Sunday, December 13, 2015


Well, it took me all day with all my lack of computer knowledge and now, I think I am actually creating my first blog post in MONTHS!  I just wanted to come on to say I am well, enough, and that I want you and yours to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  I have been sewing - sort of - and like last year around this time, I had plans for the new year.  Same goes now, I want to basically finish what I wanted done last year, so not much has changed there.

One thing not on my list is taking a course for dummies on how to get your lap top to let you on the sites you used to be able to log onto without a problem and then, how to take and post pics on it too!!!  Oh life is an adventure and I want to let you see what I am doing instead of just telling you, like this post - picture-less.....

What am I working on right now?  Well, Fair and Square.  Bonnie Hunters pattern but I told my guild that I want it done by the end of January.  And I mean it.  I also want my Jamestown - another of Bonnie's quilts that I have spoken about before.  This one I want off my shelf by the end of February.
My next big project on the 'get it done' list is my Star Splitter.  A Victoria Findlay Wolfe patten where you make your own fabric and then make that into a big quilt full of stars and fun!!
Those three projects are going to keep me busy enough, but me being me, has kits I want done to and a few things that need to be bound.  They are done except for this last step, so they are waiting too.......

And of course, I have little blocks and other things to distract me.  BUT - and hold me to this if you have read this far - those three project, the big one, please hold me to it and make me tow the line and get then DONE.  And this does include the binding.  It is not done till this part is done.

And with this picture-less post, I am off.  But my total frustration at NOT being able to get on here all day, is now over and I can come and visit with ease.  But not if I don't sew too!!!!  I will get it together.  If I don't, who will??    Talk soon!  Brenda!!!

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