Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just letting you know I am still here!!

Well, I didn't realize how long it has been since I have even come on to talk. I have been busy - at least that I what I am going to claim!!! The reality is, the days are just flying by with really nothing to show!!

Here Myra!! A picture!! this is my daughter at her Grad night!! this is her friend of many years, yes they have dated, but not anymore... so they say!! I have no idea - but he basically lived at my house for years, so they are very good friends! She was his grad date too when he graduated, so I was nice to see them together doing this again!! And she had to have an orange dress!! I was glad she found her favorite color in a dress that she loves!!

this morning, we have water in our basement caused by overflowing eavestroughs, from them being plugged -again- because of the neighbors pine tree!! They have already been cleaned out this spring, but I guess it should be done once a month or cut down the tree!!! Would that be wrong???? Anyways, that is not a nice way to wake up - but saying that - we have rain here!!!! And the ducks don't have to walk around the ponds that are no longer there anymore, woundering where the water went!?!?!

The ponds and slews and dug outs - they have water in 'em!!!! And DUCKS!!!! It looks so good to see them back - instead of cows walking where the water should be!!! It has been pouring all night - and has not stopped since early evening, and that is fantastic!!! little water in the basement, okay, as long as it's only a little. but this rain can just keep coming!! It's a good thing!

Well, I am going to go take myself off to work. Still liking it. And that is a good thing too!!

Everybody, DREAM BIG!!!! And may all your dreams come true!!! hey, fellow Canadains!! Got your Lotto Max Ticket yet???!!! Now that would be a big dream!!!! Good luck!!! ~Brenda!!


  1. thanks for the reminder to go get the wining Lotto Max ticket,

  2. Two months you've been missing girl! Wow! Too busy for stitching also? That's sad... 8-(

    LOL! Good a photo!!! LOL!!! Your daughter and her "friend" look great! Do you have more children that will be graduating in the future?

    We had the overflowing eaves-troughs also a couple of weekends back (when DH was gone fishing), but I managed to keep up with the water in the basement with towels, so it didn't get out of hand... But he cleaned those troughs the morning after he got home!!! 8-)

    We've got lots of water in and around our city right now also... The ducks and geese are happy here too...

    Yup! Got to go get my ticket too!!!

    Take care busy lady!