Thursday, January 15, 2015

January - New Year = New Goals!!

Time to make a few changes in my world!!!

Hello!!!    Long time since I have written anything down because I did NOT get anything done!!!
I am still working on Jamestown & Fair and Square, both Bonnie Hunter pattern's, plus her latest mystery has been started although I am still on step 2 of this one.  Yes, I do plan on finishing it even though so many people seem to not like it.

Under my needle right now is a UFO - I am in a 6 month challenge to get a UFO done  month. You number 6 UFO's you want to commit to for the challenge time and the host will pull a number at the beginning of the month and you are committed to get it DONE by the end of the month!!!  This is going to be good for me because I can already see how this is going to help me with my other goals this year.
My #2 UFO is now ready for borders,  I will phone my quilter to see if she will do this for me in the  - well, if she can get it back to me ASAP,   And then I will bind it and I will have a finished product here instead of a project in a box like I do now.  

And I have  A WHOLE LOT of projects in a box here.........

I have not leaned my camera yet.   I do not know why I am avoiding this - but I am.   I want to share pics, I love to see yours, and they do inspired me!! Sometimes a little to much but they are nice to look at.

I just got the book "The Little Spark - 30 ways to ignite your creativity" by Carrie Bloomston and yesterday she talks about how a class can get you excited and motivated and get those juices going and rev you up!  (my words, not hers!!!)  So, as I wrote that I have not learned my camera yet, I just got the nudge that maybe, just maybe, I should take a class on how to use this camera I got that is STILL IN THE BOX!!!  (yes, red face here......)

So, projects on the go:
- #2 UFO challenge    This HAS to be done ASAP
- Jamestown
- Fair & Square

I have baby quilts on my design board to.  Many ideas in my head, but I also want to do a baby quilt a month this year just to have them on hand.
Speaking of that, my quilter is doing a baby quilt for me as we speak.  My daughters friend had her son the end of December so her quilt is almost done.  I want to be ready for the next baby!!

I have more then the above on the go:  I still have to border the 'quick' summer one I started and the Victoria Finley one that uses tiny bits of fabric (well, mine does) that I did get the 12" blks done for then put it away (where?? I wonder.......)
And I am still wanting to just start 'something' - like really Brenda?????!!!!!  I want to have things for Valentines day hanging around, like wall hangings or something that is not so big as a quilt - even a throw quilt is big.....

Here is where I am now.   Hmmmmm.   Goal for myself - class/lesson to take: use my camera!!!!

Okay - Here is to a FANTASTIC New Year and to making your life the life you want to live!!!!
Hugs to you all and talk to you soon!!!!