Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am sewing again!!!

Wow, what confusion...... I do not blog regularly, as you know, so today, when I came to come on here - I could not get on!!! After re-setting my password and all that stuff, I still couldn't get on here!!! ahem, or so I thought........

Yes, I can put on a new post, I just have to realize I can play with more than one post now - I am a guest on a couple others now - and for some reason my brain let me think that what I was looking at was my blogs that I am following!!!!

Uh, no, it's my blog and here I am!!

On Thursday, I went with my guild (I was told that I am coming back......!!) and we had a 'field trip' to a LQS - one that I used to go to regulary (and I guess I was asked about when my friend went in there, so I guess I had better get back on the sewing band wagon then!!)this is a pattern I found called "Domino's" - and this is now the next day!! When I wrote that, I got kicked off my blog and could not get back on!!! And so, just a minute ago, I thought, I am ready to try to get on here again, and look at this!! First try and I got let on!!!! Miracle!!! (I think those above heard my frustrtaion yesterday and had a meeting and said, she is having enough trouble today, lets give her a break!!) So, here I am!!

This is my spring table runner, spray adhesive glue (505?) on the flannel middle and the backing and it will stay togetlher while I try my first 'real' attempt at machine quilting....... (feel the fear, really feel it, and then just do it!!!!!) I was planning on having it done by weekend end, but hubby came home and I want to - ahem....... have to use my big machine (which got cleaned a year ago........... yeah......) and now I have finally put it back where it belongs and am going to sew with it again. Not good - I know!! But it will last longer this way....... DON'T THROW THINGS AT ME!!!!!!! My big machine is back in the saddle and the baby one is being put away till I go to classes, like she was bought for!

So this pic shows my backing. I like it!! The binding is the same as the border. I am still in snow up here in wounderland and I am ready for spring!!! Guess what!! Today, the temp is so nice (Thursday, you just climbed into your coat and pulled it tight, the wind was so cold, oh, awful!!!) that the snow is melting!!!! (I am not going to think of the ice it is going to be creating because the weather man says the cold is coming back!!! it make for some fun days!!!)

Sandie - do you recognize any fabrics in this????

And, just to update you, yes, I had Zoe put down. It got to the point where she could not walk anymore, so I knew it was time to let her go. It was funny though - my daughters got her in the car, we drove over to the vets, and we could not get her out of the car!! Even though she has lost 20 pounds she is still not easy to move!!!!! Anyways I go into the vets to see if they have something to help bring her in, and the girls got her out!! The lady did bring out a strecher, and Zoe walked in the door!!! As soon as she got in though, she did a heavy sigh and layed down!!! We all laughed! It was like, I am here and I am done, so this is it! We got her on the strecher and the rest is history. Loved that dog.

And because dinner is ready, I am going to go and eat. OH! Here is some good news!! I can walk around my room!!! (now notice I didn't say all around my room, but there is places to move now, and I like it!!!!!)

Bye till next time!!!


  1. Oh my gosh Brenda!!! My head is spinning now after reading all this!!! I think you must have been really wired when you typed this up!! LOL!!

    So sad, but completely understandable about your dear Zoe... She lived a long and good life with you I am sure, and you've enjoyed her company...

    I like your table runner you've got going there girl!!! I gotta ask you this, how are those PhDs coming along...?

    Nice to see you've posted again! 8-)

  2. Whoohoo! Sewing! :-) I love that runner!! Are those greens from P&G? or a swap? You have my brain spinning! lol I need to go sew too~ have a happy day!

  3. love the runner! what a great pattern that is! love it! glad to see you posting again and sewing again

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