Thursday, December 30, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Welcome 2011!!!

Well, here it is, Thursday, and I have a cold!!! ahhhhh!!!! yucky! It has been keeping me awake at night, and the cough comes at unexpeted times, and that is not fun either!! I will get over it and it will go away. I am just glad I didn't have to work these past couple days, but tomorrow, I am on, so I will be better!!

I have put my challenge projects on . This is my 4 projects that I want out of my hair!! And on my couch to warm a body this winter!! That is 10 quilts for me to get done!!! Barbara has 6 right now, and when I get these 4 done, I will be feeling like I am accomplishing something!! YES!! That is a nice thought!

I am really looking forward to having my room where I can breathe in it!! I have so many boxes filled with things that just are in the way. And I don't want to open them - but this year I have decided to de-clutter my house. That will be a chore and a half...... I know I am not were I want to be when the ornaments for my tree, which I found in August, got put in a 'safe' place and I still don't know where they are!!!!! This is enough. Time to clean it up and clean it out!

That is my 2011 game plan. Make some real changes and have them stick!! It will be so nice to sit to sew and have the room to put things down and not loose them!!!! But the very best part?? To start a project and be using it next week!!! oh yeah!!! I am planning on being the me who I want to be!!

That is the only 'resolution' I have. Make changes that will stick. And this isn't a 'new year' thing. I knew I was working on it when I took the 6 quilts in to be quilted!! (still can't believe I actually did that!!!!!)
Here is another project I want done this year.

This has been put away. I took it down with the intention to have it done as a wall hanging for the next year........ I do not know where it is right now......... So, I need to find it and make it for next Christmas! July is going to be my month to work on Christmas projects - if I have not got it done by then, I have to be working on it in July. Call me on it, if you don't see me doing this okay??
This is another project I was having fun sewing together, and I want it done!! I have fabric for the border - so I will do it - another one I have to figure out where I put it...... not funny. this is such a bad habit of mine, and it has got to stop!!!

And this is my One Block Wounder!! One thing I have to do is see if I can find this material anywhere.... I did not buy the border material at the time of buying it for the blks. Kinda dumb, huh??? So these blks have to be made into a top, borders on and then finished.

With the ones on Myra's challenge, plus these - I am back to sewing my 20 minutes a day this year!! I have already marked my calender with my little '20' on the bottom of every day, that when I have done it, I can just go mark it off!!! I got alot done doing the 20 minutes in 2009, so why not do it again??? Focus. It's fun. And, it will keep me on track!!

Again, my rules for my 20 min sewing a day is - I can not go forward. Meaning if I sew for an hour today, it does not count toward the 20 minutes for tomorrow. BUT, if I missed a few days, I can sew an hour today to help me get caught back up!!!! When I do that, I mark off today, to show I sewed today, then I go back to the days I missed and sew till I have marked off all the 20's!! That way, if I get to behind, I know that I have been sewing and it's a way to encourage me to keep going!!

Happy New Year!!! I work tomorrow and the next day, so I don't think I will back on this year! It has been great getting to know you and may next year be even better than this one!!! ((hugs)) ~Brenda!!


  1. I just came over from Myra's PhD Blog. Your quilts are beautiful! I especially love the One Block Wonder...beautiful fabrics! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your quilts!

  2. Well Brenda, I've got my drink and I'm here for a visit... Lets see? What's new...
    I know how you feel about not being able to find things...especially the "in a safe place" items!!!
    I like your 20 minutes a day plan! Very doable and organized m'dear!!! Good for you! 8-)
    I see Cathy H here is a PhDer this year also!!! Woohoo!!! 8-)
    Hope you survived your couple of days work with your cold... Hope the cold is gone now...
    Happy stitchings friend!
    Here's to a great and productive 2011! 8-)

  3. The scrappy flowers are great!