Saturday, July 26, 2014

July Project List

No pics yet.
Projects I am working on: 1- Jelly Roll quilt that I have on my design wall, waiting for the borders.

    2-  Fair and Square - a Bonnie Hunter pattern from Shirts and Shirttails 2 book.  It uses up a lot of 1.5" squares, and if you go to the link it is the quilt on the top right!  I am still just making pieces for it right now - the string blocks are fun to do!! I only have about 48 left of those!!!!

  3-   Jamestown - another Bonnie pattern from String Fling.  This is one I am making with a friend from the States!!! We thought we would do a project together, and choose this one.  I am still working on the (million!!!!) 368 strings for it,  I mean 168!!  But as of today's count, I only have 49 to go!!!   This one was only going to be done one step at a time, meaning, once the strings were done, go to the next step and so on and so on, but, me being me,  started to make half square triangles a couple weeks ago.   I need 840 for this step so I thought I should start it soon!!!!  This is also a project I have written down to have done by the end of August.  The top part at least anyway.  Then I will take it to be quilted.

   4- my last project for this month is a Victoria Findlay Wolfe one.  15 Minutes of Play.  The quilt I am creating is the one on the cover of the book, but the pattern for it seems to be missing!  I have in my Quiltmaker magazine #150 (March/April '13)  which also has it as it's cover quilt.   This is using up a lot of my smaller scraps, which is good.  It is labor intensive, meaning it is a whole lot of sewing and trimming for all the pieces I have made so far - I am almost done.  I created the 12" blocks first, thinking I will get the big ones over with first and the rest will be easier (and faster....).  I got to a point of not wanting to do these for a bit!!!!!  So, I am back on track -sorta - and I want this one done ASAP too!!!!!

These 4 projects are my main goals.  As one gets done (to the top stage at least) I am going to throw another on the list.  I know I like to start things - this is what has happened to create all these projects on-the-go here, and it has to stop.  So, I am letting myself start new things, with the understanding, I do not stop till it is done.  And that is why the crumb project and the Fair and Square one are on this finishing list.   These are my newest 'starts',  the jelly roll is brand new, so I want it done first.  I am so close to being at the top stage, it's crazy!

talk soon.  I will post my new list for August soon.  I want to keep my list small, 4 a month.  One a week - and soon, my UFO list will get smaller and smaller, even with new starts!  I want to make some baby quilts, or smaller lap sized ones this year.  Gifts for the little people in my life or the ones on their way here!!! Here is to getting it done!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I certainly am not a great blogger, but, saying that - I have been busy.  I have 4 projects under the needle right now, many to be finished - meaning, they need to have their binding sew on, and then they can be called 'done'.  And, I have many ideas in my head......

And, I do have a camera, that I am not using quit yet, but it is on my list to learn how to take great pics and post them on here.........

So, do not hold your breath - but I will be back SOONER THEN A YEAR!!!!!!!  Promise!!!   And, if I - no, WHEN I get my {probably very simple} camera working and can get pivs on here, I will show you my crumb project, and the others that I am working on.

I am still here, really, and I do enjoy visiting others blogs.  I just have to take the time to make a post and let you know what I am up to and then come and read what you are doing.   Have a super July - I have goals for the month and being on here, visiting with you - is one of them!!!!

(((hugs))) Brenda!!   Glad you are reading this!!!