Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Lazy Sunday and I am lovin' It!

I was tired last nigt - have been for days, so when I got off work, I was so glad to be done for a couple days! What I didn't expect was to basically sleep till 10 this morning!!! I do not do that!!! My kids were even amazed! (they weren't up yet either though, so them making noise didn't wake me!!! That would have!)
I just felt sorry for the dogs who are fed at 8 in the morning after already have been outside! oops!!

Anyways, I am really enjoying this lazy day, but it only feels like it's about noon - not the 3:30 that it really is - so I am hoping that is not going to be a problem for going to sleep tonight!!

Anyways, I just wanted to show you how much got done on my 'new' project this week!! (If I knew where my stabilizer was for my applique - I might have that done already too, but.......)

So, here is my fun project!! I am using up halloween fabrics plus ones that make me think fall and warmth - eh, I am just having fun!! My 'trick or treat' letters are in purple!! I am hoping I have enough of that orange for the binding, but we will see....... I don't have any other orange that is not really dark (very muddy, yucky!!) or way to bright! hmmm, it's a work in progress, so I will just keep playing. Proof, that I have been in my room!! Next pic, had better be the finished product, or you migh not see me again.....;-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess Who's Back???

uh oh - I did something bad today (and yesterday - which is why I did it again today.....) I went on the computer and looked - I can't believe it, it's been so long..... at blogs. Yes, yes I did. I went and checked out some 'new to me bloggers' and - You won't believe what happened!!!

I found the project that got me into my sewing room!!! It's a Halloween project and I love Hallowen projects!! And this one is a very quick and easy one (which means - BRENDA GET IT DONE!!!!!!!) and I have already been working on it!!!
I will show you something:

It still likes me!!! And it still works!!
All my play things were more than ready to come and play with me when I finally entered the 'no zone' area today!!!
I felt so loved!!
And I had such a good time!!!
Yes, even though I got my big machine fixed I have not used it yet (how can you, when as soon as you get it home - you go on a 'no sewing frame of mind'???)
But I am in my room again, and lovin' it!!!
Do I feel bad for not doing more? No. I don't. I had other things to keep me company. I've started to read again. Which I do not let myself do enough of. Factual book, yes, but fiction??? No. I don't read 'for fun' very often. But I have been!!! I, the kid in me, the one who loves to go places, have adventures and some excitment, has been hidden away for to long. She is showing herself though!!!

This spring, a friend wanted hubby and me to stop at an RV place so he could look at trailers. Well, for the first time ever - I went into a beautiful motor home (I love motor homes!!!) and actually sat in the drivers seat........ Now, I want it!!! And I have been haveing fantasy's about where me and the motor home would go - or should I say, where wouldn't we go???!!
Anyways back to todays project!!!

This is where I went through a scraps pile to look for suitable fabrics for my new project!!

I Found alot of things that will work, and I am glad!! I want it to be fun, and colourful - But, I also want it to look good when it's done!! Some of my fabrics will not be used, but it was nice to look throught them.....

My spiders are going to be black, but black prints!! Each one is different!! I have not decided on the eyes yet - that will be fun!! And I ended up piecing the corners!! Same fabric, but pieces where smaller than needed so..... Waste not want not!! And they dont' have to be 'perfect'!! It's HALLOWEEN for crying out loud!! I want 'fun' not serious!!!

And here are the pieced corners:

And I like how they look. All kinda crazy and such!!

And I really need to lean how to get this to work for me!! When I previewed this post, it was awful, but being here I can't get the pieces to fit together right, or the cursor to be where I want!! Guess I need to blog more - get my skill up. but here is the last picture:

So, along with my long neglected but not forgotten project, Piece & Goodwill, (I was actually working on it as 'leader and enders' as I pieced my corner blocks together!! yeah me!!!) this is the center for my Trick or Treat project!!! And 2 - 2.5" blks to start my sides and top!! Yup, I am going to have fun!! And thanks for being here to share my joy!! I am off for dinner and some House and Lie To Me, them - cutting I guess!!! (my TV has been taken from my sewing room!! didn't miss it till today!!! Wounder why??) lol!! Bye!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Month, New Plans, And it's October!!!!

I like October - I love halloween fabrics!! Why?? Have no idea, but I love 'em!!

And I just took a tour through my blog - wow, I have worked on alot of things........ finished any??? Uh, no. But I sure have alot started. And that is just what I have photo's of - there are more that I do not pictures of. And I have not sewn in almost 1/2 a year. Still have no desire.

I will go find my halloween pillow case and maybe that will get my creative spark back.
The store I work at has a new owner. Rumor has it that he takes over (the whole building?? Heard he bought the whole litte complex -strip mall. Wounder if that is true??) November 15th. And that he is keeping the staff. I heard the store sold through a customer. And it ended up that it is true. Wounder what the new boss will be like. I don't think I met him. Met alot of people who wanted or at least were looking at the store. It will be good.
Okay, coming on to say 'hi'. I don't know why I blog!! I am a private person, and nothing really excitng happens here. Have a great weekend. I am going to bake this weekend! Have a huge zucchini that I have to make into loaves and muffins and what ever else I can think of!! bye!