost completed two - cout them!! TWO quilt tops for the month of January!!! Me, who all of last year, didn't come close to finishing anything!!! I am doing good. And I will learn this blogging thing!!
Here is another thing I am working on. I used to do alot of cross stich, and these are going to be ornaments for the christmas tree. This is how far I have gotten with them, next is to cut them out and sew 'em together. Here is my girls Snowmen Ornaments!!

Okay. I am done for tonight!! That Strip Twist is an easy, very fun and quick pattern to do!!

I am thinking of other way to put it together - Christmas fabrics is one way that has crossed my mind! Any type of jelly roll would be great!! I was never one to really look at those pkgs - well, I am going to be looking at them with a new eye!!!

The reason I did the twist with the alien fabric is a friend gave me a jelly roll of this fabric and I couldn't figure out which pattern to use it for. None of the ones I saw seemed right. When I saw this one yesterday, I pulled it out and started sewing!! It's a great pattern!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here is a Lasagne recipe!

I was trying to get this web page put on here - someday this is going to just be easy. Right now, it's a stuggle and I just go ahhhhhh!!

Anyway, this link is for a lasagne that I made the other day, and really liked!! It used turkey sausage (which I didn't know was out there!!) plus ground turkey, which I love. If you like lasagne, you migh like this recipe!

Enjoy! And this is what I was trying to do, when I could get back onto my post to change anything or add to it!!! Why have an 'edit' when all the choice I got was delete or post!!

Like I said, one day I will 'get it' right now, I just get lost!!!

Have a great day and enjoy the recipe if you try it!!

Finished Step One!

Today, I have finished 'Step 1' of Bonnie's mystery!! then searched for step 2!! I finally realized I had put it with the fabric I have ready to use for this project!! So, step 2 is like step one, only not so much thinking, just mindless sewing and cutting till your done....... And I am thinking I will look for the ruler she talks about - hmmmm, we will see......

Today I asked a friend if - not right now!!- if she would teach me to long arm quilt???? She said maybe in July. That might be enough time for me to be comfortable with this idea. I have never looked at a quilt top, piece of fabric and 'seen' what you could do with it, quilting wise. I don't see 'flowers', 'stars' - 'feathers' there and 'loop-de-loops' there and ...... I just don't see the quilting that could be done on things......... I am a piecer. I love to sew those little pieces togerther - and with my January Sunshine, sitting on the design wall, and as my screen saver, I am thinking - 'quilt in the ditch'........ how exciting, but I can do that!!! So, I might learn to quilt.

So, I am starting out this week on track. I got caught up on my 20 min. that I was so behind on yesterday, and today, I did it when I was supposed to - so I am caught up!! And you know what?? That small amount of time, really makes a differnce. It is amazing what you can get done in 20 minutes. And if you have the time, you don't have to stop.......

I am watched the new show "Being Erica" tonight. I like it. I have watched it with the question in the back of my mind, if I could have a 'do-over' what would I choose to re-live??? What would I like to do again, with today's knowledge and wisdom.....I hope it's wisdom!!!! lol!! I do enjoy it though.

"House" too. "Big Bang Theroy" and "Two and a Half Men" + "Medium" round up my Monday nights. Me who likes to say I don't watch that much TV...... OH! Did you know medium is based on a real woman - who is just like the character on the show???? I just found that out! Now, I like the show even more....... I could not imagine having that skill/gift, however you want to view it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stash Report week 4

Stash - 63 3/4 yrds
old Stash now counted - 11 3/4 yrds

Fabrics Added this week - 0
Fabrics Added year to date - 7 1/2 yrds

Fabrics Used this week - 0
Fabrics Used year to date - (not sure yet!!)

Stash Total - 74 1/2 yrds

No, this is still not my total stash - still have more to count. The old stash now counted # is the flannel backing that I bought this summer, and I have not cut it yet for the January Sunshine thow. But at least I know how much I have.

Judy was saying/asking why we are stash busting? And to not do it for the wrong reasons.

Well, I am doing it to stop myself from buying things I see and like, without thinking of all that I have at home waiting........ They were all "have to have's" too, when they came home with me.... and now they are dust collecting, "someday's". And they are not cheap either. I have spent good money on these projects/fabrics - I am going to spend this year finally realizing how much I have and get my 40 + UFO's onto the "DONE!!" pile.

I know for some of you my 100 or so yards is not alot..... and looking at pics of some people's stashes and collections, it's not. But for me, it's huge. And if it doesn't get used, it's a waste of space, of money, of my time - so why have it????

