Friday, March 25, 2011

Election?? AGAIN!?!!

Well, just turned on the news - guess who gets to go vote AGAIN!

This is crazy - insane - and I have had enough already. I am voting - PC - again, like I have every time they make us go back and spend more money on this 'election' thing. How many millions are spent to see who we want in office?? More than one I am sure, and to me, these people who talk about 'wasting' money, and how they could do so much better - yeah, I see how you are saving Canadians their hard earned money - by making us go again, to vote. And if the past any indication, the party that is in, will be the same pary when the dust settles..... and all their talk is just a waste of air.......... and our money............

that's just my opinion - please I am just tired of these childish games........


  1. Doesn't sound very fun to me either. Let's sew! ;-)

  2. Yup! Exactly how I feel about the whole thing too!!!
    Hope you are enjoying Spring! 8-)
    How are your PhDs coming along?