Monday, September 7, 2009

Design Wall Monday!!

I have realized I am not a writer!! I re-read yesterdays post and, well, it doesn't make much sense when I am talking about what my design wall plans are. So, here is the right way to say what I am doing.

I am planning on working on the Goose blks. The goose blk pattern has a solid border, then it has a pieced border. I need to sew on the red solid border, then work on the pieced border. Not "get on the border then work on the border blk" !!! What!?!? You wouldn't know what I ment!! I barely knew what I ment and I wrote it!!! lol!!!

Here are some of the blks. I have had fun with this project - And it's going to be so nice to have it done with the borders on, So this is my project this week - plus the binding on my daughters quilt!! I am over half way done with it - and I have been thinking, I should learn how to do it with the machine!!! But there is a part of me that likes this last step. Sitting there, quilt all over me keeping me warm, sometimes a little to warm!! And just sewing the binding down so it looks like it's part of the material - practice my handsewing skills!! This is why I sometimes wounder if I would like to hand sew pieces for a quilt..... then I shake my head and that thought is gone!!!!

The one thing I do have to learn though, and it's another reason I don't get these things finished - is how to wash them. They are not like the blankets I buy at the store and can stuff in the macine and let it go. No, these need to be handled a little differently, and well, I don't much like fussy.........

Anyways, I am going to go and get busy cutting out the fabrics for the border blks I need to work on. For anyone who watches "The View" - I love to start my day with this show!! Tomorrow they are back!! So, I can again start my day with a laugh. When I get my job, I am going to miss this part of my day!!!

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