My goal this year, is to use what I have - and enjoy the process. Am I going to stop myself from buying? No, look at the fabric I have already bought - but, I am going to watch myself and not buy just because. I have projects ready in bags for me to create them and bring them to life. I am going to 'shop' there first - and thanks Judy for holding my hand! ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday!! Again!!!!

It is cold in my neck of the woods - started out cold (-24* c ) and it's only going down from there. But next week, Monday is the start, it's supposed to warm up. Still in the negative numbers, but at least not this cold!!!

I did not like the manicotti recipe I made up just after Christmas. Just was not to my liking, so I have to try another one!! We had that for dinner last night. It was okay, but not a 'make again'.

I have sewn today!!! I am 8 days behind in my new rule of 'sew 20 mins a day'!!! that's not right!!!!

I am still on step one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt (which isn't a mystery anymore!!). I am hoping to be done with step one today, then I can read #2. This is how I am keeping it a 'mystery' for me!!

And the blk above, it's going into a future project - OBW wall hanging. (one block wounder). I love the cubes in the One Blk Wounder books - and this is one I made to practice the how to's of it. And it's probably going to be used, when I get to that future project.

I really enjoyed the OBW process!!! Mindless sewing. I have enought blks made to make a queens size bed - for me. And that is another UFO of mine, waiting to be pulled out and finished. And when I have figured out how to post a pic. that doesn't land at the top of this page, I will show you my OBW blk(s)!!
Okay, I have to get back at it - need to do some measureing of my flannel fabric to - and get that cut for the backing of my January Sunshine couch throw. I am looking forward to having that to curl under!!
I hope you are still working on your new years resolutions!! Every little bit of effort will pay off - and if you get behind, pick yourself up and just get back to it!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Meals Ahead

Well, yesterday and today, I have been making things for my freezer. Today, I made Porcupine Meatballs - which we will have some for supper tonight. And yesterday, I made "Rainy Day Chicken", "Sweet Soy Marinade Chicken", "Mexican chicken Lasange", "Cranberry Chicken", "Turkey Balls", and a "Taco Pie". The Taco Pie, I also made one for dinner last night and it was good!! I was thinking of ordering out for pizza (I had been on my feet all day and was feeling tired and hungry) when I laughed at myself! Uh, you have a fridge full of food, and your thinking of ordering out????? Uh, no your not. So, I grabbed one of my freezer books and found the taco pie. As I was making it (for supper) I thought, do I have the stuff to make one for the freezer too??? and I did!!! So, one for supper, the other got froze!

All the above, I have not made or tried before. So, these will all be new to me - well, us, when I pull them out and use them.

I went to Costco the other day and bought myself work. I bought a pkg of chick. breasts and a pkg of chick. boneless thighs. I also bought ground turkey, which I love!! I use it where I would use hamburger, so it's a nice change. And I got myself a pk of hamburger. So that made up the taco pie and the meatballs today.

I love having ready made meals in the freezer. I love it! Yes, it takes time to make them up, and some people say it's not cheaper (I think it is...) but I also do not make them up because of money. I make it up for the convenence and the fact that it's saves so much time it's not funny.

Think about it. You spend about an hour, fixing the evening meal...... or more. When you spend a weekend - or a day - making up things for the freezer (and make up more than one recipe of what ever you are doing!! that makes a huge differnce. Yesterday, I only made up one at a time....... Next time, they will be doubled or done by 4....) You will have spent the same amount of time making up your recipe, but you will have 2 (or more) to show for the time. And that is a huge time saver!!! When you are making up something for supper that night, there is no prep time involved, besides turning on the oven. Pop it in and in an hour, it's done. This means, you have more time to sew (which I have not done at all this week.........)

I love freezer meals. The only thing for me that I have a problem with is using them....... I don't like to eat the same things over and over and over and.... you get the drift!!! But right now I have a couple lasanges in there and turkey manicotti's, which I am eating on Thursday!!! I made them from the leftover turkey meat at Christmas. And I am thinking of cooking a turkey once a month just for the meat. I use it where I would use cooked chicken, and it's very handy to have on hand!

I am reading a book called "Power vs Force"..... it's not an easy read... but I am going to keep on with it. Another thing I want to accompish this year, is finishing the books I start - I read about 1/2 then something else catches my eye and I start on that before I am done the first one!!! I keep reading the first, but I want to just get into a book and read it, without distractions till the end. And I have been doing some crosss stich....... was only supposed to be on Sundays (till I got the ornaments done) but I have been working on it through the week.

I am still feeling like I've been hit by a tuck, but I am just going to keep on keeping on and get the stuff I need/planned to do, done. Okay, right now I should be doing the dishes, and look at another recipe that caught my eye earlier and then see if I can make it up. OH!! And it's almost time for dinner!!!
Wednesday. I really need to make me go sew. I am so behind!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Report!

