Friday, November 6, 2009

My Second Day off in Row!!

I just updated my book reading list. Me, who used to read a book in a couple days, now hardly reads a full book at all! But, I have been, and it feels good!!!
I found this book in my librarys book sale, it's an older book, but I liked it. "The Cay" is an easy read, actually, I found out, it was a high school book for some kids to read!! Easy one for taking with me to read over luch or coffee breaks at work. It's a story about a boys experiance during the second world war, finding himself stranded on a very small island in the ocean when his boat had been sunk. He and a black man - and how he survived. I liked it.

The next book, one that a woman recommended as she went through the till - (I shouldn't work at Costco!!!!) - "Still Alice" by Lisa Genova. Wow. Powerful book. It is written from the persepective of a woman who has just found out she has Alzheimer's. And it is written very well, I laughed and felt for this woman. I just really enjoyed the book. My Aunt had Alzheimer's, but I was not around to see it's effects. No one I know personally has it, that I know of, but this sure put a good perspective on it for me to learn from.

I need to go sew now, to get my BOM done. I can actually go to the class - I don't work till hours later, so I have time to have fun and work that day!! Yeah!!!

And a fish update - they are doing well!! I am still so p,ease that these guys survived. I do not want this to happen again!! I love having an aquarium!!
Monday is my next day off - talk to you then!!!


  1. Good to see you! Have fun at your BOM! :-)

  2. Glad to see your post! And that the fish are still doing well!

  3. Good to hear the fish are well...

    Those 2 books sound interesting... hmmmm?