Friday, June 5, 2009

"Start Your Christmas Projects Now"

On my Fon's and Porter perpetual calendar that I have, for June 5, it's says : "Start your Christmas projects now."

Well, I haven't done that, but I have spent most of the day working on my Goose blks, and now I am at the stage where I am putting them together. Next month - I mean, ahem, in 10 days, I will be getting the border how to's, and then it's a done top. And, soon, a quilt top.

I am going to be doing the Bonnie Hunter mystery christmas quilt that can be found in the latest Quiltmaker magazine. It's a 3 step mystery, and it will take the place of my Goose blks. I am going to be doing it all out of Christmas or fabrics that make you think 'winter'. I can already see the instucitons in step one seem to be missing a step, but that's not a problem. I like mysterys and I usually have all the 'how-to's' before I do it, and that is not the same. So, I will be working on this one, and have a throw for my couch this Christmas.
(I need to make a correction here!!! thanks to Sandie, I have 'found' the missing step!! I didn't see the 'c' blks in the cutting instrucions.... how I missed it I have no clue, but I did!! So, what I thought wasn't there, is there, under the cutting plans. I couldn't figure out why it didn't tell you to cut unit 2 in half to create the 'c' blk!!!! uh, because they tell you to do that in the cutting part of the page!! duh!! Thanks Sandie!!!)

Okay, I am going to go have supper and watch a movie. It is Friday. Have a glorious weekend. We have rain and all my plants are in the house!! It is chilly out there!! lol Bye!


  1. Gorgeous day here in Denver! I'm inside, though. Haven't done a darn thing except catch up on T.V.--new season of Burn Notice and new show The Listener.

  2. I'm thinking about doing Bonnie's mystery too. I've never done a mystery as they scare me to be honest. What step is missing?

  3. Hey Brenda! I look forward to seeing your finished Goose quilt top, and look forward to watching you solve Bonnie's Christmas mystery... 8-)
    We've been having a lot of rain and cold weather here too... Summer better be coming, although, I must say, I would be happy with 14-19C weather all the way through... 8-)

  4. SO, I have my magazine.... I just have to find fabrics. I haven't decided my scheme. I'll be posting when I do. Thanks for the heads up!!