Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunshine has finally come to stay awhile!!

I have not been sewing. Well, I have, but not since last week. This past weekend, the TV I had bought for my sewing room, was put in there with a hookup to the satellite!
That was unexpected, but I like it!!
I love to watch 'The View' in the morning, and now I can, while I sew!!
Love that!!
Here is my 'helper'!! Patient man, yes he is. Gotta love that. Me, not always....
Plans. I need to make my plans a reality.
Received my "Quilter's Home" today. I am just over half way through it, and yes, I have laughed a couple times. I do enjoy that magazine. I looked at the pattern for the rug hooking and thought, hmmmmmm. Then stopped!!! I do not need another 'hmmmmm' project right now!!

With this TV moving in, my stuff all got moved around!! What a mess that creates!! But, it also made me realize I have to finish what I start AND stop starting things!!!!!!! If I would do the first, then I can go back to the second part!! The best part of finishing is, I would have more room in that space I have!

BONUS!! I could use more room, and that will be the best way to get it. This was my plan in the first place, but like all plans, if you don't keep it in the forground, it gets lost in the background.... And another thing that made me kinda laugh in the magazine, is where Mark talks about making it a point to sew 15 minutes a day. My time is 20 minutes a day - and I can not count the hour I sew today as anytime towards tomorrow. I am really behind on my time though - so I do have to play catch up. I have not been all that good since my trip to Kelowna. I realized that yesterday, so I am going to get myself back on track, and make my sewing a daily thing again. No excuses.

We have a stray cat that showed up the other day. Skinny as skinny can be, so yes, I bought it food.... It has been here for 12 days. Friendly, not a trouble maker, and last night it caught a mouse!!

I laughed at that because my 'helper' told my daugher that if it catches a mouse, it can stay!! Bet he wished he hadn't said that!!

It's here now, I do not want it in the house, not at all, but the dogs don't bother the cat at all, so as long as everyone is friendly, it can stay. But when winter comes, it will have to be talked about again.....

It's supper time. So I am going to leave you with a saying that I have on my wall of my sewing room. Have a great week, and talk to you soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cream Recipe

I was on a friends blog and was told to go to this blog for an excellant cream recipe for dry skin. Well, I have not made this up, but thought I would share it with you!! I can have really dry hands and my feet, well, they have been so bad that they have cracked open as I've walked and that is not a comfortable feeling....... that has not happened in a few years now, but still, it's not a good feeling. So, I thought I would share what I have found!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Stash Report week 20

Good Sunday Morning to you!!
Here is my report!! Yes, it's changed - I went shopping!!
Stash - 172 1/2 yrds
Old Stash Counted - 0
Fab. added - 3 1/2 yrds
F.A.Y.T.D. - 18 5/8 yrds (hey, that's not bad......)
Fab Used - 0
Fab. used YTD - 9 yrds (this is not true, but it's hard to count scraps)
New Stash Count - 176 yrds

Hmmm. I keep looking at my shopping this week, and want to start on new things!!

Yesterday, I had a personal retreat!! I went to sew one thing,
got a bit frustrated, so pulled out something else, that
annoyed me too, so I made a twilight blk!!
I have only 38 of the little friendship stars to make!!
I usually have my pics bigger, but I thought I would go smaller today.

I also finally decided to play with my 'X-blks' ruler I have had for months!! I really like these. You start out the blk by making a 9 patch - the ruler you are using tells you the size to cut the squares - then you put the ruler onto the square, line it up and you end up with a wonky blk like this!! Well, when you cut off the edges, you don't throw them away!! They become part of the
It's really a neat sytem!

