Friday, October 1, 2010

New Month, New Plans, And it's October!!!!

I like October - I love halloween fabrics!! Why?? Have no idea, but I love 'em!!

And I just took a tour through my blog - wow, I have worked on alot of things........ finished any??? Uh, no. But I sure have alot started. And that is just what I have photo's of - there are more that I do not pictures of. And I have not sewn in almost 1/2 a year. Still have no desire.

I will go find my halloween pillow case and maybe that will get my creative spark back.
The store I work at has a new owner. Rumor has it that he takes over (the whole building?? Heard he bought the whole litte complex -strip mall. Wounder if that is true??) November 15th. And that he is keeping the staff. I heard the store sold through a customer. And it ended up that it is true. Wounder what the new boss will be like. I don't think I met him. Met alot of people who wanted or at least were looking at the store. It will be good.
Okay, coming on to say 'hi'. I don't know why I blog!! I am a private person, and nothing really excitng happens here. Have a great weekend. I am going to bake this weekend! Have a huge zucchini that I have to make into loaves and muffins and what ever else I can think of!! bye!


  1. I love Halloween. I always say I will decorate more, but I never get around to it....

    Keep your chin up about work!

  2. I've been missing you!!! Have fun with that zucchini (mmm, choc/zucchini cake sounds good!) and come back more often! ;-)

  3. Love your Halloween pillow case Brenda!!!
    Sometimes changes at work is a good thing, and I am hoping it is for you!!! 8-)
    I hope all is going well with your daughter, and things are looking up!
    I'll be doing another PhD Challenge starting Jan 2011... Think about it will you!?! 8-)
    Take care...?...and get stitching some girl!!!