Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well, a month later and I finally come back to post!!

Hello. How has your day been?? I was having a nice day till, well, I phoned another store and asked if they were looking for help.

Have you ever been told by your boss - or whatever he is - that he has wanted to fire you 3 times???? Uh, then big man, why didn't you??? Yup, I am angry - working at not letting myself go down that path....

Wow. For people who - nope, don't go there...... I love my job. I really enjoy being in the store - as busy as it is not - and for as quiet as it can be, I enjoy being there. Sometimes I do not want to go there (like tomorrow for instance - I want to suddenly come down with a case of ain't going to show up, but that is so not me, that I can't even seriously contemplate it!!!) But once I am there, working, moving things around, having people come in, I enjoy it!!

And after this 'incident', I was upset, and I had a woman come in and I greeted her like I usually do, with a big 'hi' and how are you??? Well, she asked me how I was?? (that is what we do right?? lol!) but I asked her, "Should I tell the truth or give you a regular answer???" she kinda laughed and asked me what I ment?! So, I gave a very brief description of what had (literally) just happened. She looked at me, kinda funny, and told me that she only comes to this store because of me! (I had just told my huby on the phone that some people come to the store because I am there - I have had a couple actually tell me that, and here was a woman, I didn't realize felt that way to! That was a nice surprise, and confirmation that I am a good person and don't need to be treated the way this boss had just treated me.) And what is even better is that she lives in another town, and made her hubby stop at my store so she could pick up things instead of her store in her town!

I will give you a brief update on the incident - today is stock day. When I do stock, since we work alone in the store, I take the boxes and fill the shelves. And I take one item and put it by the computer to add to the inventory later - I do the stock day in stages - empty boxes, keep back room clean/organized. And deal with customers. Then add inventory to the computer. And deal with customers. Keep store organzied, tidy, stocked and running smoothly. (on a side note: I also go the bank on my own time, and make sure the store has change and small bills. I do this by using my own money to buy the change that I 'sell' to the store. We are not near the bank and we work alone. If you run out of the small stuff, you are out!! So I do this for my own sanity, but also to keep the other staff members tills running smoothly.)............ I do this because no one else does... not the owners, or anyone else. And the beauty of it all is - no is in charge. The owners are rarely in the store, and they will leave town without letting a person know! If something happens, you have to deal with it......... okay, enough. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job........*heavy sigh*

Anyways, when boss man walks in, he asks if we had gotten in a product. We hadn't. Then he asks me if it's been busy (I wan't finished with the stock yet) I honestly told him it wasn't that busy, I had a customer who just needed to talk (it happens!!!). Then he's wondering about all the stuff on the counter - the stuff to be entered into the computer. I told him. (I should just keep my mouth shut). Well, this isn't how it is supposed to be done (What????!!!??? I was taught doing it this way, granted there were other people doing the stock at the same time, it was not a one person deal like it is now, but yes, this is how it was done, and how I was taught!!!!) And then he goes off on his rant. I just stood there, wishing I could just walk out, knowing I won't. BUT, I will not be spoken to like this. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And then he tells me that when he knows I am working, he doesn't come in. Hmmm, was that supposed to hurt me somehow?? I was thinking - Good!!!! Should I send you the schedual every week if something changes??? lol! Then why are you here today??

Okay, enough of this - Are you ready for Saturday?? I am not sure if I am!?!! But, I will be. I have to wrap presents, something I do like to do. And I will have fun doing that. I just have not been out shopping like I usually find the time to do, and this year, I am actually going to go Boxing Day shopping!!! I love that!! And have not done it for years!!!!!

Merry Christmas my friends. I will probably post this and then take it down. Who needs to remember days like this one??? Not me, that for sure. I am going to find me a place that wants me, and treats me well.
OH- have you heard of Mona*vie?? If you haven't and are intersted in learning about a Mutli-Level Marketing company, I have re-joined this one. I really like this product and I love the way this company does it's thing!! Check it out!!

Talk sooner than a month from now, and I had better have done some serious sewing!!
sorry for such a crappy post, but this is my life today.. OH! And on the complaints department, I have made it over 10 days, but now, I am back at day one!! I will get to 21 complant free days - oh yes I will!!! ((hugs))


  1. LOL with that one for a boss, I wouldn't be complaint free for 10 minutes! much less days! ;-) I think he is insecure around you and rants to 'cover'~ he knows you know more than him and he'd be up a creek without a paddle without you. I hope you find another job and he realizes what a great employee he lost when the calls start coming to him that they need change, things ordered, etc. Go sew!~ its a great de-stresser! ;-) If I don't talk to you before~ have a merry Christmas! And btw~ that tree, though beautiful, looks very cold!! ;-) ~shivering~ brrr {{hugs}}

  2. LOL! I was wondering about how your Complain Department thing was going!?! 10 days is really good!!!
    Sometimes we just have to vent... So, I gather you are still working for "said boss"? Maybe he was having a really bad day, and took it out on you, or has he done this before with you? If he hasn't "excused" you from your job, he must just be full of hot air, so go with the "water off a ducks back" mentality and carry on... And don't forget your 20 minutes a day as your sanity time!!! You are a good person! A fun person! don't let him get you down!!!