Thursday, January 15, 2015

January - New Year = New Goals!!

Time to make a few changes in my world!!!

Hello!!!    Long time since I have written anything down because I did NOT get anything done!!!
I am still working on Jamestown & Fair and Square, both Bonnie Hunter pattern's, plus her latest mystery has been started although I am still on step 2 of this one.  Yes, I do plan on finishing it even though so many people seem to not like it.

Under my needle right now is a UFO - I am in a 6 month challenge to get a UFO done  month. You number 6 UFO's you want to commit to for the challenge time and the host will pull a number at the beginning of the month and you are committed to get it DONE by the end of the month!!!  This is going to be good for me because I can already see how this is going to help me with my other goals this year.
My #2 UFO is now ready for borders,  I will phone my quilter to see if she will do this for me in the  - well, if she can get it back to me ASAP,   And then I will bind it and I will have a finished product here instead of a project in a box like I do now.  

And I have  A WHOLE LOT of projects in a box here.........

I have not leaned my camera yet.   I do not know why I am avoiding this - but I am.   I want to share pics, I love to see yours, and they do inspired me!! Sometimes a little to much but they are nice to look at.

I just got the book "The Little Spark - 30 ways to ignite your creativity" by Carrie Bloomston and yesterday she talks about how a class can get you excited and motivated and get those juices going and rev you up!  (my words, not hers!!!)  So, as I wrote that I have not learned my camera yet, I just got the nudge that maybe, just maybe, I should take a class on how to use this camera I got that is STILL IN THE BOX!!!  (yes, red face here......)

So, projects on the go:
- #2 UFO challenge    This HAS to be done ASAP
- Jamestown
- Fair & Square

I have baby quilts on my design board to.  Many ideas in my head, but I also want to do a baby quilt a month this year just to have them on hand.
Speaking of that, my quilter is doing a baby quilt for me as we speak.  My daughters friend had her son the end of December so her quilt is almost done.  I want to be ready for the next baby!!

I have more then the above on the go:  I still have to border the 'quick' summer one I started and the Victoria Finley one that uses tiny bits of fabric (well, mine does) that I did get the 12" blks done for then put it away (where?? I wonder.......)
And I am still wanting to just start 'something' - like really Brenda?????!!!!!  I want to have things for Valentines day hanging around, like wall hangings or something that is not so big as a quilt - even a throw quilt is big.....

Here is where I am now.   Hmmmmm.   Goal for myself - class/lesson to take: use my camera!!!!

Okay - Here is to a FANTASTIC New Year and to making your life the life you want to live!!!!
Hugs to you all and talk to you soon!!!!


  1. It is easy to share pics with your camera if you have one that you can remove the scan disk card that is inside. You just insert it in the pc tower and then click on the link when a box pops up to download your photos to your pc. then you have them where all you do is browse for them and insert them in to your post. :)

    We would love to see your creativity!

    I also wanted to say...Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

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    I have built a new blog at so if you will add it to your reading list, you won't miss any of my postings. I do an occassional post on the PigTalesandQuilts blog but I don't blog there regularly any longer.

    Come see me at Stitch and Quilt and become a follower there and add this one to your sidebar reading list too. Lots of fun in store for 2015. :)