Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

Well, I have a pic of my now finished center of my 'twilight' quilt!!! I did/do not have the complete how-to's on this quilt from Planet Patchwork, so I just put it together how I thought would work. And, it was not that hard and all my partial seams worked!!! yeah!! So, here is the center part - borders next, then off to the quilter!!! (oh yeah, I am not leaving these things anymore!!! Looked at my list of things on the go last night....... I could cry. So, it's time to get these projects finished. And that is how it is!!)

It doesn't look half bad!!

But, we are talking about what is on the wall this week........ oh so many to choose from!!! I have the goose blks I was going to have done by the end of June. See how that worked out for me!! But it is on my list of projects for this month. And I have my daughter's quilt that I had put up on the wall a very long time ago, and she - well, lets just say teenagers are not the easiest to live with, and I took it down...... It is on my list to pull back out of hiding and get working on it. I also have my One Block Wounder.......
But right now on my wall is the start to Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt found in the Quiltmaker magazine. I found this when it first came out, and look at me (not) go!!!! So, I want to be caught up by the time step 3 comes out, and so maybe this is what I will do today - tomorrow and the next day. 3 hours today - so I am caught up on my 20 min a day goal. Then, I can get busy working on it.

Here are the start of my 4 patch blks.

But I do have a question about the blk fabrics Bonnie asks for. When I started this project, I wanted it to be out of Christmas fabrics - and so far, so good. No, not all the fabrics in the 4 patches are Christmas, but they are from my leaders/enders pile and they will work.

But, Bonnie wants 2 black fabrics and these are ones that I have right now. For those who have done this, do you think these two fabrics are to busy for this project, or, not...... Part of me wants to use them, but I don't want a quilt that you could put on Ami Simms ugly contest either!!

The fabric's pattern are faily small - definitly not this big, (to me they look huge!!) but do you think it would work for this blk???

Use both? Just one?? Keep looking???

And with that, I am off to do laundry, see what other are doing on Judy's blog and go do some work for 3 hrs in my room!!

When I got into my room, I realized, why didn't I take a pic to show you how the fabric would look with the blks!! Duh!!! So, here are a couple blks to show you that the fabric isn't overwhelming, and I do think I like it......... But again, what is your thoughts on it???Tomorrow is Sept 1st..... count down to Christmas!! Is everybody ready????

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stash Busting Week 35 (really???)

I do not have a 'real' report - I just know that I have finally finished, or at least got the blks together, still have borders to do - but my "Twilight" quilt top is done....... no pics because camera is full and I am not touching it!!

But I have busted 13 1/4 yrds for my blks!!! Yeah!!!! I have actuall moved some real numbers here!!!

I am almost caught up on my 20 min. sewing a day - sewed for about 6 hrs today, with about 3 hrs left for tomorrow and then I am in the clear for Sept!!!

And the best part, I enjoyed myself today in my sewing room. This has been a long time coming. I did not want to sew, and didn't. But I am so behind in my project goals for this year, and I keep seeing more of what I would love to do - my guild is starting up again here in a couple weeks and my Shop Hop starts on the 10th. Actually, my guild meet is that night too, so I will be busy that day!!

Next week, a real report, but I am so proud of my numbers this week. It has been a long time coming, for me to actually post a real number to show that I am using up my stash. I decided when I started this, I would not post a patterns fabric use, the blocks I am making, until I have the top done. With making all these blks, I couldn't say how much was used!!! But once they were all done and sewn together (yes, i will have a pic soon!!!) then I can say - this is how much fabric the pattern told me I had to have to make it!!

Alright. I feel really good tonight. I would not stop sewing today till I got this top done and *It's Done!!!* Borders are next for it, and I will have numbers to report when I get those on too!!!

Have a Great Week!! It is the start of Sept this week. And tomorrow, I will have something new on my design wall...... I am torn to what it should be!!! I am in the 'get it done' mood, so who's next???!! ?? lol!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

It has been awhile since I have been sewing - but I did yesterday - and with my 20 minute a day goal, I am now working on August's times!!! I realized yesterday, I have not sewn for 4 weeks!!! I got all caught up in July, and stopped sewing....... ahhhhhhh!! So, all the days in July have been crossed off (yes, I have a '20' written on every day on my calender - so when I have sewn for the goal of the 20 minutes I cross it off. I now have all the days done for July - that is good. So, before Sept starts, I plan on having all of the August ones caught right up!!! Start Sept. with no backlog - start fresh!!)