The other really neat thing is you can make blks that will fit into the center of the bigger blk! That looks really neat. I was playing with my 3 1/4" ruler first before I made this bigger blk (6.5") and thought the little blks would make a great doll or barbie quilt....
And these guys, the cut off parts are really to small to save, but they are cute. Here is one, placed on the 6.5" blk, to show you that it would fit as the middle blk. And when you do that, they blk looks really neat!! I have only been using up scraps again - but I could see making a 'real' project with these!! they are fun to do!!
Isn't that fun!! And if the colours went together better, it would be alot of fun!! I just really like the look of them - the ruler is called the "X-Blocks" and the 2 web sites that come on the pkg are: and

Well, this is enough for now. I am going to go sew a bit more today, play with my rulers and see what else I can do!! I am thinking I will make a pillow for the couch out of these play blks!! Have a great week and bust that stash!!! Or, like me, make it grow!! ;-) that is fun too!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday's are Fabulous!!

Even though Monday's are my favorite day of the week, Fridays are just fun!! It's our movie night, where we have snack foods. Tonight it's wings and shrimp and all different kinds of chips!! lol! And three movies. One will be saved till tomorrow. Hopefully the one with Brad Pitt, which I really don't care if I see.......

Anyways, I thought I would share some shopping that I did yesterday with you!!

Here are two more batiks!! I should really just buy the store out of this kind of material!! It's like candy for me, I want them all!! But, I seem to be gravitating towards pink and purples..... I am going to have to make a different choice for my next ones - I want this quilt to be alot of colours, but I also want them to work together!!

With batiks though, you can't go to wrong....

I also found a fabric line that as soon as I saw it fell in love!! "Stonehenge" by Sunshine Cottage. This one is #3941 www.

It comes in many colours, and I know I will be back for more - but browns or fabrics I can use as backgrounds seem to catch my attention lately - and I love this one!! I can see getting more of this one........

And I have finished my BOM!! It only took me a couple days, but it's done!! This months blk is 4 smaller blks sewn together. Instuctions, use the two backgrounds and the 4 coloured fabrics.... okay, sounds simple enough - but - and there is always a 'but', why don't I use up some of my scraps for this blk. Okay - I will!! And I did. I just didn't like one of the small blks!!

I don't like the bottom right one. To dark. So I had to make it again:

Better!! Then I slept on it and woke with another idea!! Go Me!!
Why not use the backgroud as the star in the middle?? So, I did - and this is what it looks like. yes, I have them all sewn together now and I like it. All my scraps are now basically 'scraps'!! Very small pieces now!! And I do have two 'extra' blks!! But I do like this blk now. I think it's the best of all three. What do you think??

Today, my daughter tried to sew a bag... I was not much help, I try to explain, then get told how she wants it, and I finally just left her to it. Well, little mistakes were made and now, she wants nothing to do with it. Frustrated? Yes. Me too, but I did ask her if she wanted me to take it apart and that is when she told me she will never touch it again. So, I don't know if I should help or not. I wil probably take it apart - it's not that big of a mistake (she shouldn't have sew the lining on when she did) but if she is not going to ever use it, should I waste my time....

ahhhh, I am just talkin'. I know I will take it apart - and fix it. I just did not want to. But she won't ask questions because she won't like the answer..... and she won't fix it herself, I know that.

Have a Great Long Weekend Everyone!!! May the sun shine for you all weekend!! We are good Saturday, but Sunday and Monday, not so good!! Make the best of it!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Snow in May?!?

Yes, I woke up to snow!! Not alot, but still coming down!! This is my crazy front yard. It used to be all grass besides this build up bed, which used to hold a big ol' tree thing. I can not remember the name of the tree that was in there. We took it out when we changed light poles, and this is where the rhubarb got planted. And where I am going to put strawberries. Last year I had a few plants in it and it worked just fine. Sun all day.

