Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Sunday!!

I got a phone call today, asking if I would come into work - or, go to work I should say, since I opened the store!! So much for a day off!!! I went in and did my 4 hrs, and now I am home, to have the rest of my day - off!!

I have been busy. And it's good. Has anyone read the book "A Complaint Free World" by Will Bowen???

It has changed my life! I am taking the 21 day challange - it is to be complaint free for 21 days in a row. They have purple braclets that will help you with this challange. Every time you make a complaint out loud, you have to switch wrists - so if you were wearing your braclet on the right arm and complained about the weather, or anything!!!!, you have to take the braclet off and move it the the left arm. And start over right from there!!!! My purple braclet is still coming here, it's in the mail right now so I am using a rubber band right now and I have not had one complaint free day yet!!! Today, is still hopeful though!!! Today is day 12 of working on not complaining and since I have not uttered one compaint today I might have ,my first day...... it would be nice - with 20 m0re to go!!!! The days have to be consecutive, so even if I make 20 days, one complaint and I am back to zero!!!! It is a fun challange! And it sure makes you hear what you are saying, and how...... sometimes I have made myself switch arms just because I did not like the tone I used..... Tone of voice says alot of how you are feeling and if you are angry, frustrated, tone will let everyone know it!!!! When I first started wearing the rubber band, I was moving it almost every hour!!!! Wow!!! Now I get asked if I have had to move my band, and I love it when I can say 'No'!! (then i utter something and braclet gets moved!!!!)

What else have I been doing??? Well, last Sunday night, me, myself and I had a little chat - and Monday moring I phoned Barbara, my long arm quilter and I went over to her house. She now has 6 of my projects in her possession!!! And the really scary part of this is, I had 4 more on my bed, that I choose not to take to her + more in my room I had not uncovered yet........

I love to sew little pieces of fabric together, but the reality is, all I have done is made a mess of my room, my brain and my projects! That is the conversation I had with me, myself and I!!! Something has to change. I can not live like this anymore. I need to clear out the clutter and since ALOT of my clutter is projects 1/2 done, I have to fix that! Me, just watches and shakes her head and myself, just tries to keep the peace!!! But we all agreed that something had to be done, so Barbara got the call!!!

This is my Alien top!! it's the 4 patch posie pattern, done 'my' way and I love it!!! Nice and bright and just fun!!! For the backing, I sewed an orange and green strips of fabric long enough to cover the back of the top together - the same material used for the stars and sashing - then I cut a chuck of it off - about 1/3 down the lengh just so it's not in half - then I flipped the fabric over and re-sewed them together: this created a backing that is like an off set 4 patch!!! Now I have a really cook looking backing for this quilt!! (If I knew where I got the idea from, I would make a link!! As it is, it's just a page I printed off of somewhere and I hope I explained it right! I will take a pic when I get my quilt top back, and no Myra, I didn't complete the outside edge stars........

This is the top that started this whole thing going!! Bonnie Hunters project that she had in Quiltmaker magazine - I know I have this magazine with the 3 part project, I just looked at it, but right now, have no idea what the dates are for this mystery so you can go make one yourself!! The backing will be flannel, which when I so happily sewed together the other day to get it back to Barbara, I sewed wrong sides together!!!! Did you know it takes no time at all to sew a backing but it does take alot of time to 'fix' it!!! I am (very) happy to say, backing is ready to go and once I get the other two sewn (right this time!! lesson learned!!) They will all be where they should be!! And I will work on making binding for them!
Look!!! I have this at the quilter already and it's only been a few months!!! Uh, since I want to call this January Stars, now you know how long it's been!! But it's there and it is for me to use when watching movies!! And I love it!! So, only 3 more to go......

I am buying backing from Barbara for this one. And I am going to find the pattern for her too. She liked it, so I thought I would show her what I did!!

This was a fun top to do!!! STRIP TWIST - by Bonnie Hunter!!!
Love this pattern!! Was looking through the Keepsake cataloge after I gave this to be quilted and found some jelly rolls that I thought would be good for this!! Then shut the book and told myself -"NO!!!" ;-)
(But it would be nice!!! yes, it's been circled in the book, but not right now!! lol!)
I can not find the pic of the last quilt top I have taken in!!! It's the Goose top, I was working on. I have no idea where they are - I know I took more than one picutue!! But, there is the link to some of the blks I made for the now finished quilt top - soon to be quilted!! And, Wow, I was going through my blog to find pictures, and my morning star, I made that in 2008??! WHAT????? Oh my, I really don't have a clue about what I am doing do I??? It is almost funny, but I thought I was working on it this past January..... not a year ago January. But when I think about it, Last year - 2009 - is the year I sewed 20 minutes every day. This year, even though I started out sewing my 20 min. a day, in May, I stopped, so how could I have been working on the star quilt this year!!
Time sure flys! So this is what I am doing right now - November 2010!! (note to self - pay attention!!! lol!!)


  1. Loved your post Brenda! I haven't read that book, but it sounds like a good one. Your tops are all beautiful~ won't it be lovely when they are all quilts! Way to go! Have a happy week!

  2. WOW Brenda!! Is this what happens when you've lain dormant for so long? You suddenly have blossomed into a Johny-Jump-Up with your projects!!! I want some of what you've been taking/drinking/smoking!!! LOL! You won't have anything left to do for my PhD Challenge this coming January!!! Maybe you can help me with mine by then!!! LOL!!
    Your projects will be wonderful quilts once you get them back from Barbra and get them bound... Oh happy day!!! Don't forget to make your labels...
    Sounds like an interesting book/personal challenge you've taken on... I wouldn't last an hour!!! Hmmmm...? Maybe I should start wearing a rubber band?
    Enjoy your snow if you will... I'll send you mine too... 8-)
    Happy stichings!!!