I have some exciting news!! Last night, before I shut my computer off, I always check my email. Well, I got this email:

Hey Brenda!
You're name was just chosen as the winner of the give away on Incredible Women this week! We'll send the jewelry that Kristin made out to you this week. Thanks so much for being a follower of the blog and for commenting. (originally, the set included earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace, but Kristin was sick this week and was only able to do the earrings and matching bracelet. I hope that's ok. It's a beautiful set - antique silver, amethyst colored beads and dragonflies!)Can you please email me your address and I'll get that into the mail to you.Thanks again, and CONGRATULATIONS!-Kara

I was shocked!!!!

If you have never been to this site you have to check it out!! I really enjoy reading/hearing about people who have kept it together when things go bad - and how they manage to...... well, manage. I admire people who respond and not react. Me, I react, then wish I would have responded instead. I am working on this -working on remembering to, just think before I go off the handle!!

And this is a new blog, but I love that she is looking for 'real' woman. I was so surprised last night. I honestly didn't know what to say..... I usually don't comment on blogs that are having give-aways, and I don't usually go check blogs with give aways - well, that's a lie, I go and check it out, but rarely comment. I like to visit when it's just a visit - see what is going on, what they are up to, intereting points of view, things that make me laugh. I don't need a gift to make me come visist,\. If I like the site - I am going to come anyway!!

So this was a real surprise. I thought that the time frame had passed, so I was 'safe'!! Kidding, I just posted what I thought. But here is question: do dragonflies have any 'meaning'??? The reason I ask is, when I was a kid, my aunt gave me a dragonfly pin. My daugher a couple years ago gave me dragonfly ornament, and now this jewerly has dragonflies on it!! I love dragonflies. As a kid I would always try to catch one - never did!! They are so pretty, at least I think they are.

Well, lets talk about my design wall!!! When I left the sewing room, I was starting to put together 'Twilight'. I thought maybe I had missed some of the last "how-to's", but I am not worring about that now. I have the pic of how it's supposed to go together, and I am working it like that. This quilt, was not the one I had picked to do when Planet Patchowork said 'choose your Favorite' - I found this one to busy. Well, I still think it is, but I did it. On my own time frame!! I knew that I wanted a 'special' background fabric. I wanted it black, but not just plain ol' blk and when I found this suff at a close out sale - I had to have it!!! And that is when 'twilight' was born!!!

It's all stars and I thought of outer-space, so this is my version of flying to the moon, or mars, or beyond........ Never, Never Land!!!

So, this is on my Design Wall - and soon to be on my 'tops' pile!!!!

Not a great pic - most of the quilt is missing, but my room is small, and I couldn't fit it all into the frame!! But this is a good intication of what it will look like - busy, busy, busy!!! But - I do like it. I even have the two rows that are sewn together draped over the top of this 'wall', just so I could fit all the pieces of the quilt top on there to get a view of where everything should fit, and since I have so many colours in it, so that the colours are spread out and not all grouped together!!

yup want to see this one put together, and then get onto some other things that I want to get to the finish line!!! Next Monday will be a different project!! No more month off here - just a month of working 20 minutes plus!!!! to get it all done!!

Now to see what you have all been up to over a Judy's............ bye!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am back from the movie!!!

Well, if you want to have a few laughs and just enjoy yourself, go see Julie & Julia!!! I loved it!!! It is not the book redone - it is, not better, but perfect!!! I really enjoyed the book, and was glad it was different from it. It is funny!! I came home and wrote this down as a new list on my white board, to remind myself and anyone else who cares, to me this is a DVD to get!!!
And, watching the trailers, I have added 4 more movies on my list of movies I want to see!!!

I am so glad I started this list again. I started to keep track years ago when the kids where young and I didn't remember the movies I thought I would like to see. So I started to keep track and write them down!! Some of the movies I have written on it right now, I have not seen yet in the rental place or heard about again!!! I still want to see them, but I guess I'll to wait till they just show up in my life - like "The Visitor" did!! While in Kelowna, I kept picking this movie up from the sale rack, not sure why, but I did buy it. When I told my daughter the movies I had bought, she said, "Well, that one is on your list!!" And, I/we really enjoyed it!! If I hadn't written it down, would I have picked it up subconsiously??? Doubt it!! So, I love my list!!

