Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am at work- shhhhhh, don't tell anyone I am on the computer!!

Hello!!! It is snowing outside!! Pretty white flakes, falling to the ground - and it is just nice... to be inside I mean!!!
I have sewn every day since the 1st!! Even last night, when I realized at 9 that I hadn't yet, and hubby gave me a neo-citran (the one that helps you sleep!!!), I still managed to get up and get in there and sew!! Oh I loved it!! AND it's what I want to be doing right now!!! I am re-listening to Harry Potter book 7, and that is fun too!! When my girls come in to talk to me, they just stand there quiet, until I pause my book!!! It's funny!! They don't want to hear it, but they don't 'interupt' it either!

Well, don't go onto Bonnie Hunters blog unless you want to buy books!! lol!!
Yup, guess what I've done here at work since it's so quiet!? And I told myself " No NEW BOOKS OR PATTERNS!!!!" I have way more than a person needs - and I want to do them ALL!!! So, I will pretend it wasn't me who got them!!

I want to quilt words... why?? I just like them!!! (now, will I make words or just look at the book.......) And I also got the next Scraps and Shirtails book........ So, along with all my other on-the-go-projects, I have two more books to get those creative juices flowing!!!

Fun that I can come on here and see what is going on...... I have already read all the new posts on my blog list. Enjoyed the pictures and the stories. I should not have let myself know I can do this!! lol!! Ah, it's made a slow day alot of fun!! Have yourself a great sewing day - it's Tuesday! What else are you going to do???? Well, whatever it is, make a memory!


  1. I was just on Bonnie's site looking at the books. I have the first two. If I get all my jobs done today and my son to Lethbridge tomorrow then on Friday I plan on having a sew day!!! don't work too hard!

  2. Hello Brenda - I was just on Quiltville, exploring a new mystery quilt, then decided I had enough to do with Myra's Challenge, no need to take on any more. So no new books for me either LOL!! I'm on vacation in Hawaii, but reading the quilting blogs makes me want to sew!!! Can you believe that! It's early morning, just heard the birds singing their wake-up call, and I'm waiting for everybody else to get up so we can start our day. In the meantime, I'm taking the time to catch up with the bloggers at Myra's Challenge - and start following my fellow Canadians. Love you PhD's and looking forward to seeing them all done! Blessings, Peg

  3. OH-OH! On the comp at work!?! You just created one more thing for your boss to B____ about!! lol!
    Glad you are getting your 20-min in a day!!! Good for you! 8-)
    I love Harry Potter books! I should borrow the audio books from the library... Good listening to while sewing...

  4. Hi Brenda - I see you're joining the Canadian BOM - great, the more the merrier - it will be fun watching everybody's blocks and see all the different interpretations!

  5. Ok just like the progessive commercial, "It happends to me all the time." I will admit, on slow days I catch up on blogs and get design inspiration. I love your theme of "make memories". It is something my grandmother told us whenever we would meet. Have you been sewing and making memories? I sure have and it is all good.

  6. Ok... Where you hiding out now lady?!