Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ahhhh, to be a sewer of any kind....

I was going to change my bobbin yesterday - I like to have alot ready to go, so I usually just grab one and then it's good to go!! Well, it suddenly occured to me, when was the last time you actually cleaned out the bobbin area of your machine?? I have pulled out a little lint as I change, but not actually taken it apart and really got it cleaned out. So I did that yesterday. I had already pulled out alot of lint but thought I would take this picture to remind myself - DO IT MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!

I put it all back together, with a fresh new needle (which I am going to find a better needle to use - I seem to go through the ones I thought were such good deal really fast......) And my machine and me are happy now!
Oh, I should explain the tape. I use it to guide my material when I am sewing things like the stars on my quilt. It helps with making the square (star point) be where it should be, it really helps with the un-sewing I have had to do because I couldn't get them sewn on right without drawing a line on the square. This way, the tape lines up so as I sew, as long as I leave the point of the square running up the tape, it's sewn where it should be and they all come out very close to right, if not perfect!! No, it's not to hold my bobbin cover down, which is what I though when I looked at the picture!! I thought it was a better idea to use the painters tape instead of a permant marker drawn line, which would have worked too!!!

I had done alot of sewing last week, this week, with hubby home, I don't stay in there as much as I do when he's gone!! Not that he'd care, but I just feel.... funny spending all my time in my room with him home!! I shouldn't - he does not mind it, and the kids don't care - they make jokes and one always asks "Have you sewn your 20 minutes today???" and if I say " not yet" she tells me to get in there! But even so, I have gotten my first PhD done!! and I can check it off my list of 'things to finish'!!! Here is my finished "I don't have a name yet" quilt top for my future grandbabies!!!!

So, here it is, the nameless wounder.... And it's as far as I have come with it - no backing for it and I still have not decided on the binding... if I should do another border to complete the orange stars or leave it this size - 62" square. Yes, I will want the backing to be flannel, but you know what? I am not going to worry about it right now, I have 29 blks left to sew on Step 4 of the Double Delight I am working on - plus, I have to really think long and hard about not starting the quit Judy L. is posting about on her blog!!! I have alot of FQ's so I should give her project a try, but I also have alot of PhD's hanging around.....

I am really looking forward to sewing outside again this year. Didn't do it last year, and hubby asked me not to set up my stuff in the front yard again!! I still don't see why not, the sun is out there!!!! I just love to sew with the birds singing and the warm sun shining and the never ending breeze that is here........ that is something I had to get used to. But I love being outside in the sunshine. Hmmm, I am thinking I am done with the winter now. Felt like spring a couple weeks ago, smelt like spring and now it's back to cold and snow is coming again. And talking about my fish yesterday, really made me want to go plant a container with something so I could water it!!! lol!!! So, I am going to figure out where to set up my machine this year. I used to use the deck and it was great, but with no deck handy right now, I will have to be on the ground. Yup, out front it is then!!! ;-)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Change.... hmmmm

I thought I would start this post with picture of my "working goldfish". I am going to let you get to know a little bit about me in this post - who I am. Who I keep hidden. Who I just don't talk about in my 'real' life. Why? Well, I feel safe here, I don't feel judged. And if you don't like it, don't read. And that made me laugh because I am not writing or planning to write any deep dark secrets!!! I am just going to talk about my new goals, the ones that I really want to work on - and they are not quilt/hobby related. They are the life changing type things - habits that I really want to create, ones that I really want to loose!! Now, come meet my fish!!

No, they don't have names, but this is one of those things where people look at me like "what???". These are my 'working goldfish' because, they earn their holiday all winter living in the house, by spending all summer living in my rain barrels outside. I do not feed them, maybe a couple days when I first put them out, but after that, they are on their own. They eat whatever comes to the water, so it helps with mosquitos and any other critter that needs water to survive. And they do great!! I have done this for years - and I usually don't loose more than one, if that. They are the feeder fish, the ones that people buy to feed other fish live food with.

Last year we took down the falling apart deck, so what I used to use my water for - all my plants and trees, well, they are no more. Hubby took all my grass and trees and got rid of them!! He now has his 5th wheel parked in my yard instead..... but it's okay!!! But I am not sure now, how many barrels I really need....