And I got a surprise yesterday. My oldest daughter and I were sitting in the sun the other day, when it was sunny!! And I made a comment about the bench we were sitting on, that I thought it would look good in a fire engine red, and with the sides re-painted a nice black. Then we could paint the front door to match!! ;) Well, while I was watching Seven Pounds with my other daughter (have you seen it??? What did you think?? I liked it) My daugher did this...
I think it looks really good. Is it dry yet?? I forgot to check, and with the cold, it just might still be wet!!
My hubby last year, took out all my yard, to create the 2nd driveway that in the first pic you see to the left...... He has a 5th wheel, that he can now park in the back yard... where there used to be grass and apple trees............ I just took it in stride last year, but this spring I have realized how much it does bother me. I have no yard and no deck - which means... where am I supposed to put my flowers.... where do I...... ahh suck it up buttercup, it's all going to be fine...... I hope!! So, this is my adventure today. I have a pretty bench to sit and read on, and even though it's kinda hidden, it gets great sun in the morning!!
Enjoy the sunshine - and then send it my way!! My plants are staying inside again!! One day they will get to be out in the real sun, but for now, they are safer inside!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Windy, Cold Tuesday!!

Today is a really chilly day!! It is also my BOM day - so it's now home with me!! Plus more goodies!! Yes, I did a little shopping today - ready to see?

This product is called "Mary Ellen's Best Press". My friend, who was walking around with a huge jug of it loves it. She told me to go and buy a little bottle and try it. I guess when you find your fabric really wrinkled and it won't iron out (has that really happened to anyone besides me???? ;-) she said this will just make that material relax and iron out smooth and be just fine to work with. So, I am going to give it a try...... It also doesn't attract bug like starch can, so I hear. My bottle is unscented - but she loves the lilac smell.

When I find some wrinkled fabric, I hope I remember I bought this so I can give it a try!!
Here is some more shopping!!
(I am sure you don't want to see the groceries, so lets just stick to the quilt store stuff!!) I bought two charm packs and some batiks. I also bought a bag of scraps - love scraps!!
The christmas fabric got me wanting it - and
it ends up its a stip!! lol!!
But I do like my scrap bag!!

I can always use more neutral fabrics and the cream and the white, kinda glare in the picture!! After the Double Delight, my pinks are basically gone, so this will help with that!!
I have also found a pattern for a baby quilt that I kinda like. Enough that I made a short cut to it!!. I am not a 'coin' person, but for some reason I like this one. So, went I went into my LQS, I saw this right away....

This is a Moda fabric called
"Northern Solitude". And I kept looking at it. "For a baby quilt?", I asked myself. And finally decided yes, for a baby quilt!! The colours are not in your face, nor are they babish. Suitable for a boy or a girl - and it just feels calming....... and, they won't 'out grow it' like butterflies and baby toys.......

No, I did not buy the backing or the sashing/borders yet, but I have the charms. There are 36 squares in each pkg.

My next fabrics are for my future Orian Star. And here they are. (I was only going to buy two - a light and a dark...... guess I can't count!!)
By the time I am done collecting, I think I will have some really pretty fabrics to use.
And this brings me to my thoughts this weekend.
I am thinking of planning my own personal retreat!! I am going to see if I can find a day, when no one will be home, or if I can go away.... and just sew like I am running out of time!!! No interuptions, no guilt, no phone (if at home I will unplug them all!! lol!!) and see if I can get myself finishing things - or starting and finishing, or really, to just have some fun!!!
In the store today, they have so many ideas, books, temptations, that it is hard to resist sometimes. And today, I was in a spending kind of mood, so I am glad I stopped when I did.
I think the weather turning so bloody cold helped with that!! Snow is in the forcast and it's cold out there.
That wicked wind, as I was putting the groceries into the car, kept pushing my buggy!!! And it did grab my bags and blow them away!! Lost at least one of them, but someone caught the heavier one and brought it back to me as he's looking around the parking lot to see where it had come from!!! The bag I did loose was a really nice heavy plastic one. Bought it from Super Store, and they last forever!!!!!! I love 'em, so I was sorry to see it fly away!! But what can you do when it's just you and your not done yet, with a buggy that's trying to go too and ..... ahhhh!!!
But, I am home now, with my tea, sharing my fun day with you and I am glad to be out of the wind!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
OH, and I bought myself a marigold! Last night, I cleaned out a couple pots for my pepper plants and realized they need some flowers to share the pot with. This is a start. Marigolds are not a favorite, but the bugs don't like 'em, so that is why I have to have then in my containers!! And they do attract the bugs that help the peppers - you know, the ones that buzzz and make us honey!! I would love to have a hive in my backyard, but hubby says no...... Then again, what he doesn't know won't hurt him.... or will it!!?? lol!! ;-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Stash Busting week 19

My Stash has not changed since last week. I have finally sewn, but still, not enough to count it yet. So, my stash total is still at 172 1/2 yrds.

