Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's here - 2010.
Feel any different yet??

I have been spending some time making a list - just a note to self on what I want to do this year. As I was putting things on it, I was thinking I should go for a long list, then, I got to #30, and thought, hey, this is enough. For now anyway. I do not want to make a long list of ideas and dreams that I will not do. I want to make a 'real' list, for me, to actually do. Things that I honestly want to accomplish, to achieve, to do. #28 is 'eat veggies everyday'. Do-able?? Yes. But, I wrote it down because I realized since I've been working, veggies have not been a regular thing for me. That is crazy!!! I love my veggies - so I now have it as a priority!!

Yes, I have 'sew 20 min a day' on my list again. I have not been doing that, but I want to. It's a list of things for me to do, things I want. #10 is 'Find the job you LOVE'. And I will.

My new years eve was spent at home. Quiet. Nice. And I have great feelings about the New Year!! This year, well, it was a hard year. Just in alot of ways - and I am glad to see it end. Now, with this "new" year - it just feels good.

We are in a cold snap right now. And it's cold!!! I wear gloves in the car, almost the whole way home!!! That steering wheel stays cold for along time!!! And I have head cold, I guess. I am loosing my voice and that runny nose - some fun huh Bambi!!

Okay, it's the fireworks on TV!! Happy New Year my friends!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I did not go in....

Yup, I stayed home
I phoned in, and when they asked if it was a sick day, I just said 'yes'.
Enough said.
And then hubby and I went to pick up our daughter from the city, where she has been house sitting for my neice over the Christmas break, and the roads were ICEY!! At least in town and part of the hwy.But we got her home safe and sound and on the way back the roads seemed to be alot better. We didn't see anyone in the ditch either, so that is always good.

I just wanted to share with you a blog that I like the idea of:

Shannon, like me, has a hard time with the Christmas season. It seems to come to soon (like we don't know it's coming!!) and it just is not Norman Rockwell feeling we want, so it's not 'perfect'. And this year, for me anyway, I spent all my time working - and Christmas day, when you hang out and enjoy the day over snacks and sweets, well, my house didn't have ANY!!!
I didn't bake, neither did anyone else. I did buy nuts, but they were gone before Christmas day and were not replaced.........
So, I want to, like I wanted to last year, make the Christmas season something I think about more than in July, Sept, some in Oct and then November........ When you don't have the time to do what you would love to do!!!!! " Wouldn't that be great to have at Christmas time??? Well, it's to late now, I'll put it on a list for next year......"

I have bought myself a subscription to a new magazine: Christmas 365 by Create&Decorate. I bought the premier copy on Christmas eve, just to have something Christmassy to look at that I hadn't seen before. It has things to make, ways to display, and this one has an interview with Jim Shore in it. He makes the 'Heartcrafted' figurines. It will be on display until 1/12/2010. The web site for them is if your interested.
I figure it's a perfect way, better than me remembering on my own!!, to keep the idea of Christmas coming to me through the year. It's a 4 mag. subscrition. And, an add on the back of it, for beads and making earrings..... I have already printed off the how-to's!!! They are Christmas trees, and would be fun to wear during Dec. And if you make them out of clear beads, all through winter.......Today, with my 'day off' I think I will head into the lonely sewing room and get borders on my Christmas Lights quilt top. And make turkey a'la king for supper and just be home........ And, I am finding a new job. I am also applying at the nursery just out of town - uhm plant greenhouse would be a better way to say that!! And there is a new store coming into town and I keep feeling like I am going to be working there.... that is a great feeling because I felt this way before Costco hired me too!

So, here is to a fantastic Tuesday!!!

And I am being motivated to work on my favorite designer, Judy Martin, by joining a blog in her honour, where we can all get our Judy quilts made and show them off!!! Thank-you for this!!!!

Dec. 29

I have to get ready to get to work. I didn't realize yesterday, but today putting my hours on the calander here at home - next week, I am working till 10 at night, and leaving here by 2:30 ish. Meaning, I will not see my kids. I leave before they get home from school, and am home at 11 at night.
Not happy. Not happy at all. During Christmas rush, okay, but not now. Not now. I am just a cog in the machine and - I am frustrated. Very frustrated. Every one there, who realizes how far I drive to get there, tells me I'm crazy!! They think their 15 minute comute is long!!
I actually have been enjoying the drive. I listen to audio books and it's nice. BUT, I do not like drivng at night, and now that it's January, real winter weather will be here soon - and I should not complain. Reality is, I need the job right now. I want to phone in sick today - I am just tired. Really tired. And part of me is going "NO!! Do not do it!!!!!" The other part, the evil part is egging me on.......... "Who's gonna care?? They won't even miss you. You are just a number" Well, it's true. Crap!

I am finding myself a place to be that pays me well, to do things I enjoy and work with people who matter to me and I matter to them. And lets me have time with my family - that has been missing too. I have not had a real meal with them since I started this job in Oct. When I am home on a day off, I am tired. Tired! I am so tired of being tired. It makes me emotional, frustrated, angry and I cry at the drop of a hat. Oh, how mature is that????

Like one day, I went in to work, and found myself early, and that was enought to make me cry. You can't start till your start time, so I wandered around the store for a few minutes, feeling - stupid, useless, just all those bad feelings. If I had been there on time, I would have just got busy working - but no, I had to be early. Went to the washroom and burst into tears. I could not stop crying!!! I walked out, didn't even try to hide the tears, how could I??? They wouldn't stop, and asked if I could just go home?? She said yes, so I left. And went to a green house and walked around it for an hour. No real plants, christmas stuff yes, and large trees but I finally, after the hour, didn't have tears coming down my face.

I am phoning in. I am spending the day with my family.

And I am looking for another job.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, how is your evening going?? So why are you here?? kidding!! We didn't do the hot chocolate recipe tonight, one daughter wants it for breakfast instead, so that is what we will do. And we did our yearly tour around town to see the lights.... there were not very many. Some streets had a few but most homes were lightless. Dissapointing, but there was time when I didn't do lights either, so.......

But, I do have the picture I promised!! When I took it, I didn't think it worked. It did!! yeah!! Here is what my hubby did while I was at work the other day!!
Do you see Santa on the roof??? Well, he is up there and screwed into the roof to keep him there!! Horrors!!!! What happens in the spring???? but it's funny too!!! We have santa and his reindeer on the roof at our house!! lol!! And here's the snowmen, a little closer....
And what the house looks like from the road.....

Now it's not the best picture, but can you see the snowman in the window?? Behind the tree???

And my daughter made me open a present tonight. She was so excited and made me sit down to open it, and kept telling me it was fragile.... it is.... This is my hummingbird. And I love the woman who made it - she is one of the woman I see at the Butterdome that I love to go to at Christmas. Were I really know her from in the mall in Sherwood Park - last year, I bought alot of the icicles that she makes. All out of glass, and beautiful!! Oh, they just sparkle on the tree - and when I find them, I will put them up!! I am not impressed with myself tonight. I kept them safe all year, and now I don't know where they are!! I just saw them, not that long ago........ I am sure I didn't move them, but they are not were I thought they were...... but here is my beautiful little bird.

I love it.

So, Merry Christmas my friends. May tomorrow bring you great memories and lots of happy thoughts. I have a huge bird, potatoes, and the stuffing (stove top!!) plus things for the other things we have at Christmas, or any other holiday that comes around. And even a friend is coming over, so it will be a great day here!! All the best!!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!

