Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Okay!!!

I just thought I should come on and say 'hi', considering it's been a couple weeks since I have been on here.
I have a job - I am working at Costco for 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week right now, and the hours are always different. So, I am not a normal schedual - and am gone from home over 11- hrs a day, so it's taking up alot of my time.
And this is before the snow comes!! Which should be here by Wednesday, not much, but it's a start (it had better not be much!!!!) And that will make my 40 min drive a bit longer.
Do I like it??? Yes. So far, so good. Do I like bringing in buggies?? Uh.... no, not really, but I do like the being outside.... so I don't hate it. I do not like it in the wind though, especially when it's chilly - and I hear that when the snow is here, it's not fun then either, but hey, it's got to be done, so, I go do it. (if you shop at stores that use buggies, would you mind bringing in one to use......?? lol!!) I am glad to be working again.

I had my youngest daughter tell me tonight, me and her dad that she doesn't like us. Hasn't for quite awhile, and .............. well, I know she is not kidding. this has really hurt. It was not a shock, but everytime my kids tell me something like this, how awful I am as a mom, how much I have done wrong, I take it to heart and it hurts. I know it's the age - she's 15. BUT, and it's a huge BUT, I don't know how to talk to her - no matter what I say, she tells me how wrong I am, looks at me with raised eyebrows and makes me feel so not needed or wanted.

So, I am enjoying my job. the time away. And , well, this is my life right now. I am back to working, have not been in my crafts room, doing anything creative, I bought the new Jan Arden CD, love Jan Arden!! It's a soft, quiet CD, and I have only listened to it once, on the way home last night!! But I like it. And I am trying to climb into the "Lovely Bones" book. It's a book I have had on my 'to read' list for years - now that it's a movie, I have to read it!!!! I told my girlfreind years ago, when she asked me what was good while I was working at the library, I told her if I had the time to read, this (the lovely bones book) was what I would read if I had the time. Well, she took it, read it, and told me I would like it....... that was a very long time ago!! So, now I am trying to read it, but I have not gotten very far!! I should take it to work and read it over my breaks!!

You know what, I am going to go. Thanks for emailing me to see how I was. ((hugs)) It was very nice to recieve. I will try to be more consistant with keeping up with the blogs and writing about what is going on - and pictures!!! I recieved the bracelt and earring set from the 'Incredible Woman' blog I found. And I was going to have a pic to show you, but my camera is not where I thought it was, so I will make sure to get a pic on next time.
Stay warm where you are - and keep smiling!!! Sew a stich or two for me, I have not been sewing at all this past week. Have the best week ever. I am sure going to try my best!!
Bye for now!!!


  1. We may see some of your snow down here before long, sigh, a loveley September spoiled me. Yes, I was going to email you and see if you were ok and I found your post today. I have always said work got in the way of my life.

    Daughters can be tough at that age, and the only thing I can say is keep on loving her and someday you will reconnect.

    Be well and craft on when you can, it brings balance back to life!!! I used to drive 49 miles one way to work so I know what you are talking about with winter coming on .......

  2. As I sit here with a wet head because I don't have a hair dryer, I feel your angst. (There was a distinct chilliness in the house between dh and I over the situation. He thinks it was just the offending item's time to go kaput, but I say someone broke it.)

    I do feel your angst. I'm waiting for the time when my 13-yr old has her own little talk with me. We never do enough, do we? What we do is wrong apparently? Forget the fact that I tote her around the city, supply her with fivers when she's out with friends, help her with her homework, allow her suspect computer time, yada yada yada.

    But enough about me.... Glad/Sad to hear about your new job. I know you will make the best of it! Hang in there!!

    I've been wanting to read that book, too. I saw it the other day, but I told myself to wait until my number comes up at the library.

  3. Snow! I hope we don't get any here until Jan or Feb or maybe never. Someone else had snow already. From what I can gather, no teenage girls likes their parents. I'm glad I don't have girls but my friends do and I spend quite a bit of time being a referee. Boys aren't like that but I must say at times I could just drill my youngest boy, he's 16 and thinks he knows everything. Sometimes I just play stupid and let them think they are smarter but in the end Mom is always right. Usually! Oh yeah, and remember to always ask " If you were the parent what would you do?". Have a great day and drive carefully while listening to your new Jan Arden cd. I'm going to see her here in Windsor in Jan.

  4. Hi Brenda!
    I see it has indeed been very quiet on your blog, but then I haven't been blogging much either, or checking up on everyone... Been sick...
    I feel your dismay at your daughter's words. It is the age. This too shall pass... and she WILL turn to you for your thoughts and advice sooner than you think... Love, patients, and understanding... Also think before you speak and listening without speaking at times will see you through... Pick and choose your battles...
    Congrats on your new full time job! Sounds like you are enjoying it for the most part... Good for you! 8-)
    This change (your job) can also throw off the family members a bit until a new routine is set. Takes time...
    Take care Brenda!
    God bless! 8-)