Monday, July 13, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Okay, what is on my wall. Well, the same as last week - I am working on my 49 friendship stars for the end of the Plantet Patchwork BOM that I have been working on this year, that I collected the pages for a couple years ago. This is the year for me to do this project and I've named it "Twilight". I am at the end of the blk making for this quilt - these stars are the last to be done. And, I am happy to say, they are almost finished!!!

Also on my wall is the start of Bonnie's mystery that you can find in the quiltmakers magazine, with two more steps to be coming out!! I have not gotten very far, so Shannon, you are probably way ahead of me!!! I want this out of Christmassy fabrics, and I just have not found my stash of them yet. Okay, I'll be honest, I have not gone looking for them yet!!!

I am going to be enjoying this project - I just want to get this top, Twilight, and the Goose blks one done first.

I am so tired of jumping from project to project - I am working really hard at staying consistant in working on one project at a time, even if that means doing the project in baby steps, like the "Twilight" quilt and the "Goose blks" one. there is nothing wrong with doing 4 or 5 projects at at time, as long as you stay focused and work on the projects - consistantly!! And I have been this year. And it works!!

These are the rest of the friendship stars - proof that I am working on them!!! And by this time next week, I am hoping "Twilight" will all be sewn together as a top, and you will see the Goose blks (with the Bonnie Hunter Quiltmaker mystery being my leaders/enders, so it will be getting worked on at the same time!!) on my design wall for next Monday - July 20th!!
So, Goal for this week:
- Twilight sewn together as a top.
- red border on Goose top + fabrics all washed and ready for step 6
- 2" strips/squares cut for Bonnie's mystery - leader/enders
- Great suppers & lunches planned and made so I have time to read and sew!!
- Enjoy the great outdoors!!!!! Oh yeah!! Sunshine!! Bring it on!!!!
And with that, I will let you go and explore what others have on their design walls. And I am coming to see yours!! ;-)


  1. I agree with working on a few projects at once. Unless I am so excited about 1 thing, I will stall out! Your blocks are looking great! I love the "Twilight" blocks on your design wall!!!

  2. :-) It is always fun to peek in and see what you are working on! :-) I love the twilight blocks~ great colors! It is going to be an awesome quilt!

  3. Sorry I missed this entry. I was an up and down week for me emotionally and level of activity. We all got sick last week. Z brought home some nasty "bug" from Boy Scout camp and infected us all. I'm still not finished with Step 1, but I'm close. I finished my 4-patches, my black HST'S, almost done with the gold HST's (and would have been if M hadn't insisted on watching Dances with Wolves last night), and then I have the 80 QST's to do. I'll keep plugging away this week I hope

  4. You are doing great working on just a few things at a time and finishing them! I like to work on only a few things at a time too - all in different stages. That can be tricky because my favorite thing to do is make the blocks, but as long as I have a set of blocks on the go, I can talk myself into setting other blocks or adding borders, etc.

  5. I congratulate you on your determination Brenda! Good for you! I still haven't got my mojo back...
    Your blocks look great! I look forward to more... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!