Well, hello!! Merry Christmas!!! The tree is up, the cat is playing with the ornamnets and batting one present around when he can. He also hides under it, on presents... cats!! Scrappy, when he wags his tail, hits the poor tree, so I hope all the ornaments survive this year!!

How do you like your tree??? One or two colours?? Star or angel on the top??? Garland??

Me, I like a full tree!! Glass ball ornaments in the back of the tree, to refect the lights, with handmande or bought ornaments up front. Memories. I don't - except for the glass ball ones - have things on the tree that are 'just because'. I like a tree full of memories - a fully decorated, almost too much - not gaudy though!! And yes, I have been know to move things around. Not anymore, the jokes and the ribbing got to me, so I have learned to leave it alone. And you know what, I do not enjoy this time of year like I used to. Changing subjects!!! quickly!!!

Are you ready for tomorrow?? I have a huge bird!!! I love the leftovers!!!!! I like to make things for the freezer from them, but I really should have re-thought this idea yesterday when I bought this thing!! My next day off is New Years Day - I had better get my organization skills in check here so I can make these freezer meals before and after work this year. I have a lasagne recipe that is sooooo gooood!!!! I am going to have a couple of them in there for sure!!!

But here is why I wanted to post today. I have found, a few years ago, a really good hot chocolate recipe that we use for tonight, when we go drive around and look at the lights around town. It is calorie free, at least for tonight. Tomorrow?? I am not so sure, but tonight, it's good to go!!
4 cups commercial Egg Nog
4 cups chocolate milk
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 tbsp instant coffee granules
2 tsp vanilla
whipping cream or marshmallows

In large saucepan, combine egg nog, chocolate milk, cream and coffee granules. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until coffee granules are dissolved and mixture is heated through. DO NOT BOIL. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into mugs!! Top with whipping cream and serve immedialtly!!! Enjoy!!
(serves 8)

I put this in a thermos and we drive around through the town. Uh, we do drink it!! We take our travel mugs!! I laughed when I read the first sentace. 'why would you put it in a thermos?? Why not drink it???' lol!!! And it's very easy to half the recipe - I don't, but you could.

Okay, I am off to wrap the couple presents I have left. I want to show you, later, what my hubby did with one of my yard ornaments this year!! so, once I get the picture, I will post and let you see what I came home to last week!!! And we have snow!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I have been Sewing!!

I have been working for a few hours on Bonnie Hunters "Christmas Lights" today. And, the top is put together!!! The center anyway, with borders picked out!!

So, what do you think of my version of this great project???

I like it - and I was happy to find some fabrics that will go with my quilt top for the borders.
Bonnie has a black as the first border - I have choosen the same green that the star blocks use. Then I thought of a gold fabric, then the last border being a red with gold through it. The green fabric also has gold in it. For the binding, I am going to use the rest of the black candy cane hearts I used in the red square blks, plus, since I won't have enough, I will use up some of my other blk candy cane fabric that I have and it will work out great!!

I think it will look alright. The green border is only 2" wide, I think I would like it 2 1/2" - but since I only have what the pattern asks for I am not sure I should mess around with the measurements!!

I like that all my fabrics have a touch of gold in them. The cream one is gold snowflakes!! And the red is gold threads... I think using the black for the binding will just pull it all together.

One thing that I am thinking of is doing a bias binding......... I have not done this before, cut a bias binding!! But, my quilt shop lady told me, and I have since read (gotta check this out you know) that bias binding works really well on quilts that are going to be used. Throws, and quilts; wall hangings don't need the movement that bias allows, so 'normal' binding is fine. I just might be learing something new with this project. AND, I am going to make sure to make the time to work on it!!

So, what do you think of my choice?? Yup, I think I like it!!! If you have different idea, let me know - please!!!

Okay, on to news about my job. I was put on the till the other day! After two months of putting the items into the cart and running for what ever is needed, I was put on the till - where, you can not leave till your breaks!!! That means, if you have to use the bathroom, hold it!!! And I, of course, felt like I had to cough the other day, and there is not a kleenex to be found!! Or a cough candy, or - there was nothing!!! lol!!! So, I am not sure how much I am going to like being 'trapped' at the till, when for the last two months, I had the freedom to move around!!!

I am woundering if I should have applied for the full time cashiers job when it was posted awhile ago!!!

Kidding!! It is just a new position and I will get used to it, just like I got used to packing the carts!!!

Today was a day off, and I spent it in my sewing room, sewing up a christmas project. Yes, I have been doing some Christmas shopping. I can not believe how many people around here had their lights up in November. I think without the snow, and how warm it's been - we have flies coming into our house!!!! It's annoying, and it's probably happening when we let the dogs out!! - that people are trying to get into the Christmas mood by using the only 'Chrismas'y' thing around - lighting up the night with cheerful light displays!! And blow up yard ornaments. My favorite is the snowmen!! I had mine blown up in the house one year!! He was by the window and you would see people looking and pointing!!!

I am a little behind in my 20 min a day sewing goal I have going on, but I am half way through Oct. thanks to todays working, and I am planning on being all caught up before the year ends.

Have a very nice day tomorrow, get some Christmas cheer going and I will make sure I keep you posted on the progress of this little quitl!! Is anyone doing Bonnie Hunter's new mystery?? I have printed off the steps so far, but I think it will go into my 'projects' binder for now. I have some past projects that I want to see done, and a couple of them are Christmas projects, so I should pick them to do first!!! Talk soon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, let me tell you!!!

It's a dark Monday here, I hear snow is in the forcast - have not seen it yet, but it's on it's way - and guess what I get to drive through tonight then - at 10, when it's dark!! YUCK!!! I won't be home till close to 11 - I start work at 5 this evening. Last week, I was done between 7 & 8 - great hours!! Tonight, I start my yucky hours - BUT - I am not complaining!! Today, because of my paycheck on Friday - I have started my 'moving on out' fund. And payed off some of my credit card plus put some on our line of credit.
When I started working, I figured, I would put my money towards my credit card and the line of it, but now, I have another priority to consider, so the line, only gets a little.......

Have we talked??? Are you kidding?!!?? We don't do that!!! So, it's where it was left the last post - and I am just doing what I am doing to start my life over. With or without the people I have in it now. I can not think of that - I am just going to keep on making my plans and move forward. I am listening to my CD's on the way to work - 'How to win Friends and Influence People" and "Think and Grow Rich". Each of these say, you have to have a dream, a goal and a passion. Right now, I am working on my goals, looking for my dream, and am praying I will get passion back. So - one point made to me by that voice of wisdom that talks to me while I drive - one habit I have is not finishing....... And that is a very bad habit to have created!!! So, one of my goals is to change it to finishing.
I have this habit in all I do!!! I only partly read a book - before I'm done I find something else to read that catches my eye!!
And my sewing projects!!!???!!! oh, common!!!!!!! Proof postive that I am not one to work out a project to the end - and that is a real problem. Take just a few minutes ago for example. Remember Bonnie Hunters mystery she had in the 'Quiltmaker" magazie??? Well, I thought, I have some time, lets work on the last step......... I couldn't find it!!!!!! And that is when I hit me square in the face. Girl, if you want to have a life full of fun and laughter, joy and exploration, you have got to get your **** together!!!!!