Yes, I love collecting rain water and just don't see why more people don't!! And each barrel holds a fish, sometimes 2. And you can always tell is someting has happened to the fish that lived in that barrel - if the water is not clear on top, then the fish is dead, get another one. And it always surprises me how big these fish have gotten spending the summer in the barrels!!!

Okay, a little more about the barrels themselves. They are all connected together with garden hoses and that way I can use the water knowing I am not draining a barrel. Even if I do drain them (have done that by accident a couple times) where the hose is connected (near the bottom) it is high enought that the fish have enough water to survive a few days. But this is something I do not test!! I was so happy it rained the next day! And having them connected means they all fill up at the smae time!! If I lived in the 'real' country, meaning not in a small town in the country, I would have rain barrels all over all connected together (and drive my hubby nuts!! lol!!) So, this is one habit I love, and people ask me where I go this idea from.... I thought of it myself I guess. It just made sense to me one day, why wouldn't this work and it does!!! And it's one of my DD's favorite thing to do in the fall taking the fish out of the rain barrels!! Then, they get to live in my aquarium, and get fed, until it's time for them to go outside again!!

One thing I need to change? Finaces. We are not poor, but we certainly are broke - again. This is not funny. So, this habit of spending more than we earn, needs to change - NOW!!!! We should not be here, we just should not be here again........ Crap. And this is something I do not want people to know. That money is something I still don't have a good handle on. And by now, I should. Period. I read about money and the how-to's ALL the time, and nothing is sticking in my little head. Well, it is, but it's not just me spending...... no blame here though. I get fed up and just stop caring (I sometimes feel like I am fighting a loosing battle and just stop caring.......)

This is something I do not need my neighbors to know. I also don't want them thinking that we are loaded either, but they do. How do I make people see ....... You know what, people are going to decided that they are right no matter what I say, and yes, they could point out the reason's why they think we are doing okay.... we do have some new things, but we also have the payments that go along with them, and I just can't always seem to make the money strech enough to cover these payments............

So, we are talking (finally) about our finaces. But, my question is, will this talking continue or will it stop once this tight spot is fixed????? If it is like 'normal' - once we get this out of the way, so will the talking about how not to be here anymore. I sometimes feel like I am doing everything on my own........ and I can't stop spending what I didn't know was spent.

Another habit I want/am changing??? I am going to start exercising and doing it daily. When I wrote I was walking a mile a day, I stopped!!!! I need to do this for a few reasons, one being - I can not fit into my jeans anymore. So, I am wearing sweats...... yuck!! Yes, they are comfy, but they are so unattrative and really do not make you want to leave the house. I started to gain weight slowly, then I just ignored it, but now, I have realized, I can either change my food habits back to where my jeans fit or I can just keep eating things I know will make me gain, and go back to my size 14. NO!!!!! I am not going up. I am going back to my jeans and making them fit - by April I want to be wearing them again. And this means making a public annoucment here - I have to get myself moving and grovin' and wiggling my butt and not eating things that I know will just make me want to eat more. Sugar is very bad for me. So, no coffee, sugar, salt, chocolate or alchol. Yes, I have been drinking coffee again, and then I want something sweet, only a little something, then shortly after I want to eat something, and why not have another coffee - with cream you know!! Can't have coffee without cream!! So, today, while I looked at the coffee pot, I walked into my room and walked a mile. And realized - March is almost here. I can fit into my jeans by April if I just changed my habit of not exercising..... So, I will do my walk daily, and it won't be hard. And my walk will become 2 miles, then 3 some days..... I can and will do this. Oh, you want to meet me?? Here I am. Been nice talking to you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Start of my Aien throw

Well, I have spent most of the day working on my Alien quilt top. I don't think I am going to be putting on a green border like I first thought. I will finish the blks and then be done with it. I don't think I want it as big a border would make it be, so, an orange binding will finish it off I think...... opionions welcome.

Here is the corner blk. I really like the way it looks with the stars around it.
The green sashing is 3.5" so it is kinda big. But I think with the busy blks it works. And I like how it looks with the stars around the 4 center blks. I thought my pic was with all the stars, didn't realize the top ones got cut off, but this is my future top.... I am not going to say 'quilt' - don't know how to do that yet, but I will learn!!!
So, this is the start of this weeks 'sewing for 20 minutes a day'. Not bad eh??? (yes I was sewing longer than the 20 minutes!! - but I wish I did sew that fast!! I will just have to keep practicing every day and see where that takes me!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stash Report week 8

Okay - here is my report:

Stash - 150 5/8 yrds
Old Stash ounted - 9 1/2 yrds (am not done yet - found this in a bag with a project!)

