Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Quilt Show is Over!!

I have been missing I see!! I didn't realize it had been so long till I looked at the date and went "oh!"!! Well, it's been an eventful week. My guild has just finished our first quilt show!! This was something I was not really interested in doing, so I didn't do anything for it - but, I am not going to be such a spoiled sport next time - and if your group of people are doing something - get in there and help!!! ;-)!!

I am going to show you some pics of the show. This in only a few - we had almost 200 quilts and I only got about 35 pics - so some of the ones I really liked I thought I would get after the place emptied. I thought the clean up was tomorrow!! That's what happens when you are not helping!!!! So, as soon as it was over, the quilts started to come down!! My fault - so it's kinds funny, but here are some of the show and I will show some more tomorrow!!!

This is a Stacked Posie Quilt.

It was made out of roost fabric!! Here is
a close up of one of the blks!!! To much fun!!!

These are the "Fun and Done" pattern.

Same pattern, but they look so differnt!!

And this was made with a cross stich saying on the top. I like it. So, I did a close up of the saying!

And with that, I am off to do my 20 minute of sewing!! I am only 27 days behind, so I am trying to stay current and then do some catch up !! I figure - new month, get back in the habit of the 20 minutes of sewing!! Consistancy is key. When I look at all the tops I've got completed, I am amazed!!! WOW!! Really???? Get back in that room and sew girl!!! Next year is finisishing!!! I have a quilt show to prepare for!!!!!!

(and boy do I have project ideas for that!!!!! uh 0h!! I thought I started alot of things before!!! Wait till I see how many I finish!!!! yeeee haw!!!!!!! I am going to haveing some fun now!! - OH!!! I didn't tell you! ;-( I was doing my 20 minutes of sewing the other day - turned on my machine and put my foot on the pedal....... it made about 3 stiches, then this AWFUL grinding noise and - it shut itself off!!!!!!! I can not get it to turn back on, it's dead!!! I just sat there for a minute, collecting my thoughts and went 'hmmmm.....' It is going into the Dr. on Monday and I won't have it back for a couple of weeks I am told. The fixer-upper-guy thinks I just blew a fuse, but it was sure a shock!!!! So, I am working on my baby machine - Janome Gem - the one I take to classes till I get the ol' girl back.

So that been my weeks off!! lol!! I will post more pics tomorrow!! night!!


  1. Quilt shows are wonderful and to see so many different quilts is so inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more quilt show pics :^)

  2. I love quilt shows! Thank you for sharing...

    Firehouse Quilts, a local charity group that supplies fire departments with quilts to give out to children in need at response, is having a show in a couple of weeks. (I gave my recently finished dinosaur quilt to them.) I plan on attending the show this year.

    Got word that the Twilight Quilt is almost done being quilted. The quilter gave us a sneak peak of the quilting. All I can say is wow! Head over to the Twilight Quilters Coven blog and take a look when you get a chance...


  3. Wow~ great quilts! I love the posy roosters! How clever! Thanks for the photo's and happy stitchin'!! :-)

  4. Thanks for posting the great photos. Each one is an inspiration.

  5. Great photos! Love the Stacked roasters, and the Fun and Done looks very interesting!!!
    Oh my gosh! You have your babe into the docs too! Seems like quite a few bloggers are brining their machines in for service!!! I hope you get it back sooner than you were told! 8-)