And here is the neighbors dog that I told you about. She is now tied up on a chain the lengh of a leash...... at least she can get into her dog house. I hope they have water for her... anyways!!!! I have a picture or two of her to show you. She is the only dog that I have ever wanted that belonged to someone else..... and they are moving soon.......I am so scared for her. If this is how they look after her here - what will they do to her out where no one can see?? And with winter coming.......... Okay, enough. It is just making my tummy tighten. I will show you pics of this beautiful puppy who brings me such joy. We all love her - even my two dogs!! And the cat doesn't mind her either. I wish they would ask me to take her..... I would, without hesitation!!

Here is Lexi!!!!

I am going to the movies!!

I am going to see Julie/Julia at the theater today!! My GF and I have never gone to a movie together that we can remember, so today, we are doing lunch and show!! It will be fun. And I have just finished the book, which I enjoyed!! I could not put it down, and she has a new one coming out in Dec. which I will be on the look out for.
No, I have not been sewing. I thought about it last night, and I think it has alot to do with my main machine being down and not really liking the jerkyness of the Gem. It's great if you dont' have a machine, or for classes - I love it!!! But, I miss my ol' girl and want to take her in........
And I have been looking at other craft books, knitting and things, just to get the creative juices flowing....... Has not really worked.
I will let you know how I liked the movie!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

End of another weekend....

Ahhhhhh, it's just starting to rain outside. It was hot a little earlier, and I was not expecting rain. I am trying to make meals for my freezer today - and I did something that I have not tried before. I am trying to make chicken nuggets - out of the Brain Power cookbook I just finished reading. It is not a freezer meal in the sense that is tells you to freezet these things. I just got them cut up and the cornflake crumbs/seasoning put on them, then popped them into the freezer......... Later, when they are frozed, I will pop them into a labeled bag and cook them when I want to give them a try. It would be a good snack night (movie night) thing, or as a lunch maybe.
I have added three books to my read list and yes, they are all cook books. Two are for making up things for the freezer and they are new to me - but I do like them. The meals sound good, and who doesn't want a good meal that you don't have to think up quickly!! I love having things ready to be re-heated or cooked sitting in my freezer. Makes dinner time a breeze, and some days, you really need quick and easy without the take-out expense!!!
The Brain Power book, well, it talks about how foods can affect your moods/state of mind. I know for me, sugar is something that can send me over the edge, so, since I have realized this, I try to keep my sugar consumption down, way down!!!
And it talks about sleep and what foods to add or to avoid.
Clarity of mind, what helps to think clearly and what foods help you avoid that middle of the day slump....
I enjoyed reading it because I know food can have impacts on you without you even realizing it. I liked the part that talks about what to feed your kids in the morning before school, so they can stay awake and ready to learn!! Now, to re-read that part and see if I can get them to eat it!!! Teenagers, they don't always co-operate!!

Do you play Freecell on the computer?? How about Spider Solitare?? Well, I play them both, Freecell way longer than spider, but with spider, I am now on the last level and yes, I win. Not all the time, but enough.
Freecell, I started at game #1 (twice!! I was in the early thousands) and am now at game #11282. I lost my game number I was on once, so instead of searching for it some more, I just started over!!! And yes, I have won every game that I have played so far with Freecell. I am not allowed to move onto the next game until it's won. I have heard they are all winnable, and so far it's been true. Some can take me days to win, others I can play up to 20 in one sitting.
The reason I ask is, I use these games as a 'coffee break' or when I am mad or upset, as a way to get my mind off it!!! I find them a good break in the day, waiting for muffins to cook, or a phone call, this helps break up the wait time.
Well, I just came on here to say 'hi'. I will be getting a picture of the neighbors dog, so you can see how cute she is!! Once I get my kitchen cleaned up, maybe I will do that today!! Rain seems to have stopped!!
And we have had frost warnings these past couple nights. I am covering everything up tonight to, just to be on the safe side!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

What is your Week going to be like??

