Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, let me tell you!!!

It's a dark Monday here, I hear snow is in the forcast - have not seen it yet, but it's on it's way - and guess what I get to drive through tonight then - at 10, when it's dark!! YUCK!!! I won't be home till close to 11 - I start work at 5 this evening. Last week, I was done between 7 & 8 - great hours!! Tonight, I start my yucky hours - BUT - I am not complaining!! Today, because of my paycheck on Friday - I have started my 'moving on out' fund. And payed off some of my credit card plus put some on our line of credit.
When I started working, I figured, I would put my money towards my credit card and the line of it, but now, I have another priority to consider, so the line, only gets a little.......

Have we talked??? Are you kidding?!!?? We don't do that!!! So, it's where it was left the last post - and I am just doing what I am doing to start my life over. With or without the people I have in it now. I can not think of that - I am just going to keep on making my plans and move forward. I am listening to my CD's on the way to work - 'How to win Friends and Influence People" and "Think and Grow Rich". Each of these say, you have to have a dream, a goal and a passion. Right now, I am working on my goals, looking for my dream, and am praying I will get passion back. So - one point made to me by that voice of wisdom that talks to me while I drive - one habit I have is not finishing....... And that is a very bad habit to have created!!! So, one of my goals is to change it to finishing.
I have this habit in all I do!!! I only partly read a book - before I'm done I find something else to read that catches my eye!!
And my sewing projects!!!???!!! oh, common!!!!!!! Proof postive that I am not one to work out a project to the end - and that is a real problem. Take just a few minutes ago for example. Remember Bonnie Hunters mystery she had in the 'Quiltmaker" magazie??? Well, I thought, I have some time, lets work on the last step......... I couldn't find it!!!!!! And that is when I hit me square in the face. Girl, if you want to have a life full of fun and laughter, joy and exploration, you have got to get your **** together!!!!!

So, my goals???? Evey check - 25% is going to my new fund. It's not a fund I want to have to make, but I have to do it. I am done. I am so done. And I am outta here.

And, I am not taking this mess of projects with me. I will need things to warm me. Things for my walls. And I have alot of them 1/2 done. If I am serious about getting my life in order, creating a life I want to live, then I have to start sticking to my plans, creating my dreams and reaching my goals.

I also had a nice little 'you go girl' when I checked my lottery tickets today. I won $56!! Paid for my gas to get to work and that was a very nice surprise!!! It didn't have to come from my paycheck!! And that was alright by me!!

So, just to let you know, I have found my sewing room again!!! That feels good. Things on the home front haven't changed, but I have!! And this girl is going to keep moving forward, and I will be having fun while I learn and grow (rich!!!).

Have a great week!!!!

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  1. Good for you Brenda! Sounds like you have been moving towards a positive for yourself!

    A $56 win for a tank of gas is great! Lucky you! 8-)

    Getting back into your sewing room is great therapy, a good time for personal thought, and keeps you out of the line of fire...

    I hope whatever your future bring will bring you much peace...

    Happy stitchings!