Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Quilt Show!

Okay, here are the rest of the pics I took - oh so long ago!! I have been spending alot of time in the great outdoors, and have only come in when I've had too. I got an email from a friend asking if I'm okay??? So, I thought I would come and let you all know I am just being out in the sun as much as I can - and it's will be time soon where it will be to cold to be out there laying around or playing in the flowers, so don't worry 'bout me. I am just enjoying the season!!

Here is some insperation if, like me, you have not been sewing!!

This is a memory quilt -
I have the story below the quilt. what do with jerseys??
Here's an idea:

Love these humming birds - we might do a colorwash class this year in my guild. Beautiful!!
Above is the quilt, the next one shows the matching pillow!!

Like I said, I have not been in my sewing room - so Shannon, I have not moved much on the Mystery quilt we are both supposed to
be working on..... I will get at it if it keeps being cool outside, and after reading what you've done, I am way behind!!!! lol!!! Here is to beautiful days, ripe tomatoes!! I have alread eaten 3 ripe yellow tomaotoes off the plant I won this spring, oh it's sooooooo good to eat off the vine tomatoes!! I didn't even make 'em into a sandwich, I just cut them up and savored them!!!
Have a great week!! ~ I sure hope too!!!


  1. Thanks! Love the hummingbirds. ;-) Enjoy the great outdoors! :-))

  2. Thanks for the quilt show! Some great quilts there!!! 8-)
    I finally made it out to see the new HP movie. I must say I was some disappointed...