Fabric Added: 0
Fab. Year to Date: 13 1/8 yrd

Fab Used - 0 (I have been making blks but I will count these amounts when done making them)
Year to Date - 16 yrds

Total Stash Count- 160 1/8 yrds

I have made alot of blks this past week, and have pulled out my Stacked Posies from my pile of things I need to finish! This is where I found the fabrics I am adding to my stash count. I was surprised that there was almost 10 yrds in the bag!!! I would not have come to close to guessing that amount, but there it was..... I have alot more fabric than what I realize..... scary.
I have had a very produtive week - and have enjoyed it.
The sun is out and shining very brightly. That always makes the winter days seem nicer. Tomorrow, they are saying we are back to snow and winter.... okay then. I have been liking it not snowing!! It has been chilly, but I have been warm in my studio, so have not really noticed!

Have a great week busting that stash of yours and make beautiful things!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am working on a PhD!!

Well, I wanted to do some sewing today, missed yesterday with hubby coming home, so I was going to do my guilds BOM's today.... but when I walked into my sewing room I found myself grabbing a bag from the mess by the closet and guess what I found!? This is my version of a "Stacked Posie"!! When I saw this fabric I fell in love with it! It made me laugh and I just wanted to take it home....but I didn't. Well, my friend was going back to the store and I asked her if it was still there could she pick it up for me?? And she did!!! This is my fabric

Well, isn't it fun!!! here are the blks that you get from them, and because the fabric is a really tight design, alot of the blks look alike. But I think they are fun!!

I had decided shortly after I started these how I wanted to put them together, and I think it is going to work out nicely. Take 4 blks and put a small green sashing to connect them in the middle, then on the outside, aroud the 4 blks will be a bigger sashing and the corner will have stars in them!! Like in the January Sunshine quilt I have made in January. With the left over fabric, I am going to be making a pillow case!! This was the perfect project for me today!! Nice and bright and it is also going to help get my PhD's (projects half done!!!) Done!!!!

It does sound better calling them PhD's then that other - UFO's, but considering what this project is, UFO would work wouldn't it!!!

here is my blks with the sashing on - it's missing the middle one though, but it will be put on it. I am looking forward to seeing this top done!!!

So, until tomorrow then!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Blks!

I am ready to show you some of the blks I have done this week!! The first are from the "Goose" BOM. I was not sure about the red, wanted it to be a bit darker, but I
really like these blks!!!

And now I have steps 2 & 3 of "Double Delight" done. I could not believe how loooooong these took to make, but I did it!! lol!! And, I used up tiny bits of pinks from my scraps pile - took out all the pinks and used up alot of them for the 9 patches. I have never made blks so small, and mine are a touch smaller than the 3.5" they are supposed to be, but I know that so I can work with it. If you are doing these, remember 'scant' 1/4"!!

I have seen a few of these Double Delight quilts done up and I do like them. This is the first quilt I have used brown on, and I am glad I bought extra because it came in really handy doing the "Foolish Goose Tracks".

And my last blk is another for the "Twilight Quilt" which is the Planet Patchwork '07-'08 BOM that they had "Celestial Migrane". This blk is called 'Twilight' which I thought was neat!!

Now, for this quilt, it also needs a total of 49 smaller stars to go around the bigger ones - so I figue, as I make the big ones, why not throw in a small one or two and then it won't seem like such an ordeal at the end??! So, today, I will be doing laundry, hubby is coming home for the weekend, and it's our 'movie' night (which was supposed to be a special night, but not so much anymore...........) and I am really hoping to find some time to do some work on my guilds BOM's - I was thinking to have made two by the end of today, but probably not...... This housework stuff always gets in the way!! Should do dishes too!!!! Does it ever stop??? (said with a smile!!)

Okay, off to get things done! Have a great Friday night and the best weekend you can!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just talkin'

The Nintendo hand held game device - it's got a touch screen that you can write on: it's kids gaming device that they have made these gmes for anyone to play that helps to keep your brain working. I bought myself the system just to play the 'brain' games!! Is it working??? not sure..... lol!!
I love to have headphones on and rock away my walk as I walk on a treadmill!!?? Or better yet, I'll just crank up the toons and let everyone enjoy!!

