Sunday, October 17, 2010

What a Lazy Sunday and I am lovin' It!

I was tired last nigt - have been for days, so when I got off work, I was so glad to be done for a couple days! What I didn't expect was to basically sleep till 10 this morning!!! I do not do that!!! My kids were even amazed! (they weren't up yet either though, so them making noise didn't wake me!!! That would have!)
I just felt sorry for the dogs who are fed at 8 in the morning after already have been outside! oops!!

Anyways, I am really enjoying this lazy day, but it only feels like it's about noon - not the 3:30 that it really is - so I am hoping that is not going to be a problem for going to sleep tonight!!

Anyways, I just wanted to show you how much got done on my 'new' project this week!! (If I knew where my stabilizer was for my applique - I might have that done already too, but.......)

So, here is my fun project!! I am using up halloween fabrics plus ones that make me think fall and warmth - eh, I am just having fun!! My 'trick or treat' letters are in purple!! I am hoping I have enough of that orange for the binding, but we will see....... I don't have any other orange that is not really dark (very muddy, yucky!!) or way to bright! hmmm, it's a work in progress, so I will just keep playing. Proof, that I have been in my room!! Next pic, had better be the finished product, or you migh not see me again.....;-)


  1. Looks great Brenda! I'm glad you had such a fun day! :-)

  2. OK Ms Brenda! Where is this finished project that was to be up for Halloween!?! Hmmmm? 8-)

    Sleeping till 10am is part of my life. I get up anywhere between 8am and noon, but then I stay up till 11pm/2am... Tis a rut one gets into, and it is very hard to get out!!!

    So, how are you doing these days?