Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello Everyone!!

What is new with you??

Me? Well, I went to my guild meeting last Thursday night, and I am no longer president!! Yeah!!! I love to look at books, see what is new, share ideas, but I just did not like being 'in charge' of a group of women who, in all honestly, could quilt tons of quilts around me!!!!!! So, in all honesty, I was not doing them any service by staying as prez, so it was a good feeling to be leaving my postition!! The woman who took over, was already asking when they want to do the next quilt show!!!!!!???!!! I didn't want to do the first one!! So, I have left it in very capable hands!!!

Hmmm, I was looking for a pic to post - and this one showed up. What is funny about that is I have been getting hugs lately!! So it's going to stay.

I have been doing alot of 'reading' lately, meaning, listening to books on audio!! Love that. I have even taken my player and little speakers to work with me, so I can listen to something other than the radio that plays the same songs over and over!! It's a nice way to spend the day, hearing something fun and getting to be at work at the same time!

I have read the 'real' book "The Help", by Kathryn Stockett. I liked it. I love to read a 'real' book. Part of me wounders how long they will make books that you have to turn the paper pages get to the next part of the story. I love to climb into a book and get lost for awhile. Audio is great if you are driving, at work, doing laundry, having a bath and sewing. But if you really want to dissappear - a good book that can take you away is the best thing to find!! I love a good book!!!

Have I sewn? Nope. Not since March - OH! May, I thought it was March.... Well, anyway, not since May 2nd. That is the last time my sewing machine has made a sound........... It's better than March - but still, it's telling me something. I still have my project, the Piece & Goodwill, that I was working on, on my design wall, waiting. Boy fabric is patient!!! I have enought blocks for one quilt made up, but I thought while I was at it, I should do two. So, I have all kinds of pieces waiting for me ( and these last few days, since my quilt meet, I have been peeking into my room!!) And the fact that it's getting colder outside ( already!!! Dang it!!!!) I might find myself in there soon. With no pressure. Because I told my guild I was done for awhile. So they are not expecitng me back - but told me to come anyway!!!! Funny, now that I don't have to be there, watch, I will always remember when the meeting are!!!

Do I miss sewing?? No, not really. Do I still want all my projects done?? Yes, I do. Not many do I not want to do. I am just hoping, taking some time away from these wounderful ladies, will keep my 'oh look!! I have to make one of those!!' gremlins at bay!! Eye candy is bad for me - I want to see if it really that easy and wounderful, and I end up with what I have now, a room full of 1/2 finished things, that just make me feel stressed.

Have I missed all of you?? Yes. When I stopped sewing, I also stopped visiting on the computer. So, I have missed alot.

I want to thank you all for all your support this year. Last November was not fun, and neither was this summers incident. But you listened and thank-you. this is partly why I stopped writng. I do not want to be a doom and gloom depressing person!!! That is so not me!!!! I can go there - oh yes I can but that is not who I want to be!! So when I feel that type of thing comign on, I stay away!!!! It's been awhile! Now it's time to re-group, re-focus and come out and play! September. A time for new beginnings. New plans, new horizons and a new age!! Yup, I got to become a year older this month, so here's to great things happening in the new age!!!

Take care of you and yours and Thanks for being my Friend!! Love ya!! ~Brenda!!


  1. welcome back Brenda! hope to see you sewing real soon, having fun :^)

  2. Well hello there Brenda and a mighty welcome back to you..keep peeeking in that room and soon you'll have some sewing to show us. New plans-new horizons and new age to boot I'm staying tuned,cheers Vickie

  3. Welcome back, I've missed you! And happy birthday! :-) Hope you venture into that room soon! :-)

  4. Welcome back Brenda!
    At least you are peeking into your sewing room! A good indication that you will soon feel the will to enter... 8-)
    A happy belated birthday to you m'girl! 8-)
    I hope the life has been much kinder to you and your 16 year old lately Brenda...
    Take care!

  5. Hey Brenda!~ check my latest blog post. :-)