My term as prez is as long as I want it to be (no one wants the job!!) and I was going to stop doing it this year..... When the voting came up, I heard one lady saying softly over and over "Brenda, Brenda, Brenda...." and other joined in....... So I just finally said "Why do you want me here???? I don't know what I am doing!!!!" So, they told me. And I am still Prez - but I said it may only be for the next year because I was seriously considering leaving the group all together..........

There is a reason I am counting my stash - I really want to know how much I have. And, I have also realized why you should do it to: Insurance. Believe me, it's easier to do it now, while it's sitting there then later, when you have had a fire or flood or some other disaster.

My friend got robbed a couple years ago - could you remember everything that you had when they have gone through your stuff and taken alot of it????

We had our basement flood and one part that was damaged was where I stored my books - my books, kids books, alot of books........ People came in to clean up the basement but eventually it was left up to us and guess what I found in one of the rooms??? Books, in plastic bags, covered in mold......... What were they??? I was not going to open those two bags that were that green , covered in mold to find out, but I did open the ones that I could still see the titles of them. And I am still not sure what was in the bags I threw out. I can guess, but think about it for a second....... each book cost some money and I know I lost at least a thousand dollars ( or more....) worth of books, but without the titles and cost to replace, they, the insurace company, are not going to see that. Same with our fabric stashes - there is more money invested there than you realize - and what would it cost you to replace it???? Without a count, how do you know? And insurance is not going to cover even close the the actual cost of loss supplies. You need know what is there. So, that is one of the reasons I am counting my stash. One of the rooms that got damaged, used to be my sewing area, and I store stuff on the floor....... I don't even want to think of it!!

Okay - on to what you want to know. But, do you really?????

Remember -- this is for my eyes only, so I am showing you 'cause you asked - AND I am still working on getting it workable. Right now, it's really not.....

My Stash:

This looks so messy - especially in pictures!! Really shows the worst of it!! To the left is batting, UFO's or Phd's as I learned today (project's half done!! love it!!) not fabric. On the bottom right is my scraps - I am trying to make them organized.... I know, good luck with that! The wicker basket is holding my kits.... I know where things are (for the most part...yup, I lied!!) Here is another shot of my closet:
The top shelf is a cardboard box of FQ's. They are all washed and ready to play with, but I was thinking of putting my FQ's in the little plastic boxes you see on the shelf. Most of my 'stash' is FQ's. The shelf is holding a pillow form, the pizza boxes are BOM's and the folded fabric's are 'counted'!! On the top shelf by the boxed FQ's are my January Sunshine and Strip Twisted tops, with backing waiting to be made into quilts......

Here is the rest of my stash:
this is what I have stored on the floor. The basket has more fabric, yards, that need to be counted. These are fabrics I have already decided what they should be, so they are not with the rest of the stash. I am having trouble organizing my room. Every time I think I have a great idea, it does not work out like I thought!! Does this system work for me? No. See the white to the left? That is my design wall, and it fills it up!! I have trouble with it taking up so much room, yet, I don't have anywhere else to put it. And I like having what I am working on right there in front of me, so I can see what I like and and am not sure of. I know I will find a bigger space, and for now, it will do. But that is my stash. Here are some of my room - plus my PhD's!! yes they have their own spot - so I can just easily grab one and get it done!!

I am going to leave you now with a picture of my neighbors tree. My daughter took this one, it's her favorite tree when it's frosts like this. I love the look of trees coverd with frost, and on the day this was taken, the trees didn't loose the frost, so they were coverd all day.......

I have learned that you can not post comments on this entery. I have no idea why not, but I also had a hard time to get it to post..... so, I was thinking if I edited it, it might now work??? Oh well, still like the frosted tree!! Maybe this editing will work so people can comment if they want. (I like comments!!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stash Report week 7

I have just learned something!! I was counting my stash on Tuesday, and thought, why not start the weekly 'stash busting' post and fill it in as your counting. Well, I didn't realize it wouldn't post it on the Sunday that I wanted it to!! Now I know, don't start the stash busting post early if you want it to post on Sunday!!! I had to laugh. I will get this 'posting' stuff, really I will!! lol!