My Stash Total - 64 3/4 yards

And no, this is not my 'total' stash!! It is just what I have counted so far. I do not have a large stash, simpy because I buy more books and patterns than fabric!! And when I used to buy, I would buy FQ's, but I have moved on to larger pieces!! I just have not counted all my stash yet, and I have spent the most part of this week ill!! So, on my 20 minutes of sewing a day, yesterday, when I fianally felt awake enough to go and turn the machine on - I was 4 days owing - meaning I had not sewn my 20 min. for 4 days!! I got some sewing done, but I am still behind. Next week, I will be all caught up, and will have some used stash to count!!!! (that is, once I have figured out how much flannel is on that bolt I bought, and cut off what I need to wash for the backing of my January Sunshine!

So, this is my "Stash Report" for this week. We can only go up from here!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday # 2

It's time to report in!!

Stash- 59 yrds

Added to Stash, new purchase - 7 1/2 yrds

Old stash Counted to add -9 1/3 yrds

Total to Add to Stash Count -16 1/2 (close enough!! me and fractions!!!!)

Total : 71 1/2 yrds!!!

Stash Used - well, 164 5" squares (2.92 yrds - hmmm )+ 3 3/4 yrds

Total used to date: Well, lets make this 6 3/4 yrds

Total Stash Count: 64 3/4 yrds

Okay, I still have stash to count. But this is where I stand now. And I have started the Bonnie Hunter mystery, and I am, so far enjoying it.

It's sunday, so I am working on my snowmen ornaments for the girls. Christmas sunday - I think this will help me get my Christmas projects done, + even more that I had not thought of..... way to much fun!!!

Okay, off to bust more stash this week!! With Bonnie's mystery, I am using up alot of it!! And that made me really happy when I realized besides the brown and the cheddar (orange!!) I had all the rest of it here - although it has taken almost all my pinks... but that is okay by me!! I want to use it all - and then just buy when and what I need for a certain project!

I have had enough playing with numbers!! An accoutant, I am not!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Friday!!

I am still on a high from gettting that quilt top done!! For me, it has been done in record time!!! Unbelievable!! I have a top ready to be quilted - and I have the stuff to do it too!!
I have made it my goal, my mission, to sew for at least 20 minutes a day - everyday - and if I miss a day, I need to get caught up. I can sew for 4 hours or more, but that does not count towards the days coming, that is just a bonous for that day - tomorrow, I still have to do my 20 minutes of sewing!! And it is working for me!! This quilt top shows that!!
Now, I am going to pull out K's quilt that only needs binding and work on that for this weekend. Monday, I will work on "January Sunshine" and get it ready for the quilting. The reason I am not doing it now is, well, I have not done this part in a very long time.... so I want to make sure I have it right, and the backing needs to be washed anyway so, it's UFO time. I am also thinking, between 'new' projects, I will do at least 4 UFO projects. My 'reward' will be, I can start on something new. With about 40 UFO's right now, and kits and fabrics waiting in piles for certain projects, I think this is a good plan.
I am running out of room in my 'studio'. I can barely move with all the projects in the wings, that I need to work on them to get them out of my way. I do not like clutter, but it's what I have created - so I need to uncreate it!! And at 20 min. a day, I have the time!!

I am also making Sundays my Christmas project day. And yes, I have Christmas projects sitting, waiting for me to make the time. I planned on making each of my girls an ornament every year. And, they have to be a skill I have not used before. I used to do alot of cross stich. It would have been really easy to just make them all cross stich, but that is not what I wanted, so I have had to find things that I liked and learn a new thing..... Some of the years have not had the ornaments ready for Christmas, and they are still waiting to be done - SO - last Sunday, I finally found my snowmen (yes, it's cross stich, but it's on plastic canvas, so it's differnt than the other cross stiches.... cheating? yes!! but hey, it's what you do when your behind the 8 ball!! And as you now know, they didn't get done it time anyway - and now they are in my radar and they are going to be worked on till finished. And this is part of the girls gift next year. Probably make it one of the advent calander gifts - something else I am not so good at!

I made the advent calander 2 yrs. ago now and fogot about it!! It didn't get used that Christmas. This Christmas, well, for me it was not good, and the calander did not get used again. But next year, with all my Sundays doing holiday things, I will have things made and the calander will be up and filled with goodies!!
My daughters are teenagers, one almost an adult, but Christmas is still a great time of year. And I want to make this coming Christmas special. I stuggle with this season, and I do not want to dread it again like I have for the past, well, many years.

I am making the 'Artisian Bread' today. Make bread in 5 minutes a day!! I bought the book around Christmas time and have now - finally - put the flour, water, salt and yeast together (so easy!!!!) and it's resting on the counter for a couple hours.
Tonight, I will make ... well, it's friday, and I want to make 'bubble pizza' so might use some of this dough as the base. It will also make pizza crust, buns, lots of things. I like homemade pizza's but have not made one in years. So that is another reason I want to have bread dough handy. And since this sits in the fridge, waiting to be used, I can make pizza (and buns!!) when I want. Love this idea.

I also love to have meals in the freezer. Love the convience of it - when I am busy, appointments, going to the city for the day (I live in a small town, city is about 40 min. away, and I like to go there!!) , or if I have meetings at night - or want to do my own thing all day, having a meal ready to cook/re-heat and ready to go with no prep work - LOVE IT!!!!

My plans for this weekend? Get K's quilt ready to bind. And bind it. It's only been 1 yr. 4 months that it has been waiting to be finished (yeah, ready to bind so I put it away till 'later'...... enough of that! ) And that is my major goal.

Question of the day today: What habit do I have that gets in the way of my creativity??

Interesting answers I got down in my journal with that one. I like this question. Makes you think of where your time is really being spent. I love being creative, and I do not want to have anything blocking it - and I do have blocks that is for sure!! But this is the year that I want to change my habits for the better - and so far, so good!! I have a quilt top done and it's not even the middle of January yet!!! The best thing would to be getting 4 UFO's done a week!! According to my calculations in Dec. when I was looking at my list of things on the go, that would have me caught caught up by the end of the year!!!! And this does not include new things!!
Okay, I am off and going to read some blogs!! Get your engines started and make this weekend alot of fun!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost Done!!

I am done the top of "Morning Star" - it is almost offically my new "January Sunshine"!!!

I really wasn't sure if I liked the way this quilt top was coming together. At times I would look at it and think it was awful, but I just thought, keep going, it's only for the couch... and you know what??? I like it!!!!!

It's all together now, and it just looks alot better than I would have thought it would/could!!! This is totally scrappy - not planned except that when I pulled out my nickel squares and put a bunch on the wall, I took away any that were not flowers. that is about all the planning I did!! Rarely did I change where the batiks were put, the stars, I did try to not have the really bright yellows to close together, and I think it looks good!! Yes, I am pleased with it. :-)

The backing will be flannel, I have that in my cupboard. Had gone to a sale this summer that a wounderful woman named Katie had and I bought the rest of a bolt of purple flannel from her. I will be posting a story and a project that, when it's done is already named "Katie" and you will learn why. I was like meeting an older me. She is a wounderful woman. And she is why I have enough flannel for this 'lets see what this will look like done' quilt throw I have made!!

Do you ever do that?? Make something just because you want to see what it would look like done??? I do it all the time.... and usually I like it. This quilt was created because I saw one done by a lady named Pat and really liked the quilt! I had looked through the Nickel books before, but didn't really 'see' this project until I had seen it done by Pat - so a huge thanks to Pat for helping me see this!!! Because of you I had to make my own, and I am so glad!! I am very happy with this project and can hardly wait to have it totally done!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stash Busting Week One

Okay time to do my 'stash busting' report. I have not counted all my stored fabrics yet - but they all will be counted. This 'count' is for me basically. I want to know how much I have in there.

Stash - 59 1/8 yrds

Fabric Bought - 0

Fabric Given - 0

Fabric Used - well, it's all been scraps. I will figure out this # when I have it closer to done.

Here is my project that is using up my scraps. It is called 'Morning Star' and it's from one of the nickle books. I still have borders to put on it. And I already have the backing and batting, so I am going to get this project done!! This was what I was going to wait till January to start, but now, it's close to being done, so I am planning on havig it done by the end (or sooner!!) or January!! All the middle squares are of flower fabrics and the side bars are batiks. The stars are either a pale brown/beige or yellow. No, it was not planned in anyway - I just threw things on my design wall, and just started sewing. I was not sure how I felt about it when it was in pieces, laying there, but as I sewed the pieces together, and the stars started 'shining' - I like it. It's not bright as in blinding, but it is a cheery little middle and I think, since it's just for the couch to curl up under, it will be perfect! I am thinking of naming it "January Sunshine" .
And the stars have litteraly come from my scraps pile. All bits a pieces that I sorted through, and now I have stars from material that some would have discarded. The points are from squares 1 1/2", the centers 2 1/2 " - it was alot of cutting tiny pieces, then making sure I had 8 points per star!!! Not all the stars have the same points!! But that is half the fun!!