Saturday, May 7, 2011


Spring is really here!! I am enjoying the flowers hanging around in the stores - seeing all those pretty colours just makes me smile!!

AND - I have found 3 more quilting buddies!! I have joined an aqua class, and found them there!! As we swim around the pool - and I don't know about them, but I feel like a 5 yr old who's playing in the big pool - we got talking quilting....... and then they invited me to their 'Friday Sew-In' - and I went! And had fun!! And because of that - I came home and last weekend I sewed on the binding to my January Stars!!! Yeah!!! This quilt is only 2.5 yrs old, and it's done!!!!

It is my curl up and watch a movie throw!! And, I have bought the binding for my next quilt that I need to bind. Then, I am caught up with Barbra - and ready for the next 4 she has for me!!!

My sewing room is still in disarray, but I am happy with the progress. And it's been fun to find 'lost' things!!

As I am sorting, I am also creating kit boxes, complete with pattern and what I have found that would work with it!! And it's fun to plan. I am creating a kit for Bonnie Hunters "I Spy" quilt. Found a white fabric (surprised me!! I do not use white....... hmmmmm. Did I buy it for something and don't remember??? Oh well, it's going to be in the "I spy" now!!!) And now with my new sewing friends, I will have fun projects to take to our sew-in days!! (see how I have included myself!! lol!!)

And I am finishing. I realized how much fun (besides the pain caused in my sewing finger - I really need to find my thimble!! I used a band-aid, but a thimble would probably be better. Although, the reason I don't use it is it alway falls off!! I need to get used to it I guess.....) I liked how it felt to have my January Stars done....... and now, I have a few more projects, some, most I should say, still in the blk phase, that need to be sewn into tops...... summer project.

But right now, I have a commitment to Myra - 4 projects done by June. And, I have them sitting in my way, every time I am in my sewing room, and that is really my next project. GET these to Barbara!! They may not be done by June, but once Barbara has them, I am totally commited to making them real quilts........ Look at January Stars!! Only one of my 4 projects need to be worked on - to get it ready for the trip to the quilters, so look at me go!!!

I am lovin' life!!!


  1. Hi Brenda!
    Sorry I haven't visited sooner! Between being away a lot and computer problems I haven't been blog hopping much...
    Sounds like you are a busy little bee out your way! 8-)

  2. Just making the rounds and checking in to see how those PhDs are coming along... The count down is on! 8-)