So, my goals???? Evey check - 25% is going to my new fund. It's not a fund I want to have to make, but I have to do it. I am done. I am so done. And I am outta here.

And, I am not taking this mess of projects with me. I will need things to warm me. Things for my walls. And I have alot of them 1/2 done. If I am serious about getting my life in order, creating a life I want to live, then I have to start sticking to my plans, creating my dreams and reaching my goals.

I also had a nice little 'you go girl' when I checked my lottery tickets today. I won $56!! Paid for my gas to get to work and that was a very nice surprise!!! It didn't have to come from my paycheck!! And that was alright by me!!

So, just to let you know, I have found my sewing room again!!! That feels good. Things on the home front haven't changed, but I have!! And this girl is going to keep moving forward, and I will be having fun while I learn and grow (rich!!!).

Have a great week!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

not good

Hello. I went to the movies on Friday - New Moon, for my daughters 18th birthday. 18 is the legal age here in Alberta, my little girl is now an adult. Hmmmmm...

Not a good last few days. I had a great day on Thursday - I should not have come home. I came bearing surprises and treats - not big things, just little snacky type things, foods for lunch the next day, and.........

I think my life is going to change. What do I mean 'think', it has. My then still 17 yr old fell down the stairs - I jumped up to make sure she was okay, it souned like she really got hurt. Well, I got told where to go and basically how to get there. Guess that means she's okay - but being the mom I am, I waited a bit to go check on her again. What a bitch I am. Well, I found out on Thursday night, I am a horrible mother. Not from my daughter, from my drunk husband. That is aways fun to come to - but I guess that our marriage is over and we are done. He's keeping the girls and I can leave or he will.

I will go.

And now, a few days later, - you know what, it just doesn't matter anymore. 20 years we've been together, and now, I don't care anymore. Since I am such a horrible mother - I just want out. Yeah, I have kids who are in gangs (yeah right), never home (wrong again), I never know where they are and the friends they hang out with are all trouble (oops, try that I always know where they are and their friends are great). What a horrible mother I have been. My temper is what classifies me as such a terror. Yes, this is true. I do have a temper and when pushed, I do loose it sometimes. BUT - I have never hidden this fact. EVER. When I do something wrong, I am the first to admit it. What a bitch.

So, I am working on the how to's to leaving. We are not finacially able to have me up and go, and my thing is, where do I go??

It's funny to think about leaving you know. I have already been thinking what is coming with me. Weird things - the fish are mine. And what I don't care if I have or not. My books, some are coming with me - they are mine. Scatterd thoughts right now.
And how to support myself out there. My biggest thought is I do not want to be anywhere near here. I want to be long gone. So, this is my life right now. And no, I have not been creative in any real sense of the word, but I do have to clean up my sewing room. In boxes. This is so sur-real. Did I even spell that right???

That why I needed the laugh Myra. Thanks again. Oh, and I was already shopping for Christmas - I was in such a great place on Thursday................ how things can change.
sorry for this horrible post.

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Second Day off in Row!!

I just updated my book reading list. Me, who used to read a book in a couple days, now hardly reads a full book at all! But, I have been, and it feels good!!!
I found this book in my librarys book sale, it's an older book, but I liked it. "The Cay" is an easy read, actually, I found out, it was a high school book for some kids to read!! Easy one for taking with me to read over luch or coffee breaks at work. It's a story about a boys experiance during the second world war, finding himself stranded on a very small island in the ocean when his boat had been sunk. He and a black man - and how he survived. I liked it.

The next book, one that a woman recommended as she went through the till - (I shouldn't work at Costco!!!!) - "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova. Wow. Powerful book. It is written from the persepective of a woman who has just found out she has Alzheimer's. And it is written very well, I laughed and felt for this woman. I just really enjoyed the book. My Aunt had Alzheimer's, but I was not around to see it's effects. No one I know personally has it, that I know of, but this sure put a good perspective on it for me to learn from.

I need to go sew now, to get my BOM done. I can actually go to the class - I don't work till hours later, so I have time to have fun and work that day!! Yeah!!!

And a fish update - they are doing well!! I am still so p,ease that these guys survived. I do not want this to happen again!! I love having an aquarium!!
Monday is my next day off - talk to you then!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am still here.....

Hello Again. I am still here, working all kinds of odd hours and not sewing or coming on the computer much....... I do miss visiting people's blogs....... And I have been busy.

Daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled out last Thursday. She is finally back to school today, feeling like she can move her mouth. I have to do this again with my other daughter....... not fun. My youngest has 5 teeth to be removed instead of the usual 4, so that might be a little harder to do. Dr. is going to give her a special X-ray that will help him figure out where the 5th tooth is, so that will cut down on the searching time..... yuck!!! I will probably book her appointment in a couple months, in the new year. Can you believe it's that close already??!! ahhhhh!!!

And, something that just thrilled my heart - my goldfish, 5 of them, survived the freezing we had a couple weeks ago!!! Rain barrels were frozen, and I thought it was for 2 weeks, still think it was, but hubby says only a week.... uh, uh, it was for longer than that - anyways, the air warmed up, they started to melt and I wanted them empy of the water and ice before they could freeze again and damage the taps. Hubby would not be very happy to have to fix them for me, so I just wanted them empty and ready to go for next year. I was looking in the bottom of the barrel and saw my gold fish.... told my daughter I found one, thinking it was dead, I was not happy about it. She asked if it was dead, so I told her yes, but it sure looked pretty, then as I was looking at it, I saw the upper fin move oh so slightly. I was shocked!!! there is no current in a rain barrel, it should not have moved!!! I yelled, it's alive!!!! and we got him out!!! In the next couple days, we got 5 of them, so they are swimming happily in my aquarium, and I am loving it!!! So, that is my happy thought for today. And saying 'hi' to you.

Okay, I have to go get dressed and ready for my 3 - 9:30 shift........ At least it's not 10:30 or later, which I hate!! Well, don't really like anyway....... it's the not getting home till after 11 that I really don't like....... But I am not complaining. Hubby just got back from working a 24 hr shift at his job........ that is not fun at all!!

Take care!!! Have a Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am just taking a second to let everyone know I am alive!! Honest!! But, I have spent the last week with a cough, a sore throat, which by Sunday took my voice!! Monday, Canada's Thanksgiving - had me on the couch, while hubby and daughter made dinner!!! First time in YEARS, that I have not made the Thanksgiving Dinner..... it was nice!!

So, I have phoned work 3 time to let them know I wouldn't be there. I have never phoned in sick before to any job......... And since I am still so new, I hope they won't hold it against me.........

But, I am back tomorrow - anitbiotics really do wounders. I am not 100%, but I do feel more alive and the best thing, I can keep my eyes open for more than a couple minutes!!! And I have not fallen asleep unexpectedly for a couple days now, so I am on the mend.

I do miss visiting blogs - so I am going to have to work this into my life - I hope I have found you well and HEALTHY!!!! Please stay that way. I have done alot of watching TV that talks about how to keep your immune system strong, and I will be doing the garlic, beta-carotine, sardines (what??!!? Yup, I guess sardines are good to keep your immunity up. could it be the fishy smell that keeps the germs away?? lol!!) and anything else that will keep me up and running!! I got real cranky while I was not feeling well, so I think everyone wants me to stay healthy!! :-)

Bye for now!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Okay!!!

