Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Long Time Gone........

Hello out there in Blog land!!!  I am here to say "Happy New Year!!!!" since I have not said it before, or should I say, yet....

I just thought it was time for me to stop and visit others I have not seen in - well, for as long as I have not been on  here..... I stopped blog hopping.  Probably because it just gets me into trouble.  Good trouble, yes, but trouble all the same.  And I want to not get myself buried under all these projects  have on the go - uh, it is over 60 with, more that I want to do, and kits!!!!!!  Did  mention the kits....... I have not counted them yet, I really do not want to know - but the thing is, I really want to get all these things done.

So, for me this year, my goal was to make it happen, get  it done and be productive.  But, guess who stopped sewing the end of February...... and  just went back into my very tightly packed, cramped, oh can you breathe in here, sewing room!!!! Oh, yes I did.  And I finished the project that I left hanging on my design wall for all those months, in two days!  It has a date with my quilter for next week!!!  I am going to be taking her two - and   today, right now, I am cutting up one of my BOM blks from - oh a long time ago now, and using that as my leader/ender project as I work on my guilds mystery project (that  I did not do because I also stopped going to Guild meetings.......)  These two projects are my  goal to have done by then end of  June - then July, will be the next in my pile of  'already-started'  projects I piled up with the full intent of getting them done.

Out of sight, out of mind.  These projects are definitely in view, and I want to empty the containers, so........

So again.   I will be posting more and pics will be coming - me and pics,  I just need to do it.  But for now, it's words - and a promise.  I will be back and visiting so, talk to you soon!!!

~ Brenda!!


  1. Welcome back!!!! :-) Can't wait for the pics!! LOL

  2. I second the welcome back... and as one who is coming off a 3 year quilting hiatus understands how life happens!

  3. Oh I so know how things are going for you, because I've been going through the same thing... But it seems you left everyone hanging here Brenda!! LOL!!! How are those UFOs and PhDs coming along girl!?!

  4. Its been a year! Come back! Come back!!!!