I have finally got the last Goose blk done. And my BOM one. So easy, but they sure took me a long time to do this month. Granted, I did have to do the goose one twice, but still, I got it basically all done in one day the first time - weeks later for the second one........

So, this one looks way better than the first one I did...... Granted, this one was not sewn together, but even just sitting there, I did not like it.

So, now I will show you the BOM that I have done. This blk was given when I was in Kelowna, but my friends got it for me, so my next blk on Tuesday will be free!! You have to have the last months blk done, or it cost your $7 for the next one. This one, because I was away, I had to pay for. It's okay though, I got it done!! Easy blk. Quick to do. here it is.

There. Done!!

Happy Mothers Day by the way!!

Today we went to the Star Trek movie. I liked it. Yes, I can be a trekkie - but not a full blown one!! I could never travel in outerspace on a ship, and I don't want to fight, so I guess I'll just stay a civilian and stay on earth. But I do like action movies, and this one is full of it!! I am not a romantic/chick flick type of girl. I also watched the movie 'Doubt' last night. I liked it......
Saw "Marley and Me" on Friday night - and the way the dog was moving at the end, was to close to how my girl walks. She has just turned 11 yrs old last month, and she has been with me constantly for all that time. I do not want to think about her not being here...... so, her is her pic. so you can see her face.
And with this last pic. I am going now. See Myra, I can make smaller posts!! ;-)
It is supposed to be beautiful out this week, and I am going to go out and enjoy the sunshine. Make sure you get your Vit D this week too!! The science guys are realizing how important this Vitamin is, so make sure you get yours!!! Here is to a productive week. I have been so unproductive, that I am really hoping to make this week my turn around week. Here is to sewing!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday In May

This pic. was taken the other day, but it's basically what it looks like in the sky today. Not as dark though, but it's chilly out there in that wind.

I have had a nice weekend. Did not sew much at all this week. Barely even walked into the room. We had our coffee pot die on us the other day, and hubby can't live without his coffee!! So, we now have a new one. I bought the Black and Decker, Under the Counter one again. I think this is our third one, but I do like them. And it does take things off the counter, and in a small kitchen, that is nice. What else have I done?

Well, a friend and I went to 'The Butterdome" which means, we went to the Spring Craft Sale.

This is the 2nd time for a 'Spring Fesival'. Butterdome is an event where artisans and crafts people can show off and sell their wares. They have to meet a certain standard to be included in this forum and the stuff you see is wounderful!! They come from all across Canada, and it was fun to see people that I've seen at the usual Christmas Event. I have know about this for years, the Christmas one, but have only been to it for the last couple years. I didn't realize what I was missing, so I am planning on never missing it again!! I love it!! The picture here is what my friend bought me. And I have it hung on my wall proudly. This is one of my very favorite spots and my kids know it!! I love hugs - to get them and to give them. And I love this picture.

This is one of the things I want to do, hang sayings that mean something to me around my house. And since I am going to learn how to do letters quilting style, create some of my own saying in a quilted wall hanging.........

And I love Gargolyes!! So when my friend and I were out looking at house plants for her home, I found this little guy sitting amongst the plants!! He had to come home with me!!! I love him!!!

I handed him to my hubby and told him, okay, I am ready to build now.... He said 'finally'!! He has wanted to build a house for us for years, me, I just dont' want the hassles... but for some reason this little guy made me go, okay, lets build 'cause then I can have these type of things on the roof, for draining water like they used to on castles!! lol!!