I just thought I should come on and say 'hi', considering it's been a couple weeks since I have been on here.
I have a job - I am working at Costco for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week right now, and the hours are always different. So, I am not a normal schedual - and am gone from home over 11- hrs a day, so it's taking up alot of my time.
And this is before the snow comes!! Which should be here by Wednesday, not much, but it's a start (it had better not be much!!!!) And that will make my 40 min drive a bit longer.
Do I like it??? Yes. So far, so good. Do I like bringing in buggies?? Uh.... no, not really, but I do like the being outside.... so I don't hate it. I do not like it in the wind though, especially when it's chilly - and I hear that when the snow is here, it's not fun then either, but hey, it's got to be done, so, I go do it. (if you shop at stores that use buggies, would you mind bringing in one to use......?? lol!!) I am glad to be working again.

I had my youngest daughter tell me tonight, me and her dad that she doesn't like us. Hasn't for quite awhile, and .............. well, I know she is not kidding. this has really hurt. It was not a shock, but everytime my kids tell me something like this, how awful I am as a mom, how much I have done wrong, I take it to heart and it hurts. I know it's the age - she's 15. BUT, and it's a huge BUT, I don't know how to talk to her - no matter what I say, she tells me how wrong I am, looks at me with raised eyebrows and makes me feel so not needed or wanted.

So, I am enjoying my job. the time away. And , well, this is my life right now. I am back to working, have not been in my crafts room, doing anything creative, I bought the new Jan Arden CD, love Jan Arden!! It's a soft, quiet CD, and I have only listened to it once, on the way home last night!! But I like it. And I am trying to climb into the "Lovely Bones" book. It's a book I have had on my 'to read' list for years - now that it's a movie, I have to read it!!!! I told my girlfreind years ago, when she asked me what was good while I was working at the library, I told her if I had the time to read, this (the lovely bones book) was what I would read if I had the time. Well, she took it, read it, and told me I would like it....... that was a very long time ago!! So, now I am trying to read it, but I have not gotten very far!! I should take it to work and read it over my breaks!!

You know what, I am going to go. Thanks for emailing me to see how I was. ((hugs)) It was very nice to recieve. I will try to be more consistant with keeping up with the blogs and writing about what is going on - and pictures!!! I recieved the bracelt and earring set from the 'Incredible Woman' blog I found. And I was going to have a pic to show you, but my camera is not where I thought it was, so I will make sure to get a pic on next time.
Stay warm where you are - and keep smiling!!! Sew a stich or two for me, I have not been sewing at all this past week. Have the best week ever. I am sure going to try my best!!
Bye for now!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

Okay, I am still working on the border of the Goose quilt. Here is a pic of it laying on my bed while I was trying to get measurements. I did not know the cat was in the house, and when I came back to measure, look what I found!!
I had to take a picture! I have tried to keep the dogs (and their fur!!) out of my room, and I have been so careful to keep them away from my stuff!! lol!! yeah, that worked out well didn't it!! I mean, it was only on my bed a few minutes when he came and streched himself out on it...

So, I do have the red border on, and one of the side pieced borders - and the rest ready to be put on. The one I have not figured out yet, is the last 5" border and binding.... but I will. this one is almost a done top!!

This weeks project is to put borders on my Dissappearing 9 Patch.
And this is one of the quilts I found in one of the books I was looking through the other night. I like it. And I found myself starting to look for browns (something I don't really have alot of, but it is becoming more common!!). So, I have a tiny collection.
Then I went to my guild meeting.
One of the members has given a challenge to the group. A one-coloured quilt. NO other colour allowed. Only your choosen colour. And it is to be done completly by June - our year end party meeting. I wounderd what I would do?? My guild blks are already being done in one colour (blue) but it has alot of other colours throught out it, so that is out. Hmmmm, then it hits me!! Helllllooooo!!! Do the square quilt!! why not!?!? Not in the browns (some of my fabrics already have other colours in them), but in Blues!!! Do I have enough of a variety??? I had won a fun bingo game a couple years ago, and I got alot of FQ's as the prize!! Which counts for most of my stash!! And so I pulled out my plastic containers of my FQ's (trying to organize them!! good luck with that!! lol!!) and I have blues!! Dark blues, light blues, medium blues and blues in between!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! I am in the challage!! And I will do it while working on the projects I want done!!! This 'new' quilt will be sewn as leader/enders while I work on my regular projects!!! Oh yeah!!! I rock!!!!! AND, I just might throw in the brown one while I'm at it - two for the time of one, or should I say, three, considering they will be done between the 'real' quilts!!!!
So, this is my weeks design wall plan. Goose will be done!!! D9P will have a border, and my challenge quilt will be worked on!
Excellant!!! (and once I learn to make beans from scratch - tried a recipe yesterday, and the beans are a little 'stiff'!! lol!! I will have this domestic stuff licked!! Rule #1, don't rush the soaking time!!) So, I will be trying my recipe again, and my family will be able to eat while I work on my quilting goals so my design wall will have something new to show next week!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Guild Meeting is Tonight!!

Tonight is the first meeting of the 'new' year for my guild. Today is the first day of the shop hop I love to go on, but I think I am missing it this year..... Okay, I've missed it before. The one thing I was very happy to see is a shop, that has not been included for the past couple years is in again this year!! Maybe I will find a way to go.......

And all the shops around my area have all their new class list posted - either by mail, email or on their web sites!! I have found a couple I want to learn a bit more about, but not today.. today I am fighting with the blks for the pieced border. So, I am, again, on a 'coffee' break!! Even went and had a shower. Have to get ready for tonight you know. ;-)

But, I have pulled out the top and layed it on my bed. No, the red border is not on it yet - that is why the center is all layed out. So I can measure and start on it. Another avoiding measure I have come up with. The problem?? The blks, one piece is not the right measurement when cut. It's the 4 7/8" measurement. I think it should just be cut at 5" and call it good. You can always cut it down, but you can't add anything on!!

And, I am not only a bit short on most of the pieces, but one of the fabric, I cut it even a bit smaller!!! aaaahhhh!!! Instead of the 4 7/8th measure, I cut it 4 3/4"!!! I am doing my best to just keep working on it, but all this fussyness, and making sure I have something to sew - on some pieces, I am defintly not using a 1/4" seam - so those places got backstiched alot as I sewed it down......... I keep telling myself, it's going to be fine and work, but I do stop alot to breathe for minute or two, and I leave the room, before I go back to keep on sewing this together!! This sewing thing normally 'takes me away'........ ( picture floating on air and just enjoying being in the sunshine and feeling so good that you just don't want to stop.......) then get hit with a pattern where it's not going together right.... *grrrrrrr* (smiles!!!) I have been enjoying this mystery since I started it oh so long ago, and it's been alot of fun to do. So, I will finish it (and get it quilted and bound too!!!!) and then I will have a project done in less than one year!!! Oh now wouldn't that be fun!! And I keep making little notes on my pattern page - so when I want to do it again, or someone wants to try it, they won't be stressing like I am.

And I did a bad thing last night - I pulled out few of my books to look through..... and wouldn't you know - I found something, or two, or three, or.... oh boy, not good!!! But oh so much fun!!!

I have found a quilt in "Coffee Times Quilts" by Cathy Wierzbicki, a few tops that I just love. And when I was looking for a link, I read that this book is out of print!! I am so glad I have mine.
This is one of the quilts tops I've made from this book. And there are a few more that I think are beautiful. This one was just for fun!! And I enjoyed making it and still really like it!!

