Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am still here.....

Hello Again. I am still here, working all kinds of odd hours and not sewing or coming on the computer much....... I do miss visiting people's blogs....... And I have been busy.

Daughter had her wisdom teeth pulled out last Thursday. She is finally back to school today, feeling like she can move her mouth. I have to do this again with my other daughter....... not fun. My youngest has 5 teeth to be removed instead of the usual 4, so that might be a little harder to do. Dr. is going to give her a special X-ray that will help him figure out where the 5th tooth is, so that will cut down on the searching time..... yuck!!! I will probably book her appointment in a couple months, in the new year. Can you believe it's that close already??!! ahhhhh!!!

And, something that just thrilled my heart - my goldfish, 5 of them, survived the freezing we had a couple weeks ago!!! Rain barrels were frozen, and I thought it was for 2 weeks, still think it was, but hubby says only a week.... uh, uh, it was for longer than that - anyways, the air warmed up, they started to melt and I wanted them empy of the water and ice before they could freeze again and damage the taps. Hubby would not be very happy to have to fix them for me, so I just wanted them empty and ready to go for next year. I was looking in the bottom of the barrel and saw my gold fish.... told my daughter I found one, thinking it was dead, I was not happy about it. She asked if it was dead, so I told her yes, but it sure looked pretty, then as I was looking at it, I saw the upper fin move oh so slightly. I was shocked!!! there is no current in a rain barrel, it should not have moved!!! I yelled, it's alive!!!! and we got him out!!! In the next couple days, we got 5 of them, so they are swimming happily in my aquarium, and I am loving it!!! So, that is my happy thought for today. And saying 'hi' to you.

Okay, I have to go get dressed and ready for my 3 - 9:30 shift........ At least it's not 10:30 or later, which I hate!! Well, don't really like anyway....... it's the not getting home till after 11 that I really don't like....... But I am not complaining. Hubby just got back from working a 24 hr shift at his job........ that is not fun at all!!

Take care!!! Have a Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. I've missed you! I'm sorry you are having to work so hard!! Chin up....

  2. Too bad work hours are interfering with your quilting and blog reading, bummer! Maybe things will settle down soon?

  3. Hey Brenda!

    Work is cutting into your play time, big time!! 8-(

    Been there done that with the wisdom teeth, plus jaw surgery on both my girls and all of it done and over with in 1 day. Recuperation took about 2-3 weeks... It was an experience!
    Good luck with your other daughter and her wisdom teeth....

    You must have very hardy gold fishies there Brenda! Yay fishies!!! Safely homed for the winter... 8-)

    Good luck with your shifts!

  4. Hey there! I've been missing you!! I must've been the lucky one with kids and wisdom teeth. They had a 4 day weekend from school and were ready to go back. DS wanted pizza the night his teeth were out! :-o I made him wait a few days. LOL Yay for the goldfish!! :-)