Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I have sewn today!!

I am lovin' my new iPod!!  I am still not sure of everything it does, and sometimes I can't figure out how to make it do what I want it to, but, I am loving that when I have a book I want to 'read' it just talks me through it!!!  And does not stop!!! Love it!!!!

I am still on Step 3 of Bonnie Hunters Orca mystery - I will get it done!!  And no, I have not made any blks in the the next steps like she recommends - I just want to pretend I am not behind!!

And, I found couple new blogs to follow today.  One I found through Pat Sloan's blog, Ali Edwards, One Little Word.  It is talking about choosing a word for the next year that speaks to you - any word that just comes to you and makes you feel something.  Pat talks about words she has chosen (Ali has been doing this for a few years now) and I think it  is a neat idea.  No, I have not picked a word  - but I am going to.....

I would love to start living the life I want........ And what does that mean???  Well,  I sometimes feel empty, stressed, angry for no real reason, frustration, unbelievably happy, and one weekend in Sept, I spent the whole weekend crying!!!!  And when I talked to someone about it (yes - I did!), he told me that I was grieving my childhood, and it was something I had to let myself do.  And, < heavy sigh> I am finding I am thinking of me now - what I want (hence the iPod the other day!!!).  What do I want?? (hate that question!!!  I never know how to answer!!! It is an easy question, but I struggle with it!!!)  So, this is something I am working on.  What do I want?  One, to know what I want.  To not second guess myself.  And to do what will make me happy - if that is watching a movie, reading a book, making meals for the freezer, baking - does not matter what is it, but I want to start doing things for me - and if I am happy, that joy will spread to my family and friends!!!

So, I am going to find my 'word' and put it up on my mirror, in my sewing room, in my wallet, and keep it front and center, available to me in the new year, and see what happens.  Hmmmmmm, wounder what  the word will be???

Here is a my One Block Wounder - I have all the blks ready to be sewn into a queen size quilt.  No more fabric to use as a border though!!  What was I not thinking!!!  But this, along with MANY others, is something I want to finish this year.   Goal #1 - Do my projects!!!

And one day (soon!!) I will post my projects that I want done.
I will post pics of the quilt I have that need binding on them.... maybe so you can see them, I will post the pics  before I bind them!!!  

Bird, bird, bird is the word!!!

But it's not my word!!!!

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  1. LOL I remember bird is the word! LOL :-D **giggle**

    Your OBW is gorgeous! The fabric is so vibrant~ it is going to be a jaw dropper for sure. :-)

    I'm glad you sewed today! Hope tomorrow is a good day too~