And another book - "Home for the Holidays" by Lynda Milligan & Nancy Smith has a couple things that caught my eye last night.

Well, thanks for sharing my coffee break with me, and now I will get back to the grind stone and get this border done before I have to go to my meeting tonight!!

And now I have more plans to stop myself from starting!!! Oh good trouble is heading my way!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

I have realized I am not a writer!! I re-read yesterdays post and, well, it doesn't make much sense when I am talking about what my design wall plans are. So, here is the right way to say what I am doing.

I am planning on working on the Goose blks. The goose blk pattern has a solid border, then it has a pieced border. I need to sew on the red solid border, then work on the pieced border. Not "get on the border then work on the border blk" !!! What!?!? You wouldn't know what I ment!! I barely knew what I ment and I wrote it!!! lol!!!

Here are some of the blks. I have had fun with this project - And it's going to be so nice to have it done with the borders on, So this is my project this week - plus the binding on my daughters quilt!! I am over half way done with it - and I have been thinking, I should learn how to do it with the machine!!! But there is a part of me that likes this last step. Sitting there, quilt all over me keeping me warm, sometimes a little to warm!! And just sewing the binding down so it looks like it's part of the material - practice my handsewing skills!! This is why I sometimes wounder if I would like to hand sew pieces for a quilt..... then I shake my head and that thought is gone!!!!

The one thing I do have to learn though, and it's another reason I don't get these things finished - is how to wash them. They are not like the blankets I buy at the store and can stuff in the macine and let it go. No, these need to be handled a little differently, and well, I don't much like fussy.........

Anyways, I am going to go and get busy cutting out the fabrics for the border blks I need to work on. For anyone who watches "The View" - I love to start my day with this show!! Tomorrow they are back!! So, I can again start my day with a laugh. When I get my job, I am going to miss this part of my day!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bonnie's Mystery - Step Two - DONE!!

Here they are!! Ilike them!!!

I really like the gold star ones. So, now it's off to work on the binding on my daughters quilt. I wanted to be done these blks by 4 o'clock and here they are!! Now to think of what is my project for my design wall. I am thinking it's going to be the goose blks - get on the border then work on the border blks and have this project finished this week. It's a plan and I think it's a good one!!

Stash Busting Week 36

Stash - 180 3/4 yrds

Old Stash Counted- 5 1/2 yds

F.A.Y.T.D. - 25 1/2 yrds

Fabric Used - (13 1/4 yrds) the reason I have this in brackets is because it's what I used last week, but I didn't do a proper report last week, so I have here, reported the way I usually do!!

New Stash Total - 173 yrds

I am having a great week!! I am back to my sewing room, sewing!!! Bonnie Huners mystery, the second step is almost half way done and the best thing I did this yesterday was, pull out my daughters quilt that I made for her 2 years ago. It only needed binding - and I put it away because I was not 100% sure what I was doing..... this spring I pulled it out of hiding and sewed the binding on. And put it away again...... Yesterday, after working on step 2 blks, with my daughers music playing to loud for me to handle much longer, I left my sewing room (we share a wall, and I remember being a kid!!! So, I just went somewhere else for a bit!!) I pulled out the quilt.... I sat and sewed 1 1/2 sides of binding on!!!

As I am working on it - it's a queen size quilt - I woundered why I took so long to do this. I did not beat myself up about it though. I was just woundering. And one of the answers is, she painted her room all back - walls and ceiling - with purple trim.

This quilt is done in browns. It's a log cabin with a heart in the middle - yes, I will get a picture on here once I have it bound. I just went looking for one that I know I already have, and I don't know where it is.

And so I just put it away till the time was right. Two years is to much!! Then, I had people tell me they would help me with putting the binding on. And everytime they would say it, I felt really tense about it. I did not want help!! This is my second 'real' quilt. The first one was for my 1st baby - a trip around the world and I had alot of fun. This one is for my second baby - and I want to do it all myself. Yeah, it's taken me alot longer than I wanted it too, but I am on my way to having it finished. And it feels good!!

So this is my report for today!!! Off to see what everyone else is up to at Judy's.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bonnie's Mystery - Step One - DONE!!

I did all the cutting and sewing and ironing and - OH!! - ah, uh, well, pressing. (remember, we don't iron.......)
I did the pressing!! Kept working at them and I think they look good.
My black fabric, the one with the candy cane hearts nice in these bocks. And the best part, picking my fabrics for this project, I thought I wouldn't have enough - well, it turns out - I had some left over!!! yeah!!! And now my blks are ready for step two!!!

Here are my blocks so far:
Here is everyone together on my wall.

These are some of the 4 patch bocks.

My gold and black blks.

And the last step of part one, my green blks.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

Well, I have a pic of my now finished center of my 'twilight' quilt!!! I did/do not have the complete how-to's on this quilt from Planet Patchwork, so I just put it together how I thought would work. And, it was not that hard and all my partial seams worked!!! yeah!! So, here is the center part - borders next, then off to the quilter!!! (oh yeah, I am not leaving these things anymore!!! Looked at my list of things on the go last night....... I could cry. So, it's time to get these projects finished. And that is how it is!!)

It doesn't look half bad!!

But, we are talking about what is on the wall this week........ oh so many to choose from!!! I have the goose blks I was going to have done by the end of June. See how that worked out for me!! But it is on my list of projects for this month. And I have my daughter's quilt that I had put up on the wall a very long time ago, and she - well, lets just say teenagers are not the easiest to live with, and I took it down...... It is on my list to pull back out of hiding and get working on it. I also have my One Block Wounder.......
But right now on my wall is the start to Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt found in the Quiltmaker magazine. I found this when it first came out, and look at me (not) go!!!! So, I want to be caught up by the time step 3 comes out, and so maybe this is what I will do today - tomorrow and the next day. 3 hours today - so I am caught up on my 20 min a day goal. Then, I can get busy working on it.

Here are the start of my 4 patch blks.

But I do have a question about the blk fabrics Bonnie asks for. When I started this project, I wanted it to be out of Christmas fabrics - and so far, so good. No, not all the fabrics in the 4 patches are Christmas, but they are from my leaders/enders pile and they will work.

But, Bonnie wants 2 black fabrics and these are ones that I have right now. For those who have done this, do you think these two fabrics are to busy for this project, or, not...... Part of me wants to use them, but I don't want a quilt that you could put on Ami Simms ugly contest either!!

The fabric's pattern are faily small - definitly not this big, (to me they look huge!!) but do you think it would work for this blk???

Use both? Just one?? Keep looking???

And with that, I am off to do laundry, see what other are doing on Judy's blog and go do some work for 3 hrs in my room!!

When I got into my room, I realized, why didn't I take a pic to show you how the fabric would look with the blks!! Duh!!! So, here are a couple blks to show you that the fabric isn't overwhelming, and I do think I like it......... But again, what is your thoughts on it???Tomorrow is Sept 1st..... count down to Christmas!! Is everybody ready????

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Busting Week 35 (really???)

I do not have a 'real' report - I just know that I have finally finished, or at least got the blks together, still have borders to do - but my "Twilight" quilt top is done....... no pics because camera is full and I am not touching it!!