Well, the weather man says, nice for the next few days - hot and sunny like I like it!! Then we are back to yucky and rain - cold, and, well, I am staying inside then....... So, I had better get out there and water my tomatoes now and pray for no frost later. Hubby did see frost last week on his way to work - I was not impressed!!
But onto better things!! I made yogurt for the first time ever last night!!! Using my slow cooker!! It was fun - I like plain yogurt, then I can add what I want to it, or just eat it plain (which I sometimes do). My favorite though is, yogurt and granola with fruit added if I feel like it. Breakfast, dessert, snack, I just like it. And now I have a few containers of plain yogurt in my fridge. It's more runny than what I buy in the store, but I can make it thicker by putting it in a strainer lined with a coffee filter and letting the excess moisture drain out........ hmmm, but not today!

This is where I found ideas on all kinds of money saving ideas, and I got to learn how to make yogurt, something I have woundered about for a few years, but have always talked myself out of - buying the yogurt making appliance..... now, I realize, I have always had a yogurt making appliace in my house!! It also makes stew, soups and lots of good things - it's a multi-purpose little machine called a 'slow cooker'!! Gotta love that!!

Have not sewn for two days now. If I ever get my kitchen cleaned from the baking I did yesterday + dinner, I just might go in there..... or, I might bake again!!! And I have to do another dinner tonight!! Who knew!?!? People want to eat every night???!!! Wow!!! ;-)

I am reading a book I am finding rather interesting. Yes, it's an acutal/factual book. My daughter asked me why I don't read a fantasy or something??? I laughed!! (maybe I am????) But this is the book that has my attention right now: "Emotional Freedom - Libertate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life" by Judith Orloff, M.D.
Right now in the book she is talking about dreams...... hmmm. I don't usually remember my dreams. Do you??? So I am finding this part rather interesting because she is talking about how to get yourself to remember them, and I want to remember. So, I am going to try some of her ideas. Why not?? Like she says, dreams are your own personal movie theater or play - just for you to watch everynight. And I keep missing the shows!!!!

I am going to show you something that you might find boring, but this is one of my favorite things in my yard (yes, it doesn't take much to thrill me sometimes!!) here is two of my rain barrels and how they all are attached and work together!!

These two are in the front of the house, in the back, behind the shed you see in the background I have a few more, then on the other side of the house I have more lined up against the house. I have 9 working barrels all together, all attached to each other and 8 have gold fish swimming in them. They eat all the bugs and yucky stuff and survive all summer living in these barrels - they come out in the winter where I do my best to keep them alive till spring when they are back out again.

Here is a close up of how they are all attached. I use a 'Y' connecter to the tap to create a two hose attachment. that is noticable in the front barrel - the left one does not have it. So the front barrel is also the one that is connected to the back barrels. Each corner of my hosue has a barrel., attached to the downspout. And now, it does not matter which barrel I use for water, since they are all attached, I am empting them all when I water - and when it rains they all get re-filled. I love this system. I finally got the front and back connected last year. And this year, finally got hubby to let me put barrels down the other side of the house for more rain water collection!!! Next year, when I make up my square foot gardens, I will have plenty of rain water to use and I love it!! Our water here is expensive to use for watering your yard/garden. This way, I am able to water all I want (which is why I want so many barrels!!!) and it's not costing me every month to do it!! And having the fish in there, they keep that water nice and clean looking and it does not smell - which I never thought of, till someone mentioned that to me?!! I just wanted the fish in there to eat the mosquitos that would use it to lay their eggs in. The fish do that quite nicely!!

Okay, off to do dishes!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stash Busting week 32

I have nothing to report. I have not bought anything, I have hardly been in my sewing room - it's nice and sunny out there you know, why would I want to be inside on hot sunny days I ask you?????
But, I did, with alot of frustration and leaving the room, manage to sew together my lates BOM. I do not like the way this one got sewn together. I have another pattern to make it and it's - compared to this one - excellant!! so, here is the stressful blk I have manged to sew this week:

I am all caught up on my BOM - I usually sew this together the night I get it so it's done. I forgot this month!!! It looks okay, but this is not a blk I want to make again the way this one is done. And it's 9" not the 9 1/2" it should be..... oh well, it's done. (I look at it and it's not looking like it should have been as stressful as it was. I had to re-cut pieces, un-sew pieces, and it drove me nuts!! I finally get myself back into the sewing room for this???!! lol!!! It's done. That is all I can say!!)

Went through my plans for 2009 last night - uh, I have not done much on my 'goals' list for the year............ I am working on that though. Learing how to stick to my plans and do my goals. Goals are a new thing for me though. It is hard to change patterns and catch yourself falling back to old habits........ but I am going to just keep on working on my 'new' habits till I don't have to think about them anymore. And one of the habits I am working on is to finish my projects........ Not leave them 1/2 done, or almost done, and put them away!!!