Actually, it's the wanting to be outside, gardening, playing in a yard enjoying the outdoors and having a house where houseplants thrive. Creating a greenhouse and garden area, my very own crafts area, with all my plans and dreams included in it........ I want to move. At least, that is how I am feeling today. I am tired of it being beautiful one day and winter cold coming the next. In our old house, I had over a hundred plants, and they were healthy and beautiful. Even in the middle of winter I felt like it would end. We moved here.... I love this house and it's location, so many good things I like, but, I only have about 7 plants that have managed to survive in it. The lighting is awful!!!! And with our basement flooding last March, we are still trying to get the basement right again....... lets just go find someplace we both like and build our dream home........ I don't have to worry about moving any time soon though! We both have differnt ideas of where we want to live!!!

I have transplanted my tomato though!! And it was lonely, so I went to a couple green houses and now he has friends!!! I bought a Tumbler tomato plant -LOVE!!!! Tumblers!!! I have two pepper plants, one Jalepeno and the other one Habenero. Let's see if I can make them grow and produce anything. I had pretty good luck when I had my deck - kinda protected from the wind and sun most of the day...... I made salsa from them, and it was good!! And I also bought a flower and 6 strawberry plants. Hubby killed all my strawberries last year....... so I tried them in containers.... they did not survive the winter, so I am putting them now where they will at least have a chance.
My rhubarb is coming up again!!

How this little rhubarb is still alive, is beyond me!! Proves that they are very resilant plants!! And, just makes me know, if I do move, ever - it's coming with me!! For the first 4 yrs after we moved here, it lived in a small pot that I had put it in for the move over.... I didn't have a spot to put him in the ground in, and figure I would find one. Then I would realize it was sitting out there, in that litle pot, in the dead of winter, not protected and figured it was dead.... that made me sad. But, every spring, I would check his pot and sure enought, there was life coming out of it!!!! The first year I was shocked, the other 3 years I was mad at myself for not putting him in the ground!!! So, last year, I finally did - he got put in the front flower bed. And now, I will plant my strawberries around him!!!

See how little my garden is?? The tall one in the back right hand corner is my tomato that I replanted. We don't plant until the May long weekend, so they will have alot of time to wait and grow by the front window........

Oh! I have finished another older book - "Don't Cry it's Only Thunder" by Paul G. Hensler. It's his experiance in the Vietnam war. He ended up meeting a bunch of kids, orphans, and the two nuns who are trying to keep them safe and how he helped them, and how they changed his life. I enjoyed this book. He did end up doing a movie of his experiance, but I have not seen it. This is one of those books that 'hmmm, sounds interesting', and got put on my pile of 'maybe someday'. I am glad I read it.

Another thing I am doing this month is: I am drinking Wholy Tea. Have your ever heard of it??? It's a tea that my sister keeps talking about, so yesterday when I was in the health food store, I asked if they had it. Well, yes, they did. So, I bought it. It's "The Total Body Detox. It's as easy as 1,2, Tea" I have never done a cleanse or a de-tox before, so we will see what happens. It's tea that you steep for 8 hrs before you drink it, in the weeks worth of water- so you makes the weeks tea now, and you drink a few cups a day till it's done. Then, you dry out the tea bags (that have been in the water the whole time) and use the dried leaves in the food your eating - sauces, soups, smoothies......... I am just learing here!!! But I was surprised that the tea tasted good this morning. And you drink it cold - do not reheat it. But you can also add it to things, so..... I am woundering what it will do to me??!! lol!! Tracey says not to venture to far from a toilet... I will have to keep that in mind.

And I am not doing very well on the walking......... I have to keep telling myself I love to exercise - maybe that will work. Actually, I have not been doing much lately of thing I had planned.

Okay. Take care and enjoy this week. I am going to. And I am going to sew. Plus, I bought a huge pkg. of hamburger to make some burgers for the freezer. Then I am ready to BBQ at a moments notice. We did that last night, and I liked it. Steaks, corn on the cob, fresh veggies and dip....... Yup, I am so ready for the outdoors and summer sunshine, these cloudy cold days just bring me down. Talk soon!!