Thursday, November 1, 2012

November & Snow brings it in!!!

Yes, it has been snowing all day - freezing rain at first, then snow that does not seem to want to stop.  But that is okay I guess....  Better than, what????  uh, I am not sure.   Snow is pretty, but - oh I thought of something!!  Better than it being too cold to snow!!!!  Yes, this does happen so , lets move on!

I did some web surfing yesterday and went to Superior Threads and loved it!!  They have video's to watch - finally made myself stop after 3 or 4 or them, but I could have kept going!!  And they have a 'Thread Club" where they send you new thread every month!  And you get to pick the thread pkg you want sent!?? Never had heard of this before, but if and when I ever sew enough that I am going through thread that fast, I will consider it!! Like the embroidery thread club.  That could work!!!

Halloween did not have as many kids as usual,  Maybe these kids got used to the 'warm' Halloweens we've had the last couple years and did not want to go out in the cold, windy, snowy night for candy!!  So, I have candy left over..... and yes, I have taken a few.  One last night, that was my first - and 3 today, so far.......
They are good with my tea so I am not going to apologize!!  And my fitness class got cancelled because of the road conditions so, what else is a girl to do to drown her sorrows???  Drink tea and eat Halloween chocolate bars (so now you know how little they are!!) and come see what is new on the internet!!

And these pictures are MORE scraps I have found as I clean up my room.  While I am not really doing anything today,  should be cutting off the little dog ears and putting them into my big scrap bin I have found - or crumb bin I mean.  The scraps bin is for pieces I will be cutting into useable sizes  - these are already together, they can be made into crumb blks!
Not the orange and green though.  They have been made into small blks, pinwheel type, and since I keep finding these, I will eventually make them into something!!
They are the cut off points of my stacked posies I showed in the last post!  Little? Yes!  But they get bigger when sewn together!!

Happy November 1st everyone!!!  Less than 2 months till Christmas!!  I can say that now since Halloween is over.    Time to get ready!!!