And it's August. Time to think school, fall, Christmas, canning, storing foods.... I have been doing alot of thinking in that regard. I do freezer meals - meals you spend a day, a few hours, creating meals that you put in your freezer to use later. Either cook from raw or re-heat. And I have myself a small library of how-to books on this subject. I have been finding myself going through them this past week, planning on what to make to have ready to pull out for the fall/winter months. I want to be an organized home maker. Not this fly by the seat of my pants, what-ever happens happens, type of person I am right now!!! I like this person, but, I think I would like her more if she got it together!!! So, I am working on being more of the person I want to grow up to be!!!!

Have a great week and here is to a blk on Tuesday - my BOM day, that doesn't make me crazy!!! And since I will be in a LQS, my numbers may change for the next stash report.....?! ;-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy August!!

I have not been in my sewing room for over two weeks...... so, no, the Twilight top is still in pieces and the Goose border and step 6 is not done AND no more progress on the Bonnie mystery.

And you know what?? I'm okay about it. I have been enjoying the sunshine, the tomatoes that are turning red and watching the grass grow. I have also been fighting a loosing battle with the puppy next door who gets into my yard to visit all the time!!!! It's frustrating as well as funny. The only part that really annoys me - she gets into my compost and eats what ever she can...... then, the light bulb finally went on (yes, sometimes I can be a little dense) I am now feeding this puppy too. And, when they move, they can just leave her behind and I will be a house with 3 dogs instead of the two I already have.
Yes, they have left a PUPPY!!!!!! at home all day with no food?!!??!!!??? - *?#@!&%#**!grrrrrrr, angry!! and I did make a phone call........................ And basically this lady told me, she would take her in, but make sure she is not mirco chippped. I don't feel right 'stealing' the dog, but common!!! She is just over two months old, and guess what - she NEEDS food!!!! And also, it's the kids dog, and they leave the kids to 'train' her!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!????!!!!! So, when she has escaped to my yard, she gets treated like one of mine, and gets into trouble when she is doing dumb things and she now 'sits' and does 'down' and is actually a good little dog (she won't be little for long - she is a husky...... ) and if they don't teach her manners, I can see them getting rid of her, through not fault of her own. It's almost funny, but if I go in my backyard, sure as anything, no matter who's there, that little bugger is under the fence and right at my side!! One of the kids (there are 8 kids living next door) says, "she follows you" with wounder in her voice.... I almost felt bad. This was before I started to feed the poor little thing. And no, I don't feed her all the time, only when it seems they have left her behind and no seems to be home. And when you have an animal, any animal, making sure you are behind them and if you seem to be to close to the source of food and is growling, you know it's hungry -starving even.....

So this is my dog story for this post!!

We just had a long weekend this weekend - and it was nice. Did we go anywhere, do anything?? No. I did go to the movie - oh the name is escaping me, it's a comedy, uh, crap, it's not coming - anyways, it's was okay. Did see the Harry Potter one - I didn't hate it, but certainly didn't love it. A little dissapointed in it. Like what the heck???? Just because you know you are going to have an audiance, does that mean you can just throw it together, and not care????? I do think it would have been better as a 3 hr long movie - but not the one they produced!!!! One that follows the book a bit better, let you into the whys and what's going on better - not this movie that give you the highlights of the book, but not really any rhyme or reason to the why it's happening. Oh well, it is what it is - and I am now not really looking forward to the next one...... (or two?? My friend says they are breaking up book 7 into two movies???? WHAT?!?!)

Anyways, I just thought I would come on today and say "Hi!!" - it's been awhile since I've done this, or read what is going on in others lives. When it's nice outside, I want to be there - but today, I am going to make chili for tomorrow, a lasagne for tonight and snacks for when you feel snacky. This one recipe I am going to try, I've bought the ingerdiants about 2 yrs ago to make, and well, I keep eating them before I can make up the snack!!! So, today, I am going to make them up and see if they were worth the wait or I should just keep eating the cereal with yogurt like I have been!!! ;-)

Okay, have a great week and enjoy the summer as much as you can!!! I am personally loving it!!! Really miss being by water though, but not going to dwell on that. I live here and I am going to make the best of it!!! Huge Hugs!!!!