Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am starting a Disappearing Patch!!

I have literally fallen in love with Northcott's
"Stonehenge" fabrics. That is the one I had to have a big chunk of when I first saw it!!! Well, when you buy a charm pack, you get a taste of all 36 colours!!
I bought two packs - and made myself 8, 9-patches out of it. I decided that was not enough for decent throw for my couch, so today I have come home with 2 more charm packs!! And after these are made into 9 patches, I am going to make them disappear!!!
There was no rhyme or reason to why I put the colors where they went, I just put two together and let them go where they wanted. They all go together so well, and it does not matter who goes where 'cause they are all going to be mixed up anyway!!!
I think it is going to be so pretty!!
So, this is my newest project!! Don't ask how I am doing with the other ones!! This was not supposed to jump to the front of the line - but I just had to see them all done up.
And if I can find a table, I am taking my little machine outside and I am also going to start sewing on Bonnie Hunters "Christmas Lights" mystery quilt that she has in the Quiltmaker July/August '09 magazine that is out there right now!!!
I am using my big machine for the 9 patch, and I have heard you shouldn't mix up machines when you are sewing things, they each have their own personal 1/4" and sometimes don't play well with each other. I also do not want my Stonehedge fabrics outside - they could get dirty!!! Or loose one somehow!!! ;-)
But a mystery?? Who's gonna know!!
Hmmm, I shouldn't say 'sew' (but it could happen!!) I need to do some cutting first, and that's as easy to do outside as in - And I have spent way to much time in the house this year - I am going out to do my crafting!! Here is to the hot sunny weather that I love. And because it's been so dry, I've been watering a little tree in the park across the road that I have decided to adopt with this drought we are going through!! We need some rain desperatly, but I sure do love the hot days....... Summer is amost here - no more frost!!! Please!?!?!!! ;-) lol!


  1. D 9-Ps are so much fun to put together, cut, and put together again... Even more fun to play with on the design wall! 8-)

    Sewing outside sounds great... IF it is not a windy day... lol! I tried applique outside a few times when the wind objected to my "things" laying nicely on the outdoor table... lol... 8-)

    Another Mystery!?! Good for you! I look forward to the growth of that one!

    How lucky that little tree is to have you living across the road. We had quite a bit of rain this past week. Too bad we can't send it your way... I think it is going Toronto way...

    Happy stitchings!

  2. I am starting a disappearing 9 patch too!! I have the 9 nine patches sewn. I am having fun with this one from 2 charm packs. I really enjoy the charms packs and layer cakes. I haven't tried using a jelly roll yet or popover. Have you been to Moda's Bake Shop?
    we are warm finally and hoping no freeze, we replanted and are watering daily too. I would like some gardening success this year.

  3. Sounds like fun--your projects and quilting outside! I'll have to check out that mystery, too and may be play along.

  4. love the multitude of fabrics you're using for your D9P -- I may have to try that sometime, as the one's I've done have all had very controlled pallets so the final quilt looks very planned

  5. Oh I like the colors too! Very calm & soothing.
    Have fun in the sun! :-))