Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hapy Birthday Sis!!

This day in my sisters birthday! So have a good one Barb!!

Anyways, I have pics to show!! Daughter had my camera, and she gave it back so I could take these!! Yeah!! I am still thinking I will find myself a little one that no one knows about, but that will wait! I have things to show you!!!

Here is my January Stars!! told you it was done - and yes, it's been used!!! The pattern is "Morning Stars" and I am sure it's from a nickel book - but I've also seen it other places. I just know it was started in Januray of '09 and it was because a web friend was making it too, so we thought we would do it 'together'!!! Winters are cold here and never seem to end, so I wanted a bright happy quilt. I pulled out all my flowere nickels and made sure to use yellow for the stars!! And here is the finished bound product!!!

The back!! Love flannel, but am thinking of maybe starting to use fleece....hmmmm.....

I also have this to show you!! I used to do alot of cross stich and just loved this pattern!! When working on it, I knew I wanted to make a wall hanging - well, the fabrics I had for it were, lets just say, not right. As I was cleaning my room I found a box that I didn't know what was in there - this was one of them, with the way-to-busy prints still almost attached!! The only original fabric is the candy right beside it - the first border!! And I was going to bind it in black, but the purple litteraly fell on it (from the above quilt - left overs!!!) and with the purple in the cross stich it's perfect!!! I now have a fun hanging for this halloween!!

(ignore the pins - I will take them off!!)

Which bring up the whys of my next picture..... Myra, of "Tactile Pleasures" is hosting a Mystery!! One of her requirements is - you make 3 -12" blks- your choice, before you start. Well, that is interesting. It's a mystery, you have no idea what she has up her sleeve and it's your choice of fabrics..... No, stop thinking about it and go work on what you've already got going.

That is why I made this blk!!! I decided not to do the mystery, but I still wanted to check out this block!Well, I do not like it!! Even though I put all the fabrics together to see if it would look good (and I thought it was okay!!) once I made up the block - not so much!!!! But, then I made 3 more!! If one is yucky - why not try again!! And know what, it does looks better with friends!! (don't we all!!)

I now have another project on the go!! Surprised??? lol!

One good thing though, it's another way to use my new Triangulations CD that I bought when I listened to Sandie!! She is also working on the mystery from an earlier post and told me it would be a good thing to use!! She was right!!! And since I keep seeing more and more ways to use it - Thanks again Sandie!!! It is a good investment!!!

Speaking of the mystery!! I am almost caught up!! I have the proof here:

This is step 5 - not in bags like she says to do, but for now this is working!!! (I don't have bags!! could use plasic and probably will, but for the few blks I made last night, this is fine!!!)

Now this is my version of a STACKED POSIE quilt!! I was out with friends when I saw this fabric and didn't buy it - well, my freind was going back to the store the next day, and I told her

if this fabric was there, would she grab it for me??? And the rest is history!!! It's a fun, bright, happy quilt full of aliens coming at you from all directions!!! And all it needs now is me to bind it up right and it's a done project!!!
his is it's backing - an off center 4 patch!!! I have enough fabric for a matching pillow case so, this is just fun!!!!
And speaking of fun - I have a Christmas gift to show you!!!

Yup, it's back and all it needs is binding!!! It does feel good to get things on the finish line!! NOW to just get the OVER it!!! Here is the back - I think it looks pretty good!!

And my last pic to show you is what I was working on last night!! I am learing my alphabet!!!

Yes, I am making myself a wall hanging, and this is the first word in it!! the 'k's are ineresting - I have 3 to make all togher, made 2 last night, but I have an idea for the next one - make it more 'K' like!! uhmmm, get it's front leg to touch the ground!! And if you look at the 'a' and the 'e' - they are the same!!! Just flip them around!! These are from "Word Play Quilts" by Tonya Ricucci. And it's fun!! When you are making a quilt for anybody, you can put their name right in the border - or title it!! And 'Eye Spy Quilt' with that right on the top would let you know exaclty what it is!!!

I bought my copy from Bonnie Hunter when I bought her last book and I am glad I did!! I love to have fun in the sewing room, and now I can 'write' it all down!!!

Have the very best day you can!! Even though I had to do this post twice - and almost didn't.... I am glad I did!! I wanted to show you what I have been up to and probably will be up to..... Yes, Myra, count me in on the mystery tour!!!!!


  1. Looking good Brenda!!! Congrats on your finish!! Good going girl!!! 8-)

  2. Well done on all the finishes! And I love the Halloween wall hanging...don't you love it when the perfect fabric just "volunteers".

  3. Whooohooo! You sew girl!! I love all your finishes! And you have 3 blocks made for Myra's mystery!!! I hadn't decided if I was going to do it, but I think you just pushed me over the edge. ;-)) lol