Sunday, July 10, 2011

Uh Oh!!!

I was just blog hopping, something that I have not been doing and - well, guess what I found..... another one of my weakness'es!!! A Mystery!! And it's going to start here soon....! July 14th.

I am, as of yesterday, in my room cleaning up (again.....) and thought I would come on here and read the blogs I have not been reading. Lots of cool things going on, and I was enjoying myself, till I got to The Crafty Unicorn...... and read "Anyone up for a Mystery?!

I love to play. Mysterys are fun!!! They use up fabric - fabric that I have been cutting, and sorting and moving around and - a MYSTERY!!!! That would help use it up!! That would lessen the load, so to speak!!! (ignore the fact that it is starting something 'new'!! Starting something is not on my list of 'things to do' up, and organizing and sorting and de-cluttering is. That is HUGE on my list, but a MYSTERY!!!!! Not knowing what it will be, the fun of finding out - the loving it at the end!!!! or not..... but that won't happen here!!!!)

So, all my sewing friends - want to join me on doing a Mysterty Quilt this month?????

What else do you have to do??? The mosquito's here are insane, the weather has been rainy, hence why I am on the computer and not outside like I love....... and cleaning my badly neglected sewing room - where I am not starting anything!!....... At least, not until July 14th!!!


  1. Ouch! Ouch! You need to stop twisting my arm! LOL :-) You know I am a goner at 'scrappy' and 'mystery'. :-))

  2. Busy bee with big plans there aren't you Brenda!! Tisk-tisk girl! Starting something new? Again?! LOL! I'm waiting to see some finishes m'dear! LOL! 8-)

    Speaking of mosquitos,I'm voluntarily putting myself in their path this weekend by going camping in the middle of the bush, on a lake... Not crazy about the idea, but I promised my hubby, bro, and s-i-l that I would go... Wish me luck! 8-(

    By the way, I may be hosting a Mystery Quilt Along in September... Wink-wink! 8-)