Monday, April 27, 2015


I have not sew in two months.  I have though created a list of 'things to do'.  Here they are:

1. - Nancy's table runner (a friend made one and gave me pieces to make my own - now to do it!!)
2. -Weekend Fun kit!!  From Connecting Threads - got it plus backing to make ASAP  (famous last words)
3. - 1 1/4" 4 patches - for the 4 patch challenge that magazine is doing (American Quilter?? I think so) Yeah, I picked the smallest one to do.  I am thinking it will not be a very big project but I do want to keep working on the pieces.....
4. -Borders:  Jan's UFO Christmas Quilt & Feb Triangle quilt, mitered borders: these need be done and taken to the quilters
5. -Rag Quilt UFO  - Aprils.......
6. - UFO BOM that uses Nancy's (my friends!) rulers - get it done and get these tools back to their owner!!!!
7. - Little letters quilt on design wall.  Yup, still there - not impressed with myself on this one.........
8. - Bonnie Hunters latest mystery.  This is started but now in a bag and no longer living on my cutting table.  I want it done.  I bought all the fabrics for it, I did not have much to pull from my stash, so this is a commitment and I want it now out of it's bag and DONE.
9. -Quiltmakers new mystery. Yup. Bought this fabric and it and the magazine(s) for it are waiting to be started.......
10. -Bonnie Hunter:  two of her quilts from different books are started and waiting to be worked on.
Jamestown  is one.   Fair & Square is the other.   Both close to the finish line but still need some work.  wow.  Nope, not done with this list yet but close.......
11. -Baby Quilt - not sure which one but I want one done a month.
12. -Victoria Finely's Crumb Quilt.  I can not think of the name right now but it is on the cover of her book and on the cover of a magazine she was in.  It literally uses up crumbs of fabric in your sewing room  and I have made the 12" blocks for it, now I just need to get busy on the smaller ones.......
13.-The kit that I bought when I bought the fabric for the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery.

There could be more - I have found more things - but I think this is enough.

Hope this helps get and keep me on track..... now to just get back in there and making it all come together.  When I was working I seemed to get more done - funny how that works.  When you have all day it takes that and more - at least for me it seems to be that way.