Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Sewing machine just Died......

I thought I would go and do some sewing today.  I have a couple stressers happening  today.  I feel stuck in the house (rain can do that to me) and we (meaning hubby) is re-doing the upstairs bathroom.... for the past couple weeks..... And it is almost done.  I do not feel like I am part of this process, more in the way, and when I make a comment or suggestion, it's like I didn't speak.... so, I thought I would go sew.  As I am sewing, barley got started, Uh, what was that noise?? (I sew with headphones on, not very loud but this way I don't have to have my book or music I am listening to LOUD!!!) So, I hear a kinda grinding noise..... hmmm. That is not right.  Press the petal again, yup, it  made that noise again.  So, on the third press (thinking I could " work through the noise" and it will stop....) uh, well, it worked I guess.......   The machine, just shut off!!! BLACK SCREEN!!!!  And it won't turn back on!!!!  No matter how much I ask it to, or plug and re-plug things in and out!!!!!  oh my.......

I do have my spare machine, but - I wanted to just sit and sew without any stress'....

So, if I can't sew, let me show you some pictures instead!  See!  the silver lining in this black cloud!!!  (hmmm, new machine coming home soon???)...... okay, pics!!!
This is the front of a baby quit - for no reason other than I wanted to make it!  It is a coin quilt - "Stacked Coins Baby Quilt" by Amanda Jean!!  I just really liked this quilt and when I saw the nickel pack - soft blues, greens, yellow, not baby/kid colours at all, I just thought it would be a great quilt to make.  And I like it!!  Even that wrinkly part, hmmmmm - it is there now, and I am not sure if I will/can leave it, but for now, it stays.  Below is the backing.  I just realized, it does not have the extra strip sewn on the bottom of the backing in this pic!! Well, when it's done done - I will show you the full pieced backing for this guy!! (Or Girl!!!!)
No, no one is expecting - that I know of!!  I just am finding myself looking a baby quilts lately. Probably because of the fact that I can make something, and it won't be HUGE!!!  But I can still try to make the block! and try the process with an big commitment of time or fabric. And I like new things to try....

Now we have moved onto my newest start..... I know, I said I wouldn't, but I did.  This is the Jelly Bean quilt from the book Accent on Angles, that I show below.   I had gone to her trunk show (uh oh!!) and just had to bring this book home.  I paid more for this book (yes, it's signed!!) than I normally do.  I paid full quilt store price....I usually find my books online for way less..... but, I bought it!! I had to re-live the trunks show!!  I liked what I saw and they are here to see again!!!!
This is one labour intensive quilt!!

 First you cut up strips, lots of strips, then sew them together into 6.5"x 20" (or more, what every you can get from the FQ or your  length of fabric you are using.  Then, after they are sewn, you cut them into pieces, mix up some a bit, then sewn on the bright strips between the original fabric strips - remaking the strips. Take a breath, grab a drink, and the next step, cut them into squares!!!  THEN, this is the halfway point, you sew these squares together to create the middle of the quilt top!!

After the middle part is done, I am going to be making the borders - out of left over brights for the zinger, and the other  borders are also squares and rectangles from the original black and white materials I have used in the quilt!!!
 This is going to be one fun quilt!!  I figure, I have made a Bonnie Hunter mystery - this is a piece of cake!! Or a jelly bean!!!  ;-)
And the above book, I saw a fellow blogger making her project and she said it came  from here..... I like this book!!! And NO, I am not starting anything from it.... at least not this month!!! ;-)

Okay, need to get out my travel machine, set it up and get the ol' girl into her case and she is going to the Dr's tomorrow..... Hubby thought it might be the power supply gave up the ghost.  The old girl is about 13 years old.... maybe more, but not much, so..... tomorrow I will find out.
Tomorrow I am off to take the dog to the groomers and then visit with my sister for a bit.  I am busy tomorrow - and now I need to go take my machine in......  I am going to make myself feel like it's HAPPY HOUR - it is still a great day!!!!!


  1. Oh no! So sorry to read about your machine! :-o I think a new one should come home with you. ;-) After all, a girl needs a good machine! I got mine back from the spa today. :-) Love your B&W and colors blocks! Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. seond vote on a new machine! after all itis a NEED not a WANT. LOL I would be crazy without my machine and my hubby knows it. I have "extras" just in case . (wink)
    heres hoping you get a new sewing friend soon.........
    love the black and white quilt and the technique sounds interesting too.