But I have busted 13 1/4 yrds for my blks!!! Yeah!!!! I have actuall moved some real numbers here!!!

I am almost caught up on my 20 min. sewing a day - sewed for about 6 hrs today, with about 3 hrs left for tomorrow and then I am in the clear for Sept!!!

And the best part, I enjoyed myself today in my sewing room. This has been a long time coming. I did not want to sew, and didn't. But I am so behind in my project goals for this year, and I keep seeing more of what I would love to do - my guild is starting up again here in a couple weeks and my Shop Hop starts on the 10th. Actually, my guild meet is that night too, so I will be busy that day!!

Next week, a real report, but I am so proud of my numbers this week. It has been a long time coming, for me to actually post a real number to show that I am using up my stash. I decided when I started this, I would not post a patterns fabric use, the blocks I am making, until I have the top done. With making all these blks, I couldn't say how much was used!!! But once they were all done and sewn together (yes, i will have a pic soon!!!) then I can say - this is how much fabric the pattern told me I had to have to make it!!

Alright. I feel really good tonight. I would not stop sewing today till I got this top done and *It's Done!!!* Borders are next for it, and I will have numbers to report when I get those on too!!!

Have a Great Week!! It is the start of Sept this week. And tomorrow, I will have something new on my design wall...... I am torn to what it should be!!! I am in the 'get it done' mood, so who's next???!! ?? lol!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

It has been awhile since I have been sewing - but I did yesterday - and with my 20 minute a day goal, I am now working on August's times!!! I realized yesterday, I have not sewn for 4 weeks!!! I got all caught up in July, and stopped sewing....... ahhhhhhh!! So, all the days in July have been crossed off (yes, I have a '20' written on every day on my calender - so when I have sewn for the goal of the 20 minutes I cross it off. I now have all the days done for July - that is good. So, before Sept starts, I plan on having all of the August ones caught right up!!! Start Sept. with no backlog - start fresh!!)

I have some exciting news!! Last night, before I shut my computer off, I always check my email. Well, I got this email:

Hey Brenda!
You're name was just chosen as the winner of the give away on Incredible Women this week! We'll send the jewelry that Kristin made out to you this week. Thanks so much for being a follower of the blog and for commenting. (originally, the set included earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace, but Kristin was sick this week and was only able to do the earrings and matching bracelet. I hope that's ok. It's a beautiful set - antique silver, amethyst colored beads and dragonflies!)Can you please email me your address and I'll get that into the mail to you.Thanks again, and CONGRATULATIONS!-Kara

I was shocked!!!!

If you have never been to this site you have to check it out!! I really enjoy reading/hearing about people who have kept it together when things go bad - and how they manage to...... well, manage. I admire people who respond and not react. Me, I react, then wish I would have responded instead. I am working on this -working on remembering to, just think before I go off the handle!!

And this is a new blog, but I love that she is looking for 'real' woman. I was so surprised last night. I honestly didn't know what to say..... I usually don't comment on blogs that are having give-aways, and I don't usually go check blogs with give aways - well, that's a lie, I go and check it out, but rarely comment. I like to visit when it's just a visit - see what is going on, what they are up to, intereting points of view, things that make me laugh. I don't need a gift to make me come visist,\. If I like the site - I am going to come anyway!!

So this was a real surprise. I thought that the time frame had passed, so I was 'safe'!! Kidding, I just posted what I thought. But here is question: do dragonflies have any 'meaning'??? The reason I ask is, when I was a kid, my aunt gave me a dragonfly pin. My daugher a couple years ago gave me dragonfly ornament, and now this jewerly has dragonflies on it!! I love dragonflies. As a kid I would always try to catch one - never did!! They are so pretty, at least I think they are.

Well, lets talk about my design wall!!! When I left the sewing room, I was starting to put together 'Twilight'. I thought maybe I had missed some of the last "how-to's", but I am not worring about that now. I have the pic of how it's supposed to go together, and I am working it like that. This quilt, was not the one I had picked to do when Planet Patchowork said 'choose your Favorite' - I found this one to busy. Well, I still think it is, but I did it. On my own time frame!! I knew that I wanted a 'special' background fabric. I wanted it black, but not just plain ol' blk and when I found this suff at a close out sale - I had to have it!!! And that is when 'twilight' was born!!!

It's all stars and I thought of outer-space, so this is my version of flying to the moon, or mars, or beyond........ Never, Never Land!!!

So, this is on my Design Wall - and soon to be on my 'tops' pile!!!!

Not a great pic - most of the quilt is missing, but my room is small, and I couldn't fit it all into the frame!! But this is a good intication of what it will look like - busy, busy, busy!!! But - I do like it. I even have the two rows that are sewn together draped over the top of this 'wall', just so I could fit all the pieces of the quilt top on there to get a view of where everything should fit, and since I have so many colours in it, so that the colours are spread out and not all grouped together!!

yup want to see this one put together, and then get onto some other things that I want to get to the finish line!!! Next Monday will be a different project!! No more month off here - just a month of working 20 minutes plus!!!! to get it all done!!

Now to see what you have all been up to over a Judy's............ bye!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back from the movie!!!

Well, if you want to have a few laughs and just enjoy yourself, go see Julie & Julia!!! I loved it!!! It is not the book redone - it is, not better, but perfect!!! I really enjoyed the book, and was glad it was different from it. It is funny!! I came home and wrote this down as a new list on my white board, to remind myself and anyone else who cares, to me this is a DVD to get!!!
And, watching the trailers, I have added 4 more movies on my list of movies I want to see!!!

I am so glad I started this list again. I started to keep track years ago when the kids where young and I didn't remember the movies I thought I would like to see. So I started to keep track and write them down!! Some of the movies I have written on it right now, I have not seen yet in the rental place or heard about again!!! I still want to see them, but I guess I'll to wait till they just show up in my life - like "The Visitor" did!! While in Kelowna, I kept picking this movie up from the sale rack, not sure why, but I did buy it. When I told my daughter the movies I had bought, she said, "Well, that one is on your list!!" And, I/we really enjoyed it!! If I hadn't written it down, would I have picked it up subconsiously??? Doubt it!! So, I love my list!!

And here is the neighbors dog that I told you about. She is now tied up on a chain the lengh of a leash...... at least she can get into her dog house. I hope they have water for her... anyways!!!! I have a picture or two of her to show you. She is the only dog that I have ever wanted that belonged to someone else..... and they are moving soon.......I am so scared for her. If this is how they look after her here - what will they do to her out where no one can see?? And with winter coming.......... Okay, enough. It is just making my tummy tighten. I will show you pics of this beautiful puppy who brings me such joy. We all love her - even my two dogs!! And the cat doesn't mind her either. I wish they would ask me to take her..... I would, without hesitation!!

Here is Lexi!!!!

I am going to the movies!!

I am going to see Julie/Julia at the theater today!! My GF and I have never gone to a movie together that we can remember, so today, we are doing lunch and show!! It will be fun. And I have just finished the book, which I enjoyed!! I could not put it down, and she has a new one coming out in Dec. which I will be on the look out for.
No, I have not been sewing. I thought about it last night, and I think it has alot to do with my main machine being down and not really liking the jerkyness of the Gem. It's great if you dont' have a machine, or for classes - I love it!!! But, I miss my ol' girl and want to take her in........
And I have been looking at other craft books, knitting and things, just to get the creative juices flowing....... Has not really worked.
I will let you know how I liked the movie!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of another weekend....

