Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am just taking a second to let everyone know I am alive!! Honest!! But, I have spent the last week with a cough, a sore throat, which by Sunday took my voice!! Monday, Canada's Thanksgiving - had me on the couch, while hubby and daughter made dinner!!! First time in YEARS, that I have not made the Thanksgiving Dinner..... it was nice!!

So, I have phoned work 3 time to let them know I wouldn't be there. I have never phoned in sick before to any job......... And since I am still so new, I hope they won't hold it against me.........

But, I am back tomorrow - anitbiotics really do wounders. I am not 100%, but I do feel more alive and the best thing, I can keep my eyes open for more than a couple minutes!!! And I have not fallen asleep unexpectedly for a couple days now, so I am on the mend.

I do miss visiting blogs - so I am going to have to work this into my life - I hope I have found you well and HEALTHY!!!! Please stay that way. I have done alot of watching TV that talks about how to keep your immune system strong, and I will be doing the garlic, beta-carotine, sardines (what??!!? Yup, I guess sardines are good to keep your immunity up. could it be the fishy smell that keeps the germs away?? lol!!) and anything else that will keep me up and running!! I got real cranky while I was not feeling well, so I think everyone wants me to stay healthy!! :-)

Bye for now!!

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  1. Oh my Brenda! I guess it was your turn!!! Glad that you are feeling well enough to work today. One does not want to have this happen when just starting a new job! Take her easy on the weekend... 8-)

    Having someone else make TGD is wonderful! Doesn't hurt them, and makes them appreciate the effort you put into big family dinners!
    Glad you enjoyed it! 8-)

    Keeping up with everyone's blogs is some overwhelming at times. For me it has been... I've decided to check in on all the different blogs I view once or twice a week. Makes for a more relaxed week... 8-)

    Take care!