Thursday, June 4, 2009

Come see my house!!

I just though I would show you a picture of my house - the before and after shots.
This one, with the grass and basketball hoop, is before...... Hubby wanted a place to park his 5th wheel, so he created the 'after' picture.
He saw these photo's a couple weeks ago, and even though he didn't say it, I think he wished he had not done this to the yard. But done is done, and life goes on.
I have my 'garden' in pots all along the front of the house and some I have put onto the wood on the new driveway. This is where I sit when I am in the sun. The backyard, which needs to have the grade fixed because everything is sloped towards the house, has no grass. So, out here is where I am staying till we fix the grade and build a deck!!
I have been playing in the sun, since we finally got some!! I have a container garden going outside, that has had to come in because of frost warning, if you can believe that!! It's wierd that it's hot and sunny during the day, and frost warning's at night?!? Oh, well, my plants have come through okay, but the corn I planted does have some yellow on it's leaves so.......

I have also been cooking!! Hubby is working from home, so I have been trying to make sure he has good lunches, and nice stuff for dinner. He normally works away from home, so this is nice. One recipe I have just found and make today is 'Stuffed Beef and Cheddar Burgers'. I put them together and they are right now freezing to use at a later date. Especially with it being summer, I love having burgers in the freezer to pull out and BBQ later. I also like having meals in the feezer for when I forget to think about dinner and suddenly it's supper time!!!

I have had my sister come and visit for a couple days. It was nice. We have not had time to just hang out for - well, forever. I used to live with her when I was 18. So this visit was very nice. Brought back memories and had some good laughs!! We will be doing it again, very soon!!

And the stray kitty is still here. I guess we are okay to have as pets, so he'll stick around. He has caught mice, which I like and unfortunatly, birds too. Only one that I know of, but still...... He is actually a good cat. He has not used my flower beds as a litter box or got into things he shouldn't....... hmmmm..... I like that!!

So, that is what I have been up to. And I have not been reading blogs or blogging so I have some catching up to do!! Since I think rain in the forcast, if I am not sewing, which I am planning on doing, (since I have not been!!!) I will be catching up with all my friends and taking pics of my sewing room so you can see how small it is. But I am not complaining!!! I am not in the basement anymore and I have a TV!!! Talk to you all soon!!! And have a great weekend!!


  1. What a lovely house and yard. I am planning a cover for the container garden for next year. The rest of the annuals are in pots that come in side. Even some perennials had the tops frosted and I think I will have to trim them off. It is June 5 isn't it?!? I like cool summers but this is outrageous. Where is global warming for me? Sigh, I am not getting much quilting done here. I am just too tired in the evenings. I wish the thyroid meds would kick in.

  2. You have a great house~ I love the bump out window! And a nice little covered spot for sitting and relaxing. ;-) We have stairs. ;-/ I'm going to check out the recipe~ I'm always looking for things to feed the freezer. :-) Have fun stitching! :-))

  3. Wow! Your hubby did take up a good amount of your grass there hey!

    Making "make ahead" meals and such hey!?! Maybe you can move some burgers my way! lol! I am really starting to hate working with food... I hope it is just a phase... 8-/

    How wonderful to have spent some time with a sis you haven't see in a while... 8-)

    Apparently cats don't dig around an mess in the flower beds that they consider home, they do it in the neighbors beds!!! I just bought myself a super soaker to spray my neighbor's cat when he is in my yard! lol!

    I am just getting caught up on blogs too...

    Hope all is well Brenda! 8-)
    happy stitchings!