Ahhhhhh, it's just starting to rain outside. It was hot a little earlier, and I was not expecting rain. I am trying to make meals for my freezer today - and I did something that I have not tried before. I am trying to make chicken nuggets - out of the Brain Power cookbook I just finished reading. It is not a freezer meal in the sense that is tells you to freezet these things. I just got them cut up and the cornflake crumbs/seasoning put on them, then popped them into the freezer......... Later, when they are frozed, I will pop them into a labeled bag and cook them when I want to give them a try. It would be a good snack night (movie night) thing, or as a lunch maybe.
I have added three books to my read list and yes, they are all cook books. Two are for making up things for the freezer and they are new to me - but I do like them. The meals sound good, and who doesn't want a good meal that you don't have to think up quickly!! I love having things ready to be re-heated or cooked sitting in my freezer. Makes dinner time a breeze, and some days, you really need quick and easy without the take-out expense!!!
The Brain Power book, well, it talks about how foods can affect your moods/state of mind. I know for me, sugar is something that can send me over the edge, so, since I have realized this, I try to keep my sugar consumption down, way down!!!
And it talks about sleep and what foods to add or to avoid.
Clarity of mind, what helps to think clearly and what foods help you avoid that middle of the day slump....
I enjoyed reading it because I know food can have impacts on you without you even realizing it. I liked the part that talks about what to feed your kids in the morning before school, so they can stay awake and ready to learn!! Now, to re-read that part and see if I can get them to eat it!!! Teenagers, they don't always co-operate!!

Do you play Freecell on the computer?? How about Spider Solitare?? Well, I play them both, Freecell way longer than spider, but with spider, I am now on the last level and yes, I win. Not all the time, but enough.
Freecell, I started at game #1 (twice!! I was in the early thousands) and am now at game #11282. I lost my game number I was on once, so instead of searching for it some more, I just started over!!! And yes, I have won every game that I have played so far with Freecell. I am not allowed to move onto the next game until it's won. I have heard they are all winnable, and so far it's been true. Some can take me days to win, others I can play up to 20 in one sitting.
The reason I ask is, I use these games as a 'coffee break' or when I am mad or upset, as a way to get my mind off it!!! I find them a good break in the day, waiting for muffins to cook, or a phone call, this helps break up the wait time.
Well, I just came on here to say 'hi'. I will be getting a picture of the neighbors dog, so you can see how cute she is!! Once I get my kitchen cleaned up, maybe I will do that today!! Rain seems to have stopped!!
And we have had frost warnings these past couple nights. I am covering everything up tonight to, just to be on the safe side!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is your Week going to be like??

Well, the weather man says, nice for the next few days - hot and sunny like I like it!! Then we are back to yucky and rain - cold, and, well, I am staying inside then....... So, I had better get out there and water my tomatoes now and pray for no frost later. Hubby did see frost last week on his way to work - I was not impressed!!
But onto better things!! I made yogurt for the first time ever last night!!! Using my slow cooker!! It was fun - I like plain yogurt, then I can add what I want to it, or just eat it plain (which I sometimes do). My favorite though is, yogurt and granola with fruit added if I feel like it. Breakfast, dessert, snack, I just like it. And now I have a few containers of plain yogurt in my fridge. It's more runny than what I buy in the store, but I can make it thicker by putting it in a strainer lined with a coffee filter and letting the excess moisture drain out........ hmmm, but not today!

This is where I found ideas on all kinds of money saving ideas, and I got to learn how to make yogurt, something I have woundered about for a few years, but have always talked myself out of - buying the yogurt making appliance..... now, I realize, I have always had a yogurt making appliace in my house!! It also makes stew, soups and lots of good things - it's a multi-purpose little machine called a 'slow cooker'!! Gotta love that!!

Have not sewn for two days now. If I ever get my kitchen cleaned from the baking I did yesterday + dinner, I just might go in there..... or, I might bake again!!! And I have to do another dinner tonight!! Who knew!?!? People want to eat every night???!!! Wow!!! ;-)

I am reading a book I am finding rather interesting. Yes, it's an acutal/factual book. My daughter asked me why I don't read a fantasy or something??? I laughed!! (maybe I am????) But this is the book that has my attention right now: "Emotional Freedom - Libertate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life" by Judith Orloff, M.D.
Right now in the book she is talking about dreams...... hmmm. I don't usually remember my dreams. Do you??? So I am finding this part rather interesting because she is talking about how to get yourself to remember them, and I want to remember. So, I am going to try some of her ideas. Why not?? Like she says, dreams are your own personal movie theater or play - just for you to watch everynight. And I keep missing the shows!!!!

I am going to show you something that you might find boring, but this is one of my favorite things in my yard (yes, it doesn't take much to thrill me sometimes!!) here is two of my rain barrels and how they all are attached and work together!!

These two are in the front of the house, in the back, behind the shed you see in the background I have a few more, then on the other side of the house I have more lined up against the house. I have 9 working barrels all together, all attached to each other and 8 have gold fish swimming in them. They eat all the bugs and yucky stuff and survive all summer living in these barrels - they come out in the winter where I do my best to keep them alive till spring when they are back out again.

Here is a close up of how they are all attached. I use a 'Y' connecter to the tap to create a two hose attachment. that is noticable in the front barrel - the left one does not have it. So the front barrel is also the one that is connected to the back barrels. Each corner of my hosue has a barrel., attached to the downspout. And now, it does not matter which barrel I use for water, since they are all attached, I am empting them all when I water - and when it rains they all get re-filled. I love this system. I finally got the front and back connected last year. And this year, finally got hubby to let me put barrels down the other side of the house for more rain water collection!!! Next year, when I make up my square foot gardens, I will have plenty of rain water to use and I love it!! Our water here is expensive to use for watering your yard/garden. This way, I am able to water all I want (which is why I want so many barrels!!!) and it's not costing me every month to do it!! And having the fish in there, they keep that water nice and clean looking and it does not smell - which I never thought of, till someone mentioned that to me?!! I just wanted the fish in there to eat the mosquitos that would use it to lay their eggs in. The fish do that quite nicely!!

Okay, off to do dishes!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stash Busting week 32

I have nothing to report. I have not bought anything, I have hardly been in my sewing room - it's nice and sunny out there you know, why would I want to be inside on hot sunny days I ask you?????
But, I did, with alot of frustration and leaving the room, manage to sew together my lates BOM. I do not like the way this one got sewn together. I have another pattern to make it and it's - compared to this one - excellant!! so, here is the stressful blk I have manged to sew this week:

I am all caught up on my BOM - I usually sew this together the night I get it so it's done. I forgot this month!!! It looks okay, but this is not a blk I want to make again the way this one is done. And it's 9" not the 9 1/2" it should be..... oh well, it's done. (I look at it and it's not looking like it should have been as stressful as it was. I had to re-cut pieces, un-sew pieces, and it drove me nuts!! I finally get myself back into the sewing room for this???!! lol!!! It's done. That is all I can say!!)

Went through my plans for 2009 last night - uh, I have not done much on my 'goals' list for the year............ I am working on that though. Learing how to stick to my plans and do my goals. Goals are a new thing for me though. It is hard to change patterns and catch yourself falling back to old habits........ but I am going to just keep on working on my 'new' habits till I don't have to think about them anymore. And one of the habits I am working on is to finish my projects........ Not leave them 1/2 done, or almost done, and put them away!!!

