Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb. Ends....

I did not get as much stuff as I had thought I would - that is what happens when you don't sew for 2 weeks, and who's fault is that??,  But, I did get Orca done!!  So one thing off my list!!
(no pics - I have already taken it to my quilter!!! That is amazing in itself - but I will be posting pics ASAP!!)

And as for the border on my Halloween quilt - decided it  didn't need it - so now I just have to revamp my list for tomorrow and make March the best sewing and finishing month so far this year!!!  Since I have got Orca done, I am ready to rock!!!!  (uh, yes, with pics - I promise!!!)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Long time, no sew... But I am there now... kinda!

I have made myself goals - things I want done, and guess what? The month is almost over and I am not done anything... And I did not sew for over 2 weeks - that is not how we finish things, and since finishing things is not a strong point with me, I have to stick to my plan and work my goals.

Today, I am sewing.  And yet, when I stopped for  snack, the TV got turned on and here I am, on the computer..... Uh, this is not part of my plan either.  This is not doing what I planned.....again.  Hmmm. Problem.

This weekend, I am sewing ALL WEEKEND.  Want to join me??? Our own personal retreat, at home, ignoring the phone and NOT TURNING ON THE TV!!!  At least not until you have sewn the day away and need to unwind, or, uh, hmm, unsew something??  Then, TV is okay, but until it's to dark to sew (my room's lighting is not great and the other day, one of my lights just gave up the ghost and that does not help!!!).  I have found ways to work around it, but still, I like lots of light!!!  (hmmmm, sounds like a shopping trip is in the works - BUT NOT THIS WEEKEND!!)

So, I am going back to the room that I have been avoiding - and then get things done.

And I will be back to show you what I have done and the gift I received - a bookmark from a friend, which is doing it's job very well thank-you!!  And the reason I came on the computer in the first place, was to find a good book to listen to while I am on this retreat.... I didn't find anything that grabbed me, so ...... I really need to find one that I can get lost in for awhile!!!
I will go look again, and then - back to sewing on Orca!!  (I am close to a finished top here, so gotta keep on going......) ~bye!!