HEY!!! I got how to change the date figured out!! Now my stashbusting post is where I wanted it to be!! Told you I would figure this out!!!!

Stash - 132 yrds
Old Stash counted - 13 yrds (with more to be counted)

Fabric added this week: 5 5/8 yrd
Fab. added year to date: 13 1/8 yrd

Fab. used this week: 6 1/3 backing
Fab used year to date: 16 yrds - backing

Total Stash Count: 150 5/8 yrd


This is a pic. of some of the fabric that I bought. I just had to have the 'love' fabric, and just in case you didn't know what blk fabric looked like, I had him beside the 'love'!! The other fabrics are veggie fabrics. I am planning (it has been in the planning stage a long time!! to make a picnic quilt with food fabrics. And my friend got some in her monthly mailing and asked if I wanted them!! So, I said okay.

So this in my report this week.
I have been doing alot of sewing; my BOM's, the Double Delight (that takes alot of sewing and cutting time!! lol!!) - and have been really enjoying going through my little pile of fabric and to see how much is in that 'little' pile makes me wounder how much other people have because my stash would make them laugh......... So, shop your stash, see what you find and lets make it shrink!! See what we can get out of our mess of pretty fabrics!
Me?? I am working on things I have been wanting to do awhile, and then it's UFO time!!
Have a great week - I know I am planning to!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Took all day, but step 2 is basically done. All that is left is the pressing and cutting to size - then onto step 3..........

I am glad to have this project on the go again. I am itching to see it done!!

I only have the 'goose' blk to do and my goals for this week are done!! Other things I have been doing it trying to do my DS brain games - uh, my brain is 74....... not the age I want it to be!! lol!! I know it was younger before - like last year, then my kids 'borrowed' my DS and I just forgot about playing..... so, now I am making myself play it again. It's fun, and if it will help me get my concentration and memory back, I am willing to play!!

I have also been trying to 'walk'. I have some of Leslie Sanson's DVD's and I do enjoy doing them when it's cold outside or I just feel like moving. So this week I have pulled out my 1mile walk and done that before I go for breakfast. I am not a moring person, so 1 mile is a good start for me. One thing that I would like to do is go for walks and think... if you have read "Artist Way" or "Vein of Gold" by Julia Cameron, she talks about the walks being really helpful to clear your mind and then fill it with ideas. It helps with your creativity and is a really good thing to do for yourself. So, I would like to go walking........ What stops me is, I want to walk in beauty - and I just feel depressed walking here. Nothing inspires me on these walks, they just make me feel like I want to go back home. Living in the praries is hard for me. I come from mountains, and I miss the trees, the valleys and hills, the different levels that your walking on, I just miss the walking there where it's always changing. Okay, stop complaining, grow where you are planted, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've tried......

And I am still prez of my quilt guild. Am not sure how I feel about that. I had an incident today that makes me wounder why I said okay.... but I will figure out a resolution to this 'problem' and then it won't be an issue anymore. I do not like conflict and I do not like being talked over. Talked to, talked with, but do not talk over me. And if you ask me something, let me answer. So, enough said.

I have had a very nice Friday the 13th. I am were I want to be with my goals. That feels good. And I have been wanting to write my brain age on here, so that when I get it down to 20, I can see where I started from and when!! Okay, Goodnight!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday, all day.......

What is this mess!!??!!

Well, I have been working on Double Delight today!! I have all the pieces cut out and am acutally sewing them together!! This is the pile of little blks with one of the 4 triangles sewn on.... this is where I am stopping. At least for now!! Here is what my step 1 of this quilt looks like:

I like them - so I know what I have gotten myself into with the second step and I am on my way!!

Here is my Cam. blk from yesterday .

The colors are very light, and no, this is not fabric I would have choosen, but it's a 'free' blk as long as you follow the rules. You pay for the first blk, but it you do it right for the next 11 months, you can have all the blks for only the cost of #1. They give you the next months blk. The trick to making it a very inexpenisve quilt is when you are at the store - DON'T SHOP!! lol!! So, my blks are defintitly not 'free'!!

Here is all 6 of the ones I have done so far this year...