And it's August. Time to think school, fall, Christmas, canning, storing foods.... I have been doing alot of thinking in that regard. I do freezer meals - meals you spend a day, a few hours, creating meals that you put in your freezer to use later. Either cook from raw or re-heat. And I have myself a small library of how-to books on this subject. I have been finding myself going through them this past week, planning on what to make to have ready to pull out for the fall/winter months. I want to be an organized home maker. Not this fly by the seat of my pants, what-ever happens happens, type of person I am right now!!! I like this person, but, I think I would like her more if she got it together!!! So, I am working on being more of the person I want to grow up to be!!!!

Have a great week and here is to a blk on Tuesday - my BOM day, that doesn't make me crazy!!! And since I will be in a LQS, my numbers may change for the next stash report.....?! ;-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy August!!

I have not been in my sewing room for over two weeks...... so, no, the Twilight top is still in pieces and the Goose border and step 6 is not done AND no more progress on the Bonnie mystery.

And you know what?? I'm okay about it. I have been enjoying the sunshine, the tomatoes that are turning red and watching the grass grow. I have also been fighting a loosing battle with the puppy next door who gets into my yard to visit all the time!!!! It's frustrating as well as funny. The only part that really annoys me - she gets into my compost and eats what ever she can...... then, the light bulb finally went on (yes, sometimes I can be a little dense) I am now feeding this puppy too. And, when they move, they can just leave her behind and I will be a house with 3 dogs instead of the two I already have.
Yes, they have left a PUPPY!!!!!! at home all day with no food?!!??!!!??? - *?#@!&%#**!grrrrrrr, angry!! and I did make a phone call........................ And basically this lady told me, she would take her in, but make sure she is not mirco chippped. I don't feel right 'stealing' the dog, but common!!! She is just over two months old, and guess what - she NEEDS food!!!! And also, it's the kids dog, and they leave the kids to 'train' her!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!????!!!!! So, when she has escaped to my yard, she gets treated like one of mine, and gets into trouble when she is doing dumb things and she now 'sits' and does 'down' and is actually a good little dog (she won't be little for long - she is a husky...... ) and if they don't teach her manners, I can see them getting rid of her, through not fault of her own. It's almost funny, but if I go in my backyard, sure as anything, no matter who's there, that little bugger is under the fence and right at my side!! One of the kids (there are 8 kids living next door) says, "she follows you" with wounder in her voice.... I almost felt bad. This was before I started to feed the poor little thing. And no, I don't feed her all the time, only when it seems they have left her behind and no seems to be home. And when you have an animal, any animal, making sure you are behind them and if you seem to be to close to the source of food and is growling, you know it's hungry -starving even.....

So this is my dog story for this post!!

We just had a long weekend this weekend - and it was nice. Did we go anywhere, do anything?? No. I did go to the movie - oh the name is escaping me, it's a comedy, uh, crap, it's not coming - anyways, it's was okay. Did see the Harry Potter one - I didn't hate it, but certainly didn't love it. A little dissapointed in it. Like what the heck???? Just because you know you are going to have an audiance, does that mean you can just throw it together, and not care????? I do think it would have been better as a 3 hr long movie - but not the one they produced!!!! One that follows the book a bit better, let you into the whys and what's going on better - not this movie that give you the highlights of the book, but not really any rhyme or reason to the why it's happening. Oh well, it is what it is - and I am now not really looking forward to the next one...... (or two?? My friend says they are breaking up book 7 into two movies???? WHAT?!?!)

Anyways, I just thought I would come on today and say "Hi!!" - it's been awhile since I've done this, or read what is going on in others lives. When it's nice outside, I want to be there - but today, I am going to make chili for tomorrow, a lasagne for tonight and snacks for when you feel snacky. This one recipe I am going to try, I've bought the ingerdiants about 2 yrs ago to make, and well, I keep eating them before I can make up the snack!!! So, today, I am going to make them up and see if they were worth the wait or I should just keep eating the cereal with yogurt like I have been!!! ;-)

Okay, have a great week and enjoy the summer as much as you can!!! I am personally loving it!!! Really miss being by water though, but not going to dwell on that. I live here and I am going to make the best of it!!! Huge Hugs!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Quilt Show!

Okay, here are the rest of the pics I took - oh so long ago!! I have been spending alot of time in the great outdoors, and have only come in when I've had too. I got an email from a friend asking if I'm okay??? So, I thought I would come and let you all know I am just being out in the sun as much as I can - and it's will be time soon where it will be to cold to be out there laying around or playing in the flowers, so don't worry 'bout me. I am just enjoying the season!!

Here is some insperation if, like me, you have not been sewing!!

This is a memory quilt -
I have the story below the quilt. what do with jerseys??
Here's an idea:

Love these humming birds - we might do a colorwash class this year in my guild. Beautiful!!
Above is the quilt, the next one shows the matching pillow!!

Like I said, I have not been in my sewing room - so Shannon, I have not moved much on the Mystery quilt we are both supposed to
be working on..... I will get at it if it keeps being cool outside, and after reading what you've done, I am way behind!!!! lol!!! Here is to beautiful days, ripe tomatoes!! I have alread eaten 3 ripe yellow tomaotoes off the plant I won this spring, oh it's sooooooo good to eat off the vine tomatoes!! I didn't even make 'em into a sandwich, I just cut them up and savored them!!!
Have a great week!! ~ I sure hope too!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Okay, what is on my wall. Well, the same as last week - I am working on my 49 friendship stars for the end of the Plantet Patchwork BOM that I have been working on this year, that I collected the pages for a couple years ago. This is the year for me to do this project and I've named it "Twilight". I am at the end of the blk making for this quilt - these stars are the last to be done. And, I am happy to say, they are almost finished!!!

Also on my wall is the start of Bonnie's mystery that you can find in the quiltmakers magazine, with two more steps to be coming out!! I have not gotten very far, so Shannon, you are probably way ahead of me!!! I want this out of Christmassy fabrics, and I just have not found my stash of them yet. Okay, I'll be honest, I have not gone looking for them yet!!!

I am going to be enjoying this project - I just want to get this top, Twilight, and the Goose blks one done first.

I am so tired of jumping from project to project - I am working really hard at staying consistant in working on one project at a time, even if that means doing the project in baby steps, like the "Twilight" quilt and the "Goose blks" one. there is nothing wrong with doing 4 or 5 projects at at time, as long as you stay focused and work on the projects - consistantly!! And I have been this year. And it works!!

These are the rest of the friendship stars - proof that I am working on them!!! And by this time next week, I am hoping "Twilight" will all be sewn together as a top, and you will see the Goose blks (with the Bonnie Hunter Quiltmaker mystery being my leaders/enders, so it will be getting worked on at the same time!!) on my design wall for next Monday - July 20th!!
So, Goal for this week:
- Twilight sewn together as a top.
- red border on Goose top + fabrics all washed and ready for step 6
- 2" strips/squares cut for Bonnie's mystery - leader/enders
- Great suppers & lunches planned and made so I have time to read and sew!!
- Enjoy the great outdoors!!!!! Oh yeah!! Sunshine!! Bring it on!!!!
And with that, I will let you go and explore what others have on their design walls. And I am coming to see yours!! ;-)