Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday, and all is well....

It's been over a month since I have wrote. And things have changed!!

This is Zoe. She will be 13 in April, but I am not sure she will still be with us then...... she looks good in this picture - but right now, she won't eat and we have to - well, she gets sick sometimes at night, and that is not fun to wake up to. I have taken her to the vet - he put her on pills and they seemed to be helping somewhat - she was eating, and being able to move. Then, we slowly weened her off them (3 weeks she was on them: 6 pills for 5 days, then down to 3 for 5 days, 2/5days, 1/5 days , and now they are done.... and she is back to not being able to lift herself up off the ground and...... she walks by her food and won't eat it. So, this is new. Not good new, but new.
And I have been to Orlando!! First time in many years I left Cananda!!!! And they have flowers growing there!! OUTSIDE!!!!! and people swimming in the outdoor pools!!!! To be able to sit around an outdoor pool in January was cool enough - but to have someone swimming in it!!! yup, I am going back!!!
But, the day before I was leaving to go to Orlando, I was a work and then was asked if I could go the office after work. Since I didn't jump at the chance and hesitatated, I don't think that impressed him much!!! My daughter and I share my car and I had to remember if she had it, or did I? And if she had it, was someone else coming to get me after work since she was not the one coming in.... things I was not expecting to have to know at the drop of a hat. Turns out, yes, I could come to the office when I was done. And - I was fired!!
I think that the relief I felt probably showed, it sure didn't upset me!! I had already been trying to get ready to come back to work after this trip, and what days I had to be there for....... Anyways, I think it's his loss. Peole have told me that they come to this store just because I am there - people I don't even know!!! Store was slow enough already, now I wounder how it is......... Oh well, I have been jobless since the start of January, about a month now - and I miss working........
No, I have not been creative. And I have not been reading blogs. Not alot of TV watching either. Hmmmm. What have I been doing??? lol! I am going to Vancouver the begining of March to visit with my sister. Taking a freind along. And I will be seeing green grass and probably flowers........ We will still have snow and all that white stuff not melting, so it will be fun to see grass!! And rain - Vancouver and it's rain!! But I will be seeing mountains...... I love the mountains! Am trying to decide if I should go to Kelowna and then Vancouver or not........ Hear West Jet has a seat sale on - I really need to go check this out instead of just thinking about it!!!
I just felt that I needed to come on and up-date you of my non-creative life!!! Right now, I feel like I have so many balls in the air and I don't know where they are going to land. My oldest has moved out, sorta! She is being a live-in nanny for friends of ours - and she has weekends off, so she comes home. How long will this last? 3 yrs was first mentioned but who knows. The one cool thing, they live in the country and she, as of yesterday, has a car of her own!! She is not sure exactly how this works, but, she needed something to drive the kids back and forth with and he supplied her a car!! So, that is really nice! She took me out for lunch to show it off and to celebrate I think!!
Oh! I guess I am being a bit 'creative'. I am making myself a 'dream board'. What do I want, where do I want to be and how can I make it possible! So, in that sense, figuring out where/what and how, I guess I am letting my imagination fly!! I am also de-junking my house..... at least that is what I am telling myself.......... It's amazing how much "stuff" I have picked up over the years. And I do not want to leave this mess to anyone else!! I know why I have this - no one else would!! So, I had better do what I was planninng or get rid of it!!
And, I have to stop collecting books!!! I love my books and yesterday, I added to my collection!! I am reading the autobiography of Nelson Mandella. It's a big book, and it's not one I would normally read, but it will be intersting. I always ask myself, in times of trouble, what would you do? And I have no idea!! So, I am going to read this and see what he did, 'cause his life has not been easy. He was born in 1918!!!!! WOW!!! I always think of my Grandma B. She was born in 1900 - by 1918, she was married and had a least one of her 12 children!! Elvira was born 9 months after the wedding!!! And by the time Grandma B. was done having her kids, her daughters were already starting families of their own!!
okay, I am off to clean up my room!! Hubby is coming home on Tuesday, and I think the room should not have my stuff all over like it is!! When I told him I had better clean off the bed, he asked me if I was putting my books there!! He knows I read at night and it's just easier to put them on his side then on the side table!! On the side table, since I have 4 hanging around at all times it seems, they like to fall off!!!! Okay - TMI!!!!
Have a Happy Valentines Day on Monday (or just pick any 'ol day you like and celebrate it then!! heck, lets make next week a whole Valentines Day celebration!! Let everyone know you love 'em and give them all cards!!!!! All the best!! Take care!