So, this is what I have been up to today - alot of cutting for Double Delight but I also cut out some of the blk for my new BOM 'Foolish Goose Tracks'. I like the look of the quilt and I figure, what's another BOM to do while I am going the Cam. one?? So, I have Cam; 'Twilight'; my guild BOM from last year and now the goose one!! I think that's it... So, might as well do them all around the same time.

And I am almost finsished this weeks goals list. Okay!! If I keep this up, I am going to get finished some UFO's!! And won't that shock some people I know!!!

"Being Erica" is on tonight, and I am looking forward to that. And I am going to figure out dinner. So, I will keep my blog updated on how well I am doing at keeping myself on track with my projects. ;-)
Spring will come - And open widows and sewing outside, ahhhhh, yes, I am getting ready.....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BOM Tuesday

Well, I have been to a quilt store today and come home, not empty handed though....... which is not really what I wanted!!
I have got my BOM from the store today - so it's here and ready to be made up.
Then I bought thread, which I need.
The black fabric??? Well, I am always looking for it and I do need it for my 'new' BOM that I want to do. Most, well, I am hoping all the rest of the fabrics will come from my stash - I just need to get it better organized so I can find my backgrounds...... But the pink 'love' fabric was a definite impulse purchase and so was the pattern..........

I bought the 'love' fabric because someday I would like to make a valentine something and this will go with the hearts fabrics that I already have. The black is in there to!!

Here is my pattern:

I will figure out (by reading my how to's!!) on how to post this right side up!! But hey, it's a quilt pattern and the quilt pictures look fine!! This pattern is for small quilts - 16"x20" using FQ's. Or Scraps- which I have alot of!! And when I saw the stars (the one in the middle) done up and haning on the wall - PRETTY!!!! The company is "From my heart to your hands" And these ones are designed by Lori Smith. I will one day - NOT SOON!!! work on this and see if they go together easy - then I will let you know! I just have to much on my plate right now, I keep finding new things to do and then I do 'em so I should not have bought this pattern!!!! Bad Brenda!!!

And now to show you another BOM I am working on. I printed off the Planet Patchwork BOM '07-'08 Celestial Migraine last year and kept wanting to work on them, but for many reasons didn't. I have started now!! Last summer a lady came by with her fabrics from a store she had shut down - I found a black batik with lots of colors through it - and I knew I had to have it!! It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had to have ALL of it, so went back and bought all that she had left!! And this is what I am using it for!!

These two are the start for the BOM. I had to make another one for my 'goal' this week and here is yesterdays blk. (the pattern says to make two. Well, I don't want two the same so I make the two but different!!)

So, this is my BOM "Twilight" started.
And now I have to get to work on my Cam. BOM - I will show you this one later. This is a BOM a LQS does, so it's a nice Tuesday drive once a month - and it goes from Sept to Aug. This year is a really simple, no stress blks - so they work up really quickly. I like that!! So, off to my sewing room!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Okay - I will make up some Goals for this week....

I keep reading other people and they make goals for the coming week. I have not ever made 'goals', I always have ideas of what I would like to have happen, but I am not a goal setter. I am thinking I should re-think this way of doing things.......
So - here I go:
  • Cam. BOM
  • Twilight blks - get at least one blk done
  • That new BOM - get it done too!!
  • Step 2 of Double Delights. I want this done this week.
  • Count more of the stash. How 'bout the Christmas stuff this week???
  • Cut out the backing for Strip Twist. Get it washed and put it with top.

Okay. Now it is written down, and there is not one reason why I can't get these few things done this week. Now I can go to bed a read a little. Night!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stash Busting Week 6!!

I have been laying around all week with a wicked cough. Not fun!! So not very productive this week at all - although I did do a blk that my guild was doing as a group; we each would teach a blk and then hand out the how-to's to make our own sampler quilt. Well, I am still working on the blks - so I th0ught that would be an easy thing to do while under the weather. I have to fix the mistake I made before I move onto other things!! lol!!

Here is my Report:

Stash: 74.5 yrds
Old Stash Counted: 57.5 yrds

Fabrics added this week: 0
Fabics added year to date: 7.5 yrds

Fabrics used this week: 0
Fabrics used Year to Date: 10 3/4

New STASH TOTAL!: 132 yrds (with still more to be counted!!)

Here is my fixed blk! I had managed to sew one of the corners on wrong!! You don't get the 'ribbon' look when one is put on wonky!!!